Tourniquet (disambiguation)

Tourniquet (disambiguation)

Tourniquet can mean:
* Tourniquet, a medical device used to control blood flow to an extremity:
** Surgical tourniquet, a specialised surgical tool
** Emergency tourniquet, used to stop blood loss in an emergency
* Tourniquet test

In music:
* Tourniquet (band), an American Christian metal band
* "Tourniquet" (song), a cover of "My Tourniquet" from the Evanescence album "Fallen"
* "Tourniquet" (Marilyn Manson song), a song by Marilyn Manson, covered by Rasputina
* "Tourniquet Of Roses", a canceled album by The Residents, later released as "Fingerprince" and "Babyfingers"
* "My Tourniquet", a song from the Soul Embraced album "For the Incomplete"
* "The Tourniquet", the third album by Magnet

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