Pac-Man (disambiguation)

Pac-Man (disambiguation)

"Pac-Man" is a popular 1980 arcade game by Namco.

Pac-Man may also refer to several things:
* "Pac-Man" (Atari 2600), a port of the arcade title
* Pac-Man (Character)
** Any object or picture resembling the main character in the "Pac-Man game", that is, a disk missing one quadrant or missing a smaller sector; such pac-men appear in illusory contours
* "Pac-Man" (TV series), the short-lived cartoon series
* "Pac-Man" (album), the 1992 EP produced by Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) under the "Power Pill" alias, which sampled heavily from the game's audio
* "Pac-Man Fever" (album), a 1982 hit song and album by Buckner and Garcia
* "Pacman", an unreleased song by "Weird Al" Yankovic, and a parody of The Beatles' song "Taxman"
* Pacman frog, the name given to several varieties of frog with large mouths and abdomens
* Pacman Nebula, a region of space formally known as NCG 281
* Lilac chaser, an optical phenomenon also known as the "Pacman illusion"
* Pac-Man defense, a legal strategy where a smaller company fights off a takeover by purchasing the larger company
* Pacman (package manager), the package management system of Arch Linux
* A coin acceptor, slang
* The codename of a covert propaganda operation undertaken by the South African military to discredit the anti-apartheid movement by the International Freedom Foundation
* Operation Pacman, a campaign enacted by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries in 2002 to apprehend illegal paua and rock lobster poachers
* The pet vampire Pomeranian (dog) of Triple H's character in ""
* Team Pacman, a wrestling team

Pac-Man is often used as a nickname to refer to the following persons:
* Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino boxer
* Adam Jones (American football), National Football League player for the Dallas Cowboys
* MC PacMan, a member of Portuguese hip-hop group Da Weasel
* Danny McGavin, a fictional police officer portrayed by Sean Penn in the 1988 film "Colors"

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