List of light sources

List of light sources

This is a list of sources of light, including both natural and artificial sources, and both "processes" and "devices".


Lightning can be a spectacular source of illumination.]
*Astronomical objects
**Sunlight (Solar radiation)
**meteors/meteor showers (via ionization)
***Star clusters
**accretion disks
**Glowworms ("Arachnocampa" and Phengodidae) and Fireflies (Lampyridae)
**"Aequorea victoria" (a type of jellyfish)
**Antarctic krill
**"Lux" operon (a common marine bacterium)
*Plasma (physics)

Direct chemical

*Chemoluminescence (Lightsticks)


*Argon flash
*Acetylene/Carbide lamps
*Betty lamp
*Butter lamp
*Flash powder
*Gas lighting
*Gas mantle
*Kerosene lamps
*Oil lamps
*Safety lamps
**Davy lamps
**Geordie lamps

Incandescent lamps

*Carbon button lamp
*Conventional incandescent light bulbs
*Halogen lamps
*Nernst lamp

Electroluminescent (EL) lamps

*Light-emitting diodes
**Organic light-emitting diodes
**Polymer light-emitting diodes
**Solid-state lighting
**LED lamp

Gas discharge lamps

*Fluorescent lamps
**Compact fluorescent lamps
**Black light
*Inductive lighting
*Hollow cathode lamp
*Neon and argon lamps
*Plasma lamps
*Xenon flash lamps

High-intensity discharge lamps

*Ceramic discharge metal halide lamps
*Hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide (HMI) lamps
*Mercury-vapor lamps
*Metal halide lamps
*Sodium vapor lamps
*Xenon arc lamps
*Sulfur lamps


*Radioluminescent paint (formerly used on watch and clock dials)
*Self-powered lighting


*Blackbody radiation
*Cherenkov radiation
*Cyclotron radiation
*Lasers, Laser diode
*Optical fiber
*Sulfur lamp
*Synchrotron light, see also Synchrotron radiation
*Scintillation (physics)

See also

* Photometry (optics) Main Photometry/Radiometry article - explains technical terms
* Spectrometer

External links

* [ A CD spectrometer] Color spectrographs of common light sources
* [] Dozens of raw visible spectra of a wide variety of light sources.
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