List of F.E.A.R. characters & organizations

List of F.E.A.R. characters & organizations

A list of "F.E.A.R." characters & organizations is supplied here with descriptions of both characters and the organizations they belong to from the Monolith Productions' computer game "F.E.A.R. - First Encounter Assault Recon". It also includes details from the expansions "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point" and "F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate", even though the expansions are not considered canon by Monolith. [ [ Official Forum Post] Retrieved on May 12, 2007]

United States Military

This section covers the members and allies of the F.E.A.R. team, including Delta Force members.

F.E.A.R. team

The F.E.A.R. team is a covert special forces unit created by the United States government in 2002 for the purposes of defending various national security interests against threats of a paranormal or supernatural nature. However, it is apparent that F.E.A.R. operatives are rarely taken seriously, given the unbelievable nature of what they fight against. [Spen Jankowski: "...Military clones? This is why nobody takes us seriously."] Regardless, F.E.A.R. has the prerogative to use deadly force and heavy weapons against perceived threats, including assault rifles, combat shotguns, and even rocket-propelled weaponry, as well as experimental energy weapon systems.

Point Man

The player character and protagonist is referred to only as "the new guy" and "the point man" by other F.E.A.R. operatives and by the mission briefings. Little is known about him in the beginning, aside from his gender, the fact that he has been on the team for only a week and his role as the F.E.A.R. team's new "point man".

Although the point man's character model is never explicitly shown in-game, his reflection can be seen in water if the graphical shader settings are set to maximum, and in the level "Bad Water", during the vision in which blood overflows the ceiling. He wears a balaclava that completely conceals his face, the same F.E.A.R. uniform worn by Spen Jankowski, and what appear to be red goggles. His actual physical appearance is never shown. He never speaks in the game (though he can be heard breathing heavily in some circumstances).

His reflexes are well beyond the human norm, allowing him to perform maneuvers with surgical accuracy in an extremely short span of time, an ability portrayed in the game as the world "slowing down" around him ("SlowMo" effect). In fact, while in SlowMo, the point man's reflexes are five times faster than that of a normal human, meaning everything seems to slow down for him by a factor of five while he takes time to aim; and during this time, his movement speed and firing speed is increased twofold.

Initially, the F.E.A.R. point man's origins and identity are unclear to the player. According to Spen Jankowski, during the mission briefing, the point man had just transferred to the F.E.A.R. unit a week earlier. For this reason, Jankowski disapproves of Commissioner Betters' decision to assign the "new guy" as point man; later on, he tells Jin Sun-Kwon that he senses something strange about the new point man. Throughout the game, the main character has a number of visions and hallucinations, many of which involve Paxton Fettel and Alma. At the beginning of the game, the point man has a flashback in which a young woman's voice is heard screaming, "No, where are you taking him?" and a doctor (who is later revealed as Harlan Wade) saying: "You will be a god among men." Later in the game, Paxton Fettel, the chief villain of the game, confronts the point man and asks him "What's the first thing you remember? What's your given name? Where were you born? ... You have no history."

It is ultimately revealed that the point man was the first child of Alma and thus Project Origin's "first prototype." This suggests that the mysterious visions the F.E.A.R. point man frequently witnesses are due to psychic phenomena, and also hints that his super-human reflexes may be a product of Project Origin's genetic engineering research. Assuming that Alma Wade is indeed the daughter of Harlan Wade, the point man must also be the grandson of Harlan Wade and nephew of Alice Wade, though neither is evidently aware of his identity.

The final conversation between Genevieve Aristide and the mysterious senator implies that Armacham used Fettel's uprising as an opportunity to field test the main character's abilities, in order to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses and assess his ability to operate in a hostile environment, suggesting he may in fact have been a puppet of Genevieve's machinations all along.

"Rowdy" Betters

Commissioner Betters (voiced by Jim Ward) is the F.E.A.R. team coordinator, and is in charge of briefing and monitoring the status of F.E.A.R. field operatives via the "Hannibal-3" spy satellite during missions. Speaking with a noticeable mid-western accent, he relays information as necessary to and from fellow teammates, and stays out of direct action, instead operating from mobile command facilities through wireless communications equipment. He is only seen in person twice in "F.E.A.R.", once during the introductory briefing and again when he personally drives the point man to the abandoned building where he and Jankowski begin the search for Paxton Fettel.

