Illusory contours

Illusory contours

Illusory contours or subjective contours are a form of visual illusion where contours are perceived without a luminance or color change across the contour. Friedrich Schumann discovered illusory contours Harv|Schumann|1900.

A classic example of illusory contours is the Kanizsa triangle Harv|Kanizsa|1955. This figure comprises three black pac men approaching each other and three black angles on a white background. But many observers see a white triangle on top of three black disks and an outline triangle. The white triangle appears brighter than the white background and shows a contour even in regions where there is no luminance change in the image.

The Ehrenstein illusion is another common form of illusory contours.

It is thought that early visual cortical regions such as V2 are responsible for forming illusory contours Harv|von der Heydt|1984.

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*Yoon Mo Jung and Jackie (Jianhong) Shen (2008), J. Visual Comm. Image Representation, 19(1):42-55, [ "First-order modeling and stability analysis of illusory contours"] .

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