Wilkinson (surname)

Wilkinson (surname)

Wilkinson is a surname of English origin. People named Wilkinson include:


* Adrienne Wilkinson, American actress
* Alec Wilkinson, American writer
* Alex Wilkinson, Australian soccer player
* Alfred Robert Wilkinson, British soldier
* Amanda Wilkinson, Canadian country singer
* Anne Wilkinson, Canadian poet


*Ben Wilkinson, English footballer
*Dr Bruce Wilkinson, Christian teacher and writer
*Bud Wilkinson, American football coach


* Carole Wilkinson, Australian writer
* Charles Wilkinson, New Zealandian politician
* Chris Wilkinson, English tennis player
* Colm Wilkinson, Irish actor


* Dan Wilkinson, American football player
* David Todd Wilkinson, American observational cosmologist
* Dot Wilkinson, American softball and bowling player


* Rt Hon Ellen Wilkinson, English Labour MP
* Ernest L. Wilkinson, American university president


*Frank Wilkinson, American activist


* Gary Wilkinson, English snooker player
* Gary Wilkinson (rugby league), English rugby league coach
* Gavin Wilkinson, New Zealand soccer player
* Geoffrey Wilkinson, English chemist and Nobel Prize winner
* George Wilkinson (architect), British architect
* George Wilkinson (music publisher), English music publisher
* George Wilkinson (water polo), English water polo player


* Howard Wilkinson, English soccer player and manager
* Hubert Wilkinson, Australia pilot, first pilot on Antarctica


* J. L. Wilkinson, American baseball team owner
* Jack Wilkinson, English footballer
* General James Wilkinson, US soldier and statesman
* James H. Wilkinson, English mathematician
* James Harvie Wilkinson III, judge on the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
* James John Garth Wilkinson, English Swedenborgian writer
* Jemima Wilkinson, charismatic preacher
* Jim Wilkinson, one of several people including:
**Jim Wilkinson (Australian politician)
**Jim Wilkinson (U.S. politician)
* John Wilkinson:
** John Wilkinson (Australian politician)
** John Wilkinson (Canadian politician), from Ontario
** John Wilkinson (industrialist), English industrialist who suggested the use of iron for many roles where other materials had previously been used
** John Wilkinson (poet), English poet born in London in 1953
** John Arbuthnot Du Cane Wilkinson (1940- ), politician in the United Kingdom
** John Gardiner Wilkinson (1797 - 1875), English traveller, writer and pioneer Egyptologist of the 19th century
* Jonny Wilkinson, English rugby union player
** John Wilkinson, English runner that ran with roger bannister


* Kate Wilkinson, American actress
* Kate Wilkinson (politician), New Zealand politician
* Keith Wilkinson (reporter), British television reporter
* Kendra Wilkinson, American model
* Kevin Wilkinson, English drummer


* Lawrence Wilkinson, American businessman
* Laura Wilkinson, American diver
* Len Wilkinson, English cricketer
* Lisa Wilkinson, Australian television personality


* Marian Wilkinson, Australian journalist and author
* Marianne Wilkinson, Canadian politician
* Mark Wilkinson, British album cover artist
* Martha Wilkinson, First Lady of Kentucky
* Morton S. Wilkinson, American politician


* Naomi Wilkinson, English TV presenter
* Neil Wilkinson, Canadian ice hockey player
* Neil Wilkinson (footballer), English footballer
* Neville Wilkinson, British designer of dolls' houses
* Rt Hon Nicholas Browne-Wilkinson, English jurist


* Ollie Wilkinson, Irish politician


* Paul Wilkinson, English academic
* Peter Wilkinson (musician), British musician
* Peter Wilkinson (New Zealand), New Zealand politician
* Peter Wilkinson (Royal Navy), senior Royal Navy officer
* Peter Wilkinson (SOE), British officer, spy and diplomat
* Peter W. Wilkinson, British soldier, accountant and author
* Philip Wilkinson (author), writer
* Philip Wilkinson (banker), British banker
* Philip Wilkinson (entrepreneur), British entrepreneur


* Richard Norton Wilkinson (d. 1804), judge and political figure in Upper Canada
* Robert M. Wilkinson, American politician
* Roy Wilkinson, British music journalist

* Scott Wilkinson, actor
* Scott Wilkinson, British musician Yan (musician)
* Signe Wilkinson, editorial cartoonist
* Stephen Wilkinson, British music producer Bibio


* Tate Wilkinson, English actor
* Theodore S. Wilkinson, American admiral
* Thomas Wilkinson, one of several people including:
**Thomas Wilkinson, Royal Marines, during the Crimean War
**Thomas Wilkinson, Royal Naval Reserve, during the Second World War
**Thomas Orde Lawder Wilkinson, during the First World War
* Tom Wilkinson (actor), English actor
* Tom Wilkinson (Canadian football), Canadian football player
* Tom Wilkinson (football player), American football player
* Tom Wilkinson (footballer), English football (soccer) player


* Wallace G. Wilkinson, American businessman and Democratic Governor of Kentucky from 1987 to 1991
* Walter Butler Wilkinson, politician in Upper Canada

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