Secret Board of Shadowy Figures

Secret Board of Shadowy Figures

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Shadowy Figures
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Figures's apparent headquarters

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formed = 1980s
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jurisdiction = Exclamation, USA
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employees = Seven
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minister2_name =
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chief1_name = Shadowy Figure
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parent_agency = Puma (sponsor)
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website =
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The Secret Board of Shadowy Figures is a group of fictional animated characters on "Clone High".

The organization's self-referential name is part of its parody of various secret government organizations such as the CIA, NSA, and Secret Service, as well as such fictional organizations as SPECTRE from the James Bond series.


The Secret Board of Shadowy Figures is a mysteriously organized government agency responsible for the creation of Clone High High School—from which they hope to produce super-intelligent and super-strong clone soldiers—composed of amusing clones of historical figures whom they dug up in the 1980s.

The Secret Board of Shadowy Figures is also responsible for Scangrade—a test grading machine who gains energy from #2 pencil lead to ultimately take over the world.

The Secret Board of Shadowy Figures is sponsored by Puma, who provides them with catalog-only shoes. The rest of their attire is blue paramilitary uniform complete with ribbon bars.

Only one member of the Board ever speaks. Due to his position at the center of the crescent-shaped table as well as his extra decorations is presumably the chairman of the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures. He is also presumably lactose intolerant, based on his request for "no dairy" when he dines with Scudworth.

The Secret Board's headquarters appears to contain a crescent shaped table on a pedestal as well as several video monitors arranged in a spiral.

The only hint as to the organization's wider political views comes when Scudworth, trying to curry the Board's favor, states: "So, religion is for fools, eh—fools and liberals," suggesting Scudworth's appraisal of their political views.


The tension between the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures and Principal Scudworth provides much of the driving action for the plot of "Clone High".

In the , the leader of the Board reports that there is a growing concern among the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures that Scudworth may be completely insane. He demands that Scudworth write a report proving he knows what it's like to be a teen clone on pain of death. When Scudworth fails to write the report, he apparently spares Scudworth because Scudworth's excuses prove that he know what its like to be a teen.

In Election Blu-Galoo, Scudworth ensures the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures that their "secret army of cloned historical figures is maturing according to schedule," but is interrupted when the Shadowy Figure notices a scale model of "Cloney Island" labelled "Dr. Scudworth's Evil Plan". The Secret Board of Shadowy Figures turns down Scudworth's request for $2 million (for dry erase markers in "keen new colors") causing Scudworth to have to seek corporate funding to pursue his plan to create an expensive clone-themed amusement park.In , the Board becomes agitated with Scudworth because of the riot following the cross-country dual meet. They insist on meeting for dinner in person for the purpose of oversight. The Board turns down Scudworth's suggestion of the Olive Garden, and insists on eating at Scudworth's house, necessitating a redecoration. The Board came to dinner with the intent of killing Scudworth but, due to the antics of Mr. Butlertron, decide to give him another chance.

In , the Board awards Scudworth with Ecybopooch as a reward for not plotting against them. Ecybopooch comes between Scudworth and Mr. Butlertron, until Mr. Butlertron discovers that Ecybopooch is a spy for the Evil Board of Shadowy Figures and destroys him by reflecting his own eye lasers onto him with an especially brightly glazed pie.

After Scudworth films a documentary against the advice of Mr. Butlertron, entitled "Cloney Island: My plan to steal the clones away from the Shadowy Board: The Movie" in , the Board finally realizes Scudworth's treason and announces their intention to take the clones from Scudworth and terminate him on prom night.

True to their word, the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures, along with all of the celebrity guests from the first season, sets out for the Winter Prom in humvees and helicopters in . However, with the help of John Stamos, Scudworth exploits the only weakness of the leader of the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures: a tight, fast conga line. Scudworth leads the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures, along with the entirety of the clones and celebrity guests into the meat freezer where Stamos pulls the switch freezing them all.


Only one member of the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures has any lines. He is often referred to as the Shadowy Figure.

Bill Lawrence is the voice of the Shadowy Figure.

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