Long (surname)

Long (surname)

Long is a surname, and may refer to many people.


* Anne Long (c.1681-1711), English celebrated beauty and London society figure
* Armistead L. Long (1825–1891), American Civil War General
* Asa Long (1904–1999), American checker champion
* Audrey Long (born 1922), American actress
* Avon Long (1910–1984), American Broadway actor and singer


* Barry Long (1926-2003) Australian spiritual teacher
* Beeston Long (1757-1820) English businessman
* Ben Long
* Bernard Long
* Bill Long (ice hockey)
* Bob Long
* Breckinridge Long
* Byron Long


* Carl Long
* Charles Long
* Charles Long, 1st Baron Farnborough
* Charlotte Long Minor British actress
* Chester I. Long
* Chris Long
* Clarence Long
* Crawford Long
* Cyril Norman Hugh Long


* Dale Long
* David Long
* David Ryan Long
* Dorian Long
* Dudley Long (1748-1829) English Whig politician
* Dusty Long (1994) American pop/R&B singer and human rights activist


* Earl Long (1895-1960), American politician
* Eddie L. Long
* Edward Long British colonial administrator and historian
* Edward V. Long
* Edward Henry Carroll Long
* Edwin Long
* Eli Long


* Frank Belknap Long


* Gene Long
* George Long (1800-1879), English scholar
* George Merrick Long
* George S. Long
* Gifford Long English Member of Parliament and Sheriff of Wiltshire
* Gillis William Long
* Grant Long
* Greg Long


* Harold Long
* Henry Long (politician) (c.1417-1490) English Member of Parliament, of Draycot, Wiltshire
* Sir Henry Long (c.1489-.1556) English Member of Parliament, of Draycot, Wiltshire

* Herman Long
* Hilario Fernández Long
* Howie Long
* Huey Long (1893-1935), American politician


* Jacob "Jake" Luke Long
* Jacob Elmer Long, American politician
* Jake Long
* Sir James Long, 2nd Baronet of Draycot, British Member of Parliament (d.1692)
* Sir James Long, 5th Baronet of Draycot, British Member of Parliament (d.1729)
* Sir James Tylney-Long, 7th Baronet of Draycot, British Member of Parliament (d.1794)
* James Long (soldier) (fl. 1740s), British soldier
* James A. Long
* James E. Long (fl. c. 2000), American politician
* R. James Long
* Jane Herbert Wilkinson Long
* Janna Long
* Janice Long
* Jeff Long, American writer
* Jefferson F. Long
* Jerry Long, Sr.
* Jill L. Long
* Jodi Long
* Joe Long (born 1941), American musician
* J. C. Long (born 1959), Kansas politician, Member Kansas House of Representatives 1983-1993.
* John D. Long (1838-1915), American politician
* John Dixon Long
* John Long (basketball) (born 1958), NBA player
* John Long (politician) of Draycot, British Member of Parliament (d.1478)
* John Long (climber), American rock climber and writer. Author of the "How to Rock Climb" series
* John Luther Long
* Jordan Long
* Joseph Long
* Josie Long
* Justin Long


* Karawynn Long
* Kevin Long (skateboarder)
* Kevin Long (football), American football player
* Khari Long


* Larry Long
* Lazarus Long, fictional character
* Lislebone Long, (1613-1659) British politician and Speaker in the House of Commons
* Leonard Long
* Loretta Long
* Luz Long


* Mary Catherine Small Long
* Matt Long
* Max Freedom Long
* Maxey Long (1878-1959), American athlete
* Michael Long (born 1969), Australian football player
* Michael Long (actor)
* Mike Long


* Naomi Long
* Nia Long
* Norton E. Long


* Olivier Long
* Oren E. Long


* P. W. Long
* Pam Long
* Pierse Long (1739-1789), American merchant, soldier & politician


* Reub Long (1898-1974), Oregon rancher and author
* Sir Richard Long (c.1494-1546) Member of the privy chamber of Henry VIII.
* Richard Long (1668-1730) English Member of Parliament for Chippenham, Wiltshire
* Richard Long (c1691-1760) English Member of Parliament for Chippenham, Wiltshire
* Richard Godolphin Long (1761–1835), English Member of Parliament for Wiltshire
* Richard Penruddocke Long (1825–1875), English Member of Parliament for North Wiltshire
* Richard Long (actor) (1927-1974), American actor
* Richard Long (artist) (born 1945), British artist
* Richard Long (broadcaster), former New Zealand newsreader and broadcaster
* Richard Long, 3rd Viscount Long (1892–1967), British Conservative Party MP and peer
* Richard Long, 4th Viscount Long (born 1929) British Conservative Party politician
* Rien Long
* Robert Long (politician) of Wiltshire, (d.1447) English Member of Parliament
* Sir Robert Long (c.1517-c.1581) of Wiltshire, Esquire to the Body of Henry VIII
* Sir Robert Long, 1st Baronet, (c.1600-1673) Auditor of the Exchequer
* Sir Robert Long, 6th Baronet (1705-1767) English politician
* Robert A. Long
* Robert Ballard Long, English army officer
* Roderick Long (born 1964), American philosopher
* Roger Long
* Ronald Long
* Rose McConnell Long
* Russell B. Long (1918-2003), American politician
* Ryan Long (born 1973), American baseball player

* Scott Long (human rights activist)
* Sean Long (born 1974), British rugby player
* Shane Long (born 1987), Irish football player
* Shelley Long (born 1949), American actor
* Shorty Long
* Speedy O. Long
* Stephen Harriman Long (1784-1864), American explorer and engineer
* Steve Long
* Steve Long (game designer)
* Susan Long
* Sydney Long


* Sir Thomas Long of Draycot, Wiltshire (c.1451-1508)
* Terrence Long
* Thelma Coyne Long
* Theodore Long (born 1955), journalist
* Theodore E. Long
* Tim Long
* Tom Long
* Tom Long (actor)
* Tom Long (politician)


* Virginia Long


* Sir Walter Long (1565-1610) of South Wraxall and Draycot, Wiltshire. Friend of Sir Walter Raleigh
* Sir Walter Long, 1st Baronet of Whaddon, Wiltshire (c1591-1672) Member of Parliament prosecuted in the Star Chamber and imprisoned in the Tower of London
* Sir Walter Long, 2nd Baronet of Whaddon
* Sir Walter Long (c.1594-1637) English knight and landowner of Wiltshire
* Walter Long (d. 1731) member of parliament for Calne, Wiltshire
* Walter Long (d.1807) English landowner of South Wraxall, Wiltshire
* Walter Long (MP) English landowner of Rood Ashton, Wiltshire and Member of Parliament
* Walter Hume Long, 1st Viscount Long
* Walter Long, brigadier general, son of 1st Viscount Long
* Walter Long, 2nd Viscount Long
* Walter Long of Preshaw (d.1871)
* Walter Long (actor)
* William Cockins Long, Jr. Member of Kansas House of Representatives 1967-1971 and father of J.C. Long.
* William Ivey Long
* William Long (surgeon) English surgeon of Marwell Hall, Hampshire, and St Bartholomew's Hospital, London

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* Long
* Lang

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