Crown or The Crown may refer to:

  • Crown (anatomy), a part of the head or of a hat
  • Headgear
    • Coronet, a small crown consisting of ornaments fixed on a metal ring. Unlike a crown, a coronet never has arches.[citation needed]
    • Crown (headgear), ceremonial headgear
    • Tiara, a type of crown


Symbols of monarchy or rank

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Rome

  • Civic Crown, a chaplet of common oak leaves woven to form a crown
  • Grass Crown, the highest and rarest of all military decorations in the Roman Republic and early Roman empire
  • Naval crown, a gold crown awarded to the first man who boarded an enemy ship during a naval engagement. In style, the crown was made of gold and surmounted with the prows of ships
  • Consort crown, a crown worn by the consort of a monarch for her coronation or on state occasions
  • Coronation crown, a crown used by a monarch when being crowned
  • Hoop crown, a crown consisting of a "band around the temples and one or two bands over the head"
  • Imperial crown, a crown used for the coronation of emperors
  • Mural crown, identified the goddess Tyche, the embodiment of the fortune of a city, familiar to Romans as Fortuna

Imperial Iran

Commonwealth realms

  • The Crown, the legal embodiment of Executive Government in Commonwealth countries
  • State crown (primarily British but may be applied to other monarchies), the working crown worn by a monarch on recurring state occasions such as State Openings of Parliament, as opposed to the coronation crown with which they would be formally crowned


  • Crown (heraldry), often an emblem of the monarchy, a monarch's government, or items endorsed by it; see The Crown
  • Crown of St. Stephen, Hungary's Holy Crown
  • Papal Tiara or Triple Tiara, the papal crown
  • Crown of Saint Wenceslas, the Crown of Kingdom of the Czech Lands (Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia - today Czech Republic)


  • Triple Crown (disambiguation), a series of three major events that establishes dominance in a discipline


  • Crown (British coin), iginally known as the "crown of the double rose", was an English coin introduced as part of King Henry VIII's monetary reform of 1526 with the value of 5 shillings
  • Koruna (disambiguation)
  • Krona (disambiguation)
  • Krone (disambiguation)
  • Estonian kroon, the official currency of Estonia for two periods in history: 1928–1940 and 1992–2011
  • Hungarian korona, the replacement currency of the Austro-Hungarian Krone/korona amongst the boundaries of the newly created post-World War I Hungary




Literature, theatre and films

Music and audio

  • The Crown (band), a Swedish death/thrash band
  • "The Crown", a single by Gary Byrd and the GB Experience





Motor vehicles


  • The Crown, in the Commonwealth realms a corporation sole which is the legal embodiment of governance
  • Crown glass (disambiguation), the name for high quality glasses used in optics or glazing
  • Crown Lager, a beer brewed in Melbourne since 1919
  • Lester Crown (born 1926), American businessman
  • HMS Crown, the name of five ships of the Royal Navy and one planned one
  • Norwegian Crown, a cruise ship
  • Crown Royal, a brand of Whiskey

See also

  • List of royal crowns
  • Corona (disambiguation)
  • Horned helmet, known from a few depictions, and even fewer actual finds. Such helmets mounted with animal horns or replicas of them were probably used for religious ceremonial or ritual purposes
  • Heraldry: Helm and crest, the profession, study, or art of creating, granting, and blazoning arms and ruling on questions of rank or protocol, as exercised by an officer of arms. Heraldry comes from Anglo-Norman herald, from the Germanic compound harja-waldaz, "army commander"

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