Isis (disambiguation)

Isis (disambiguation)

Isis was a goddess in Egyptian mythology.

Isis may also refer to:


* The Isis, a segment of the River Thames
* Isis Highway, an Australian highway
* Shire of Isis, an area in Queensland, Australia


* Isis (band), an American post-metal band
* Isis (Brisbane band), a rock band
* Isis (jazz fusion band), a 1970s all-female band
* "Isis" (song), by Bob Dylan
* "Isis," a song by Delta-S on the album "Voyage to Isis"
* "Isis," a song by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the EP "Is Is"
* Isyss, an R&B group


* "The Secrets of Isis", a 1970s television series
* Isis ("Stargate")
* Isis ("Battlestar Galactica")
* Isis Tsunami, contestant on "America's Next Top Model"


* Isis (DC Comics)
* Isis (Marvel Comics)
* Isis (Bluewater Comics)


* Isis Innovation, a British technology transfer company
* Institute for Science and International Security
* Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality, former name of the Family Research Institute


* "Isis" (journal), an academic journal
* "Isis" magazine, a student magazine at Oxford University

Outer space

* Isis (lunar crater)
* ISIS (satellite)
* 42 Isis, an asteroid


* IS-IS, a network routing protocol
* ISIS/Draw, a chemistry modeling program
* Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers, software used by the United States Geological Survey
* International Species Information System, a database project
* ISIS (operating system), an operating system used on the Intel 8085 processor
* ISIS programming language, a variant of JOSS
* Integrated Scientific Information System, a software program including the MDL "Chime" plug-in
* ISIS, a networking tool, part of the Proteus software package

Other uses

* HMS "Isis", several ships in the British Royal Navy
* Hurricane Isis, the name of several tropical cyclones
* Morris Isis, a car
* Isis Adventure, a puzzle game
* ISIS Drive, a bicycle bracket interface
* ISIS neutron source
* Image and Scanner Interface Specification, an interface for image scanning technologies
* International Studies of Infarct Survival, a set of clinical trials
* Integrated Standby Instrument System, a system used on the Airbus A320 family of airliners

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