Rune (disambiguation)

Rune (disambiguation)

Rune, from Proto-Norse "runa" "secret", can refer to:
* A letter from one of the Runic alphabets, formerly used to write Germanic languages (see also Runology)
** A runestone
** Rune (given name) , a Scandinavian given name
*** Rune Glifberg, a professional skateboarding Dane
* A letter from the Orkhon script or the Old Hungarian script, also called "runiform"
* A UTF-8 character in the Plan 9 from Bell Labs operating system.

; In popular culture:
* Runescape an MMORPG developed by Jagex.
* Rune (computer game), by Human Head Studios from 2000
* Rune Caster, a Dreamcast role-playing game from Japan
* Rune (film), by RUNE, LLC / ISIS Productions from 2006
* Rune RK, a record producer and DJ from Denmark
* Rune (comics), a comicbook villain
* A version of Honda Goldwing motorcycles
* In the movie"Jungle Emperor Leo", the son of Leo's ("Kimba the White Lion" grown up)
* "Led Zeppelin IV" is sometimes called "Runes"
* In the game World of Warcraft, a reagent for casting teleport or portal spells
* In the game RuneScape, either a rare metal or a magical stone used for casting spells.
* An item in
* A term used for magics in Suikoden series
* "RUNE Magazine", the Journal of Arts & Letters at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
* In the "Harry Potter" books, an ancient manuscript concerning magic

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