Bracket (disambiguation)

Bracket (disambiguation)

Bracket may refer to:
* Bracket, one of a class of punctuation marks used in pairs to set apart or interject text within other text
** Square bracket, one type of punctuation bracket (primarily American usage)
** Parenthesis, another type of punctuation bracket (primarily British usage)
* Bracket (architecture) structure, often in the shape of an inverted "L" or triangle, set flat against a wall to support objects above
** Corbel or decorative bracket, used in furniture and mantelpieces
* Bracket (tournament), a diagrammatic representation of the series of games played during a tournament
* Bracket (band), a pop punk band
* Bracket turn, a figure skating move
* Bracketing, the photographic technique of taking multiple shots of the same subject with different camera-settings
** See Bracketing (disambiguation) for other meanings
* Tax bracket, for example, or "income bracket", "age bracket", "bracket of songs" - group of people or things sharing some characteristic
* "( ) (film)", a 2003 film directed by Morgan Fisher
* "( ) (album)" album by the Icelandic band Sigur Rós
* A component of Dental Braces
* Bracket fungus, fungi in in the phylum Basidiomycota

In mathematics and physics
* Bracket (mathematics), symbols used to specify the order of operations.
* Lie bracket, a notation in mathematics for Lie algebras and tensor fields
* Poisson bracket, an operator used in mathematics and physics
* Bra-ket notation, a notation for describing quantum states in the theory of quantum mechanics
*Frölicher-Nijenhuis bracket
*Nijenhuis-Richardson bracket
*Schouten-Nijenhuis bracket

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