United States Open (squash)

United States Open (squash)

The United States Open squash championships is an annual squash tournament sponsored by U.S. Squash. The championship was inaugurated in 1954 as an opportunity for professionals and amateurs to compete against each other. Prior to the mid-1980s, the tournament was held using the hardball squash format (a North American version of squash, which uses a smaller court and a faster-moving ball than the international "softball" version). In 1966, the championship merged with the Canadian Open and became the North American Open. The North American Open continued to use the hardball format and came to establish itself as the most prestigious event in the hardball game. In 1985, the United States Open was reinstituted as a "softball" squash event using the international format. (A separate North American Open competition has continued to run as a hardball event.)

The glass show court used at the 2011 US Open Squash Championships hosted by Drexel University at the Daskalakis Athletic Center

The first championship final in 1954 saw the Boston amateur player Henri Salaun defeat the great Pakistani player Hashim Khan in Hashim's first foray to North America. Subsequently the championship came to be dominated by members of the Khan family for the next three decades. Hashim won the title 3 times between 1956 and 1963. His son Sharif Khan then captured the title a record 12 times in the 13-year period between 1969 and 1981. Four other members of their extended family also won the championship – Roshan Khan (3 titles), Azam Khan (1 title), Mo Khan (3 titles), and Jahangir Khan (3 titles – 1 hardball and 2 softball). Sharif's younger brother Aziz Khan also finished runner-up in 1981. Another Khan, Jansher Khan, also won 3 titles in the 1980s and 1990s (Jansher is not known to be directly related to the other famous squash-playing Khan family, but his family originates from the same village in the Peshawar region of northern Pakistan, so it is possible that he is distantly related). Jansher's last win in 1995 marks the last time that a Pakistani player won the title. In recent years, players from the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada have enjoyed success at the event.


Past results

Men's championship

United States Open Championship (softball)

Year Winner Runner-up
2009 Amr Shabana Ramy Ashour
2008 not held
2007 Nick Matthew James Willstrop
2006 Grégory Gaultier Amr Shabana
2005 Lee Beachill David Palmer
2004 Lee Beachill Peter Nicol
2003 Peter Nicol David Palmer
2002 David Palmer Stewart Boswell
20011 Peter Nicol Jonathon Power
2000 Jonathon Power Simon Parke
1999 Simon Parke Jonathon Power
1998 Peter Nicol Jonathon Power
1997 Jonathon Power Simon Parke
1996 Rodney Eyles Peter Nicol
1995 Jansher Khan Simon Parke
1994 Peter Nicol Chris Walker
1993 Rodney Eyles Paul Lord
1992 not held
1991 Rodney Martin Brett Martin
1990 Jansher Khan Chris Robertson
1989 Rodney Martin Jansher Khan
1988 Jahangir Khan Chris Dittmar
1987 Jansher Khan Chris Dittmar
1986 Stuart Davenport Ross Norman
1985 Jahangir Khan Ross Norman

North American Open Championship (hardball)

Year Winner Runner-up
1984 Jahangir Khan Mark Talbott
1983 Mark Talbott John Nimick
1982 Michael Desaulniers Sharif Khan
1981 Sharif Khan Aziz Khan
1980 Sharif Khan Michael Desaulniers
1979 Sharif Khan Gordon Anderson
1978 Sharif Khan Clive Caldwell
1977 Sharif Khan Geoff Hunt
1976 Sharif Khan Victor Niederhoffer
1975 Victor Niederhoffer Sharif Khan
1974 Sharif Khan Rainer Ratinac
1973 Sharif Khan Mo Khan
1972 Sharif Khan Victor Niederhoffer
1971 Sharif Khan Ken Binns
1970 Sharif Khan Mo Khan
1969 Sharif Khan Mo Khan
1968 Mo Khan Sharif Khan
1967 Ralph Howe Sam Howe
1966 Mo Khan Victor Niederhoffer

United States Open Championship (hardball)

Year Winner Runner-up
1965 Mo Khan Hashim Khan
1964 Mo Khan Hashim Khan
1963 Hashim Khan Mo Khan
1962 Azam Khan Roshan Khan
1961 Roshan Khan Azam Khan
1960 Roshan Khan Azam Khan
1959 Diehl Mateer Hashim Khan
1958 Roshan Khan Henri Salaun
1957 Hashim Khan Roshan Khan
1956 Hashim Khan Azam Khan
1955 Diehl Mateer Azam Khan
1954 Henri Salaun Hashim Khan

See also

  • US Junior Open squash championship
  • British Open Squash
  • World Open


1 The 2001 United States Open was played in January 2002 as the Memorial Open in honor of those who died in the September 11 2001 attacks. The event was originally scheduled to take place in September 2001, but was postponed following the attacks.

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