Tait (surname)

Tait (surname)

Tait is a Scottish surname that most likely originated in Berwickshire, Scotland. The origins of the name can be traced back as far as 1100. Tait is derived from the word for "cheerful".


* Adam Tait, motoring journalist
* Alan Tait, Scottish rugby player
* Alex Tait, New Zealand cricketer
* Alex Tait, English rugby player
* Angus Tait, New Zealand businessman
* Archibald Campbell Tait, archbishop of Canterbury
* Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, American artist
* Blyth Tait, New Zealand Olympic equestrian
* Charles Tait, American politician
* Charles Tait (film director), early Australian film director
* David Tait OBE, Airline executive, Laker Airways, Virgin Atlantic
* Edward Tait, former SEC Director and Federal Trade Commissioner
* Gregor Tait, Scottish swimmer
* James Brian "Willie" Tait, Second world war bomber pilot
* James Edward Tait, Canadian recipient of the Victoria Cross
* Jason Tait, Canadian drummer
* Joe Tait, American radio sports broadcaster
* John Tait, one of several people including
**John Tait, Canadian athlete
**John Tait, American football player
**John Tait, Canadian rugby player
**John Tait (egyptologist), Edwards Professor of Egyptian Archaeology and Philology at University College London
* Katharine Tait, British writer Katharine Russell, daughter of Bertrand Russell
* Lawson Tait, Scottish gynecologist
* Margaret Tait, Scottish film maker and poet
* Mathew Tait, English rugby union player
* Merepeka Raukawa-Tait, chief executive of the Women's Refuge organisation of New Zealand
* Michael Tait, American musician
* Peter Guthrie Tait, Scottish mathematical physicist
* Richard Tait, BBC Governor
* Shaun Tait, Australian cricketer
* Thomas S. Tait, Scottish architect
* Thomas J. Tait, Canadian railwayman, Victorian railway commissioner
* William W. Tait, American logician

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*Tate (surname)

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