Betters is heard from briefly at the end of "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point". After Alma's presence vanishes from the hospital, the radio jamming that had previously affected the area is lifted long enough for Betters to radio the point man and tell him that an extraction helicopter is arriving for him on the hospital roof.

In "F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate", it is revealed that after Aldus Bishop is killed by ATC security, Betters briefs a secondary F.E.A.R. team led by "the sergeant" and sends them in to gather more information. While the first F.E.A.R. team's point man gathers information on Paxton Fettel and the Origin project, Betters occasionally relays this information back to the second team via radio transmissions.

pen Jankowski

Jankowski (voiced by Tim Gouran) is a veteran of the F.E.A.R. team with a shaved head. Jankowski is the team's previous point man, and he lacks faith in the "new guy's" capabilities, remarking that he was transferred to F.E.A.R. only a week before the initial events in the game: Jankowski believes the new point man's lack of experience makes him unsuitable for the upcoming mission. This sequence of mistrust continues with an overheard conversation between Jankowski and Jin, in which Jankowski admits to feeling uneasy around the F.E.A.R. Point Man, claiming to feel as though "he looks right through you."

During the F.E.A.R. team's first encounter with Fettel's cloned "Replica" soldiers at a dockside warehouse near the South River Wastewater Treatment Plant, the point man's Delta Force escort is killed by Alma, and he attempts to rendezvous with Jankowski's team instead. However, as the point man advances through the building, Jankowski's Delta Force team is also mysteriously killed, while Jankowski himself vanishes. The point man has a brief vision of Jankowski with his eyes plucked out and bleeding, and from this point onward, Jankowski occasionally appears to the F.E.A.R. point man as a spiritual hallucination which crumbles into dust when he is approached. This ghostly image of Jankowski frequently tries to warn the protagonist about Alma.

Later on, when Betters asks if Jankowski has turned up, Jin informs the F.E.A.R. team over the radio that she has discovered more human remains at the plant that she cannot identify without lab work. Betters dismisses the possibility that these remains belong to Jankowski, claiming that his life-signs, though unusual, still indicate that he is "definitely alive." Eventually, Betters loses Jankowski's signal at South River, but the signal resurfaces again near the point man's position after he is flown to ATC Headquarters. Betters remarks, "how the fuck did he get all the way there?" just before the point man sees another ghostly vision of Jankowski.

About mid-way through the point man's advancement through ATC, Betters informs him that the fire-and-rescue team in charge of searching for Jankowski have given up and aborted their mission. Although every Delta squad member Jankowski was with is found dead and accounted for, his body is never found. In the DVD Director's cut commentary, the developers remark that the player was originally supposed to discover Jankowski's corpse early on in the game, but they decided it would be more atmospheric for Jankowski's remains to be undiscovered and his ultimate fate unknown.

During "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point", Paxton Fettel confronts F.E.A.R. technical officer Jin Sun-Kwon in a psychic vision. During the vision, Fettel brags about "tasting" Jankowski's visions, and the ghostly vision of Jankowski then appears before Jin and approaches her. Jankowski's ghost also appears briefly to the point man in this game, during the point man's attempt to reach Jin at the hospital and save her. Jankowski, as well as the young version of Alma, both tell the Point Man to "hurry."

In "Perseus Mandate", the second expansion to "F.E.A.R.", Jankowski appears only once, this time to the sergeant, while walking into a dark alley. The player follows him, but there is nothing except for a medical box and a construction worker's corpse. After turning around to leave, Jankowski appears and utters "Is someone there?" before disappearing.

Jin Sun-Kwon

Jin (voiced by Susanna Burney) is the F.E.A.R. technical officer. A striking, level-headed Korean American woman of small build, she serves as the team's combat medic and is in charge of in-field forensics. Jin is also the only character who speaks fondly of the F.E.A.R. point man, describing him as "cute" when asked about him by Jankowski. (At one point, when Jin speaks to the point man, Betters tells her, "you two can make out later." Later on, Douglas Holiday jokingly refers to Jin as the point man's "girlfriend.)

Jin Sun-Kwon was originally designated as a sniper in the very early builds of the game, but this role was removed when developer Monolith found itself unable to integrate scenarios into the game in which she could snipe. Her original sniper outfit can still be seen in the elbow pads she wears and the red index fingers of both her gloves, i.e, her "trigger" fingers.

