Cinnamon J. Scudworth

Cinnamon J. Scudworth

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Principal Cinnamon J. Scudworth, Ph.D, usually just referred to as Dr. Scudworth or Principal Scudworth, is an animated fictional character from "Clone High". Scudworth is voiced by "Clone High" co-producer Phil Lord, who also voices Genghis Khan.


Scudworth is a stereotypical megalomaniac mad scientist and principal. He is both eccentric and insane. He has a drawer in his desk full of origami paper hats and created a robot butler, Mr. Butlertron, a parody of Mr. Belvedere. On the surface he is driven by a desire for world domination, but in practice this trait is tempered by his eccentric fetish for popular culture, his desire to be accepted by the students, and his friendship with Mr. Butlertron. Scudworth thinks he is much stronger than he actually is; he considers himself as the ruler of the clones, and believes there is little more powerful than a high school principal. While most often his exploits are only light mischief and dishonesty, he occasionally verges on downright villainy—he was briefly the dictator king of the PTA and turned the parents of the town into his slaves.

He lives in a generic sitcom-style house with Mr. Butlertron, including a unseen studio audience. He has a dislike for organization, preferring his scattered papers and evil plans to the organization temporarily imposed by Glenn the Janitor (see below). Scudworth graduated from A.S.U. with a Ph.D in mad sciences. He curls his fingers to express each and every emotion. He pronounces the "h" in "honored", pronounces Jay Leno's last name as "Lee"-no" (at least prior to "), and pronounces the word "schedule" in the Received Pronunciation ("shed-jewel").

As a scientist and principal

Scudworth's performance and quality of work as principal of Clone High is unclear and questionable. He is a scientist by nature and shows little skill as an administrator, and was most likely given the job merely for his intellectual skill.

Scudworth is a geneticist, and his main job is to observe and report on the biological progress of the clones to the Shadowy Figures. Despite this being a presumably medical vocation, he nevertheless spends much of his time performing experimental surgical operations on unwilling and terrified students. The natures of these procedures are mostly unclear, though they appear to be nefarious in nature, and he describes them as “evil surgery”. The only one positively identified was a plan to insert brain wave transmitters in the brains of the clones that allows him to “see and hear everything they taste and smell”.

Scudworth’s aptitude as a scientist is also unknown. Mr. Butlertron has referred to Scudworth as killing his students instead of listening to them, though it is unclear if he’s referring to Scudworth’s failed surgeries or through his evil traps and death mazes. The Shadowy Figures dislike Scudworth intensely and trust him with few matters of importance (often rightly so), but the fact that they keep him as principal of Clone High and essentially the controller of the clones must mean he has intellectual prowess of high credibility. Mr. Butlertron may be evidence of his ability, as Scudworth has accomplished the difficult task of creating an android with conscious artificial intelligence and a distinct personality.

Scudworth has little respect for his students, seeing them as inferior for being teenagers and for being clones. To the first end, he is entirely insensitive to the awkwardness and insecurities of youth, and enjoys insulting his students for their physical appearance. He is perturbed by the clones confessing their feelings to him, and will readily respond by expelling them from his office with a secret mechanism or trap. He once enlisted members of the football team to transport him in a hot tub by pulling it with reins while running on all fours. He constantly schemes to bring to life his dream of stealing the clones from the Secret Board, and placing them in a special clone themed zoo, an idea he got while watching "Jurassic Park III". In the last episode, when the Secret Board arrived to kidnap the clones, Scudworth hints that he may care for the wellbeing of the students more than he lets on, insisting the clones aren’t ready to be removed from school and pleading for the board to leave them in his care.

Relationship with other characters

Secret Board of Shadowy Figures

Scudworth was chosen by the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures to watch over the clones and ultimately train them into a super-intelligent and super-strong clone army. However, Scudworth has his own plans for the clones—plans which do not involve the Shadowy Figures at all. With the help of Mr. Butlertron, Scudworth plans to use the clones for an over-priced clone-themed amusement park called Cloney Island, which is basically the first Jurassic Park with clones. He continually comes into conflict with the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures which becomes increasingly concerned that he may very well be insane.

It is likely that Scudworth has been involved with the Secret Board's project for quite some time. It is unknown when Scudworth first took on the job, but a younger version of him and Mr. Bultertron are seen in a vintage photograph, exhuming the grave of Abraham Lincoln, suggesting he has been working with the clone project since its beginnings "way way back in the 1980s". Whether or not Scudworth's participation goes beyond Clone High, possibly to involvement with the project college Clone State and other presumably existent levels of clone school like elementary schools or middle schools, is unknown.The head Shadowy Figure threatens to kill Scudworth on several occasions, but Scudworth is invariably saved. In ', Scudworth is threatened with either death, or writing a report on what it's like to be a student at Clone High. Scudworth infiltrates JFK's party in the guise of a student; the experience is a traumatizing barrage of pain, angst and sorrow, and the Shadow Figure is content to accept this as Scudworth's report. In "Election Blu-Galoo", Scudworth initially sells out to X-Stream Blue because he cannot finance Cloney Island from the justly suspicious Board. In ', the Board questions Scudworth's skills as principal after the school riot and arranges a dinner meeting with him at Scudworth's house, which is actually just an occasion to kill him. The Board is unimpressed by Scudworth's hosting skills, but he is saved when Mr. Butlertron pacify them with his hilarious antics. In ', Scudworth and the Board get along for a change when he helps with the Board's latest evil scheme; Scudworth both organizes the PXJT's at Clone High, and also constantly reminds the students to use a #2 pencil on the test—the pencil lead being of course used to power the Board's world domination device, Scangrade. Scangrade is eventually destroyed by Mr. Butlertron, and the Board is presumably upset with Scudworth for ruining their plan. In ', the Board gives Scudworth an Ecybopooch robotic dog toy in reward for going so long without planning a secret plot behind their backs. This is not exactly true, as Scudworth was planning Cloney Island as the Shadowy Figure spoke. The Board is apparently aware of this, as Ecybopooch turns out to be a spy for the Board that almost kills Scudworth before he is once again saved by the ever-suspicious Mr. Butlertron.

In ', the struggle between Scudworth and the Board begins to come to a dramatic close. After the Shadowy Figure gets ahold of Scudworth's documentary detailing his Cloney Island plan, they explain they will come to collect the clones prematurely, as well as terminate Scudworth, at prom. Scudworth faints at this news and contracts amnesia, and is oblivious to the Board's plan; Mr. Butlertron neglects to tell him, not wanting to dismay Scudworth further. On prom night, in ', the Board is about to kill Scudworth with a new determination; even Mr. Butlertron has fled, not wanting to face the consequences of not warning him. Scudworth is only saved at the last moment when his nemesis John Stamos tricks the Board into falling into a plan he comes up with. The plan works, and Scudworth is able to conga the Board (and everyone else) into the flash freezer. Scudworth freezes the Board with the rest of the prom, and escapes their imminent wrath once and for all.

=Mr. Butlertron=


JFK is the only student Principal Scudworth ever forged some kind of a lasting relationship with. In "", Scudworth borrows Mr. Butlertron's cardigan, which he believes has magic properties and will make the students like him more. For some reason, it works on JFK, who has just broken up with Cleopatra and is very depressed. After JFK opens up to Scudworth and the two bond over their mutual meanness and general lack of emotion, JFK grows sad about the breakup and tries opening up to Scudworth again. Scudworth is extremely put off by his student's "touchy-feely bullcrap" and sends the sobbing JFK through a trap door.


In "Election Blu-Galoo", both Scudworth and Abe work to promote X-Stream Blue, Scudworth by selling out and endorsing the product in exchange for two million dollars, Abe by promoting them through X-Stream Blue-themed action stunts. Oddly enough, neither are seen to cross paths, and their relationships with X-Stream Blue appear to be entirely separate. In the end, after Abe sees what X-Stream Blue has done to Gandhi's health and convinces everyone to stop buying it, X-Stream Blue takes away Scudworth's funding, and he is presumably upset with Abe for ruining his "ghetto-fabulous lifestyle".

In "", Scudworth is shown to be acting as coach of the Clone High basketball team, on which Abe plays as captain. Scudworth is constantly annoyed that his team's captain can never even bring their team a single point, and is even more upset when he brings on star player 'John Dark' (Joan of Arc in disguise, as girls and animals can't play for the boys' team) refuses to ever use 'his' skills on the court and instead passes every shot to Abe. At the end of the homecoming game between Clone High and Genetically Engineered Superhuman High (GESH), Scudworth derides Abe's opinion that it was all up to him to "win" the game with two endgame free throws (a bet was made that the Clones would not score a single point against GESH is made of supremely talented and strong Super humans). instead instructing Abe to give the ball to 'John'. When Joan discards her disguise, it is ultimately Abe who convinces Scudworth to waive the rule about girls and animals playing on the boys' team. When the game is "won" by Joan, openly as a girl, while the crowd and rest of the team congratulate Abe for convincing Scudworth to let Joan take the free throws, it is unclear whether Scudworth credits Abe or Joan for his school's victory.Scudworth and Abe's relationship becomes considerably more antagonistic (and melodramatically so, at that) in "". Abe caves under peer pressure and becomes a raisin-smoking addict, while Scudworth seizes on the culture of fear the raisin epidemic to become king of the PTA. Scudworth's solution to the raisin problem is to build a giant "The Wall"-style picket fence around the school. In the climax of the episode, Abe and the other students arrive at the school to break down Scudworth and the parents' fence with the power of love. This does nothing. Abe takes matters into his own hands, and climbs up the wall to confront Scudworth face to face. Scudworth, who had grown increasingly evil during his reign, whips Abe off the wall and nearly kills him when Abe lands on the ground and hits his head on a rock. Scudworth is not seen after this or after Abe and Joan get the kids off of raisins and defeat the Pusher/Larry Hardcore in disguise.


In "", Scudworth ties Joan to a chair in his office when she is sent there for talking in gym class. He decides to overlook her infraction if she helps him with the report he's writing on what it's like to be a student at Clone High. Though he initially takes her mention that she dislikes being tied to a chair as a sign that she's cooperating with the report, Scudworth becomes enraged when he mentions his plan to watch the "Tonight Show" and Joan jokes about Scudworth liking Jay Leno. Scudworth punishes her insolence by sending her into his Death Maze.In "", school basketball team coach Scudworth is glad to have star player 'John Dark' admitted to the boys' team, unaware that 'John' is actually Joan in disguise. He soon fires inferior player Abe as team captain and gives 'John' the position. Scudworth later relies on 'John' to score Clone High at least one point in the game against GESH so he can win his bet against GESH principal Colonel Principal. When 'John' reveals 'him'-self to be Joan, Scudworth holds Joan up to the rule that no girls or animals can play on the boys' team. Abe eventually convinces him to allow Joan to play, and Scudworth has a change of heart. He discards the rule and allows Joan to play and shoot the game-deciding free throws. When she misses the first shot, Scudworth derides her with sexist insults. Joan, perhaps driven by Scudworth's annoyances, scores the second shot right away, much to Scudworth's delight.


Gandhi and Scudworth cross paths in "". Gandhi is sent to Scudworth's office for misbehaving in class, and the 'magical' cardigan he borrowed from Mr. Butlertron has no effect on his distruption during their meeting. When Mr. Butlertron diagnoses Gandhi with ADD and its hyperactive cousin ADHD, word spreads, and both the students and the parents are in an uproar, believing ADD to be a contagious disease from gossip spread around by Paul Revere. Scudworth comes up with a solution to the Gandhi problem: therapeutic isolation; he soon after places Gandhi in a one-man asylum/prison. When Scudworth excitedly seeks to perform experimental surgery on his new patient, he is dismayed when Gandhi is not unwilling and terrified, like his other test subjects. Gandhi explains that his deteriorating relationship with Abe has left him disspirited. Scudworth comforts him, saying he can relate, as high school principals are not the immortal gods the teen magazines make them out to be. Scudworth, in an uncharacteristic show of compassion and wisdom, inspires Gandhi to stand up for what he believes in, and lets him out of the asylum.

John Stamos

Principal Scudworth's archnemesis is TV personality and "Full House" cast member John Stamos. The two went to high school together, where Stamos was crowned prom king at their senior prom, a position which Scudworth was also much vyying for. Stamos called Scudworth every year since then to passive-aggressively rub the loss in his face. In ', after being made over by Mr. Butlertron as a French Dandy, Scudworth gets a "Stamos-neutralizing idea" to fix this year's prom king election to make him win and finally be able to rub it in "Stamoss face. In "", on the night of the prom, Stamos himself shows up just before the winner of the prom king election is announced, and everyone is so taken to his charm and his "jet black hair and winning smile" that Stamos is crowned prom king on the spot. Scudworth is enraged, but Stamos, being so nice, gives the crown and title to 'Scudsy'. Scudworth is filled with joy that he has finally achieved the acceptance he has always so craved, but soon takes off the sharp metal crown and stabs Stamos in the face with it. Stamos survives, and, being the nice guy he is, even gives Scudworth a plan to save him from being killed by the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures. Scudworth realizes that the plan, conga-ing the Board and prom-goers into the flash freezer, would mean Stamos sacrifices himself, but Stamos insists that helping people is what John Stamos is all about. Scudworth thanks Stamos and the two bury the hatchet. The plan eventually works, and Scudworth escapes the Board's punishment and leaves the entire prom frozen.

Genghis Khan

In ', Scudworth, posing as a student at JFK's party, is mistaken for a piñata by the idiotic Genghis Khan and is severely injured. Later, in ', Scudworth has Genghis sing the students back to class at the end of Ponce's funeral, by way of performing a surprisingly operatic aria of "Ave Maria".

Glenn the Janitor

Scudworth loathes Glenn, Clone High's janitor, for no apparent reason. Glenn is a cheerful and sunny person, and seems to be in stark contrast with Scudworth's acerbic coldness. In "", Scudworth becomes enraged with Glenn when he puts all his papers and documents in neat little piles, preferring clutter and disorganization in his office. He also blames Glenn for taking his evil plans from his desk. Though Mr. Butlertron later proves them to be in his office's bathroom, Scudworth still curses the janitor. He tries to make Glenn miserable several other times throughout the episode; when Glenn is at the funeral of his foster son Ponce, and delivering the eulogy no less, Scudworth arrives and forces him to leave to clean up vomit in the hallways, insisting his son will still be dead when he gets back. Scudworth later jumps on the opportunity to fire Glenn when he sees that the students have gotten rid of all the litter in school to honor Ponce's memory. Scudworth is presumably dismayed when he must hire back Glenn after the students take pity on him and start littering in moderation to save his job.


In "", Scudworth began a rivalry with a pesky Looney Tunes-style skunk named Skunky-Poo, who always leaves Scudworth with his catchphrase: "Try and catch me, bitch!" His evil surgery is repeatedly distrupted by the skunk's antics. Scudworth is repeatedly blown up by Skunky-Poo with a strick of TNT, in his lab, in a store of priceless china, and even in an elaborate trap Scudworth set up to crush Skunky-Poo in the desert with a large weight. Scudworth eventually goes on vacation to avoid the skunk, but is dramatically stopped at the airport, only to have Skunky-Poo add, "Bitch!", and leave it at that. Skunky Poo returns in the last episode and is presumably frozen with the rest of the prom attendants, meaning that Scudworth finally caught the sadistic skunk.

Krabby Kakes

Krabby Kakes is a pesky crab who lives on a tropical beach where Scudworth went on vacation at the end of "". Krabby Kakes poses as a cabana boy in order to blow up Scudworth with what he thinks is a bottle of catsup but is actually a stick of TNT, at which he cries "You've got crabs, ass-face!".


There are numerous other characters Scudworth has some connection to. Colonel Principal, the Southern principal of GESH, is in conflict with Scudworth every year during the homecoming basketball game. Colonel Principal and Scudworth's wagers over the outcome of the inter-school game range from prizes of week-long laundry duties to ownership of one's first-born son. Scudworth is also usually the one the parents in the PTA complain to when some frequently-occurring moral panic grips the town. Scudworth also has an occasionally-referenced immediate family. He writes to various relatives every ; he may have been married and had at least one mentioned son, Brian, a child he seems to have cared legitimately for, whom he lost to Colonel Principal in a homecoming bet and whom was eaten by GESH's apparently cannibal principal.


*Scudworth's last name is most likely a reference to the Cold War-era Soviet tactical ballistic missile program "Scud".

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