In "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point", Jin survives the helicopter crash along with Holiday and the point man, but the point man is cut off from them. While attempting to reunite, Holiday and Jin are ambushed by Replica soldiers, and Jin is captured by the Replicas. However, she manages to free herself and escape while in the subway, explaining her ability to get away by saying, "I am not Alice Wade." Jin then tells the F.E.A.R. point man to meet up with her at the Auburn Memorial Hospital.

After Holiday's death at the hands of supernatural creatures, the point man receives several radio transmissions from Jin warning him of Replica forces as well as otherworldly entities hunting him. The point man also has a psychic vision of Paxton Fettel confronting Jin. Fettel promises not to harm Jin, but says that he can't say the same for his mother. In her final transmission, Jin expresses concern that the point man isn't coming for her, and despairs that she is going to die alone with "them."

After finally reaching the hospital, the point man hears Jin scream from one floor above him. He bursts into the room, only to find four ghostly figures floating around her dead body, her camera continually taking pictures of her corpse, and her blood everywhere, including the ceiling.

Captain David Raynes

Introduced in "Perseus Mandate", Captain Raynes is the leader of the secondary F.E.A.R. team sent to investigate ATC after Aldus Bishop's death. Raynes leads the secondary F.E.A.R. team through the mission, issuing orders to Lt. Chen and the sergeant (the game's new protagonist). He survives the events of "Perseus Mandate" and is extracted by helicopter at the end of the game along with the Sergeant.

Lieutenant Steve Chen

Also introduced in "Perseus Mandate", Chen is the second member of the secondary F.E.A.R. team. A wisecracking soldier, Chen seems to possess a well-rounded skill-set which includes combat, forensics, and technical expertise. Notably, he is the only character in the "F.E.A.R." series (other than the player characters and Paxton Fettel) who seems to be able to see Alma. Chen meets a fate similar to his "Extraction Point" counterpart, Douglas Holiday. Approximately halfway through "Perseus Mandate", he is jumped by several of Alma's shadow creatures. Though momentarily victorious, he is soon violently dragged into the ground by a spirit and explodes in a shower of blood. The player can attempt to save Chen, but he dies regardless and the sergeant is left holding his dismembered arm. At the end of the game, it is implied that the sergeant will replace Chen.

The Sergeant

The player character and protagonist of "Perseus Mandate". No background information is given about the sergeant, other than the fact that he is the third member of F.E.A.R.'s secondary team. He seems to possess the same "SlowMo" ability as the primary F.E.A.R. team's point man, but this is never commented on or explained in the game itself, and it is never implied that the sergeant is also a product of Armacham Technology Corporation's genetic engineering experiments. Towards the end of the game, Paxton Fettel implies that he has been expecting the sergeant's arrival, and remarks that the sergeant reminds him of Fettel's brother (the point man). However, Fettel ultimately tells the sergeant that the incident is none of his affair, and warns him not to interfere.

The sergeant is the F.E.A.R. operative responsible for the death of the Nightcrawler commander, and retrieved one of the DNA samples that the Nightcrawlers were trying to steal.

Delta Force

The Special Force Operational Detachment - Delta (or SFOD-D) is present along with F.E.A.R. throughout of the game, although they are relegated to primarily off-screen roles. They are also the pilots of the Black Hawk helicopters. Although they are ostensibly there to assist the point man in his mission, this proves ultimately irrelevant as through some circumstance or another they are always separated from the player or killed. (For example, operators Atwood and MacReady are both shot by Replicas during helicopter insertion at the ATC headquarters.) In "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point", the point man is tasked with rejoining the remnants of the SFOD-D. Unfortunately, they also die via various means. The Delta Force operatives never actually assist the player in combat until "F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate", at one point participating in a three-way fight along with Fettel's Replicas and ATC security.

The SFOD-D operatives that appear throughout the series, all wear a green camouflage uniform complete with a Kevlar vest and helmet and most carry a submachine gun as a weapon. Some SFOD-D soldiers are seen accompanying characters other than the player, such as operative Passalaqua, seen escorting Jin Sun-Kwon and later Holiday.

An unseen SFOD-D member is A. Shepherd (codenamed Den Mother), who acts as the main coordinator for the Delta Force teams and works in conjunction with Betters (whom Shepherd refers to as Tomcat). He appears to be a cautious leader, reluctant to send in more of his men after losing contact with the first recon team. His name is possibly a reference to Adrian Shephard of "".

In the "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point" expansion pack, Holiday mentions that he has made contact with scattered groups of Delta Force survivors in the city. The corpses of Delta Force operators are also found throughout the expansion pack, mainly in Auburn Hospital, which was supposed to serve as their extraction point.

Delta Force operators also make three brief live appearances in "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point". In the subway, two Delta Force soldiers that are cornered are briefly seen fighting against two Heavy Armor Minigunners, getting killed in matter of seconds. In the parking garage, three Delta Force operators can be seen battling a REV 8 Leviathan. One of them, equipped with a rocket launcher, somehow manages to set off a massive explosion, destroying the Leviathan but also killing themselves in the process. In the hospital, a Delta Force operator is violently dragged into the ceiling and torn to pieces by one of the Alma's shadow creatures. Another near-encounter occurs in the maintenance section of the subway, where the player can hear four Delta Force operators being slain by a Heavy Armor Minigunner and encounters their bodies merely seconds later.

In "Perseus Mandate", the sergeant receives assistance from several SFOD-D operators early in the game. However, while not solely given scripted deaths like the SFOD-D operators in "F.E.A.R." and "Extraction Point", the operators are usually quickly slain by Replicas, Nightcrawlers, or even ATC Security.

Due to the number of gruesome casualties endured by Delta Force operators, the game's producers included a comedic message during the credits, stating: "No actual Delta Force Operatives were harmed in the making of this game."

Douglas Holiday

A unit leader of the Delta Force detachment assigned to accompany F.E.A.R., Douglas Holiday (voiced by David Scully) is a skilled demolition expert. He makes occasional appearances during the game, at one point defusing a hostage wired with plastic explosives.

In the developers' initial vision for the game, Holiday was to be a member of the F.E.A.R. team who would handle explosives and other demolitions tasks. A lack of opportunities to feature him throughout the game eventually compelled lead designer Craig Hubbard to relegate him to the role of a Delta Force unit leader. Holiday can also be seen in promotional pictures of the game wearing the F.E.A.R uniform during a fire-fight.

Holiday plays a more active role in the "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point" expansion pack. He accompanies the Point Man through a couple of the expansion pack's earlier levels, and even assists the Point Man in several firefights against Replica forces. (The original "F.E.A.R." did not feature friendly AI characters in combat). Holiday is then brutally murdered by Alma's shadow minions in the 2nd interval of the expansion pack.

In the Xbox 360 version of "F.E.A.R.", Holiday is a playable character in a brief side-story mission, where he must protect Aldus Bishop. Holiday lacks the SlowMo ability possessed by the Point Man, making him a more challenging character to play.

ergeant Michael Becket

". Like Holiday he is a Delta Force operator. He and his teammates are assigned to arrest Genevieve Aristide shortly before the events of "F.E.A.R." ended. During a G4 interview with John Mulkey, "F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin"s lead designer, it was revealed that Michael had always possessed intense focus and reflexes, as he was always "the best of the best." [] During the course of "Project Origin", Becket will undergo a surgical procedure which supposedly will enhance his natural abilities to be equal to those of the Point Man. Michael repeatedly encounters Alma throughout "F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin" and is apparently unaware why she has taken an interest in him. [ [ information given by Monolith at E3 2008] Retrieved July 16,2008]

His only physical appearance has been shown as concept art from the official community site of "F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin". [ [ Official character section by developers] Retrieved on June 16, 2008] His outfit appears to consist of regular military attire but with no cloth covering his biceps or forearms and with gloves on his hands.

Armacham Personnel

This section covers the notable employees of Armacham Technology Corporation.

Harlan Wade

Harlan Wade (voiced by Grant Goodeve) is an elderly scientist who has worked at Armacham for decades. He pioneered the Origin Project, and was also the one that initiated the shut down of that very same project. He is the man seen at the very beginning saying "You will be a god among men", referring to the F.E.A.R. Point Man, the first "prototype" produced by Origin.

In voicemails, Harlan Wade sides with Charles Habegger in his recommendation to suspend the Perseus project, saying in one message to an employee that they should listen to the "expert advice" they're being given. He is infuriated when Genevieve Aristide decides to reopen the original location of the Origin Facility after decades of lockdown, and is determined to keep her away from the vault. At the end, when he hears from Phil Vecchio of the plan to destroy the Origin facility outright, Wade decides to release Alma, stating: "She has suffered enough, don't you think?".

Alma shares Harlan Wade's surname, and although it is not stated in the game what their relationship is, he is most likely her father. He is something of an enigmatic character, and it is not clear how much guilt he feels for the horrible things Alma endured as part of Origin.

Wade is immediately and gruesomely killed by Alma upon the opening of the Vault. He seemed to have no intention to avoid this however, stating earlier in a recorded video that "It is the way of men to make monsters...and it is the nature of monsters to destroy their makers.". In "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point", he can be seen sitting in a corner of a cell during a hallucination at Auburn Hospital. An apparition pops up in front of the cell window if the player looks at Wade for too long, closing the window.

Alice Wade

Alice Wade (voiced by Melissa Roberts) is the daughter of Harlan Wade (from which it might be inferred that she is sister to Alma Wade) and an employee of ATC. In conjunction with Aldus Bishop, she was part of a task force studying the analysis on contamination down at the South River water purification plant. The data she had been able to collect seemed to point out that the contamination originated from a location downriver of the plant, just where ATC's Origin facility is hidden. She noted that people would feel "nauseated or uncomfortable after spending any amount of time there", but she found it very strange that although the cause of this phenomenon was most logically a chemical agent, there was nothing showing up as a contaminant in either the soil or groundwater.

During the game, she is rescued from Replica forces by the Point Man and requests that her father, Harlan Wade be found, stating that she can't leave without him. The Point Man escorts her to a rescue helicopter provided by F.E.A.R.

Alice Wade spends her initial appearance as an anxious person, and subsequently panics and runs off from protective custody of the F.E.A.R. team after the UH-60 Black Hawk transport arriving to rescue her was shot down by a Mil Mi-24 Hind under the control of Fettel's clone soldiers. Separated from the F.E.A.R. operatives, she rushes to the Auburn district in search of her father, but is subsequently taken prisoner and killed by Paxton Fettel. Her corpse is partially cannibalized when the F.E.A.R. Point Man finally reaches her again. In the expansion, during a hallucination, Alice Wade, like Harlan Wade, can be observed sitting on a rusty bed with her arms crossed, shaking her head.

Genevieve Aristide

An unseen character, voiced by Meg Savlov, Genevieve Aristide is the president of Armacham, and is the female voice heard speaking to an unknown senator during the game's intro and post-credit sequences. She tried to have the secret Origin facility, where Alma was held, reopened despite Harlan Wade's resistance and warnings, but only regretted it later when the first few teams sent down did not return. Her original intention was to remodel the site and start over, but after it became clear that this would be impossible, she was determined to have the entire facility destroyed; she sends in Norton Mapes (with an ATC escort) to destroy all evidence and wipe out the facility. It is likely that she decided to use this opportunity to test out the other Origin prototype, the F.E.A.R. Point Man, which she proclaims successful during her final conversation with the senator. Through various voicemails, it becomes clear that Aristide is a very calculating character, who seems only to regret recent events because of its potential impact on her or the company; this is seen in her messages where she tries to persuade people to her cause by saying "we'll all burn for it", and as viewing the entire crisis simply as a mess that needs to be cleaned up. After the Origin Facility explosion and the aftermath of all the events that led up to it, she comments to the senator that the first prototype (the Point Man) was a complete success.

In "Project Origin" she is set to be arrested and taken into protective custody from ATC as per the incriminating evidence that the Point Man found throughout "F.E.A.R." and transferred to Rowdy Betters. [ [ CVG - "Project Origin" interview] - "And at the beginning of the game it's actually 30 minutes before the end of F.E.A.R.. You're heading to the penthouse residence of Genevieve Aristide, because of all the things the F.E.A.R. team and the F.E.A.R. point man have been uncovering in the first game."]

Aldus Bishop

Aldus Bishop is another employee of Armacham and, along with Alice Wade, has been assigned to a special task force dispatched to investigate reported disturbances occurring in the Auburn district over the past 10 years. He agrees with Alice that she might "be on to something" in regards to what she has found out about the Auburn district water contamination.

In the game, Bishop is taken hostage by Fettel's forces, awaiting interrogation by Fettel regarding the location of senior Origin researcher, Harlan Wade. When the F.E.A.R. Point Man reaches him, he is found to have been brutally beaten by his captors as well as booby-trapped with C4 explosives, which are promptly defused by a Delta Force member, Douglas Holiday. As Holiday and Bishop are about evacuated by helicopter, Bishop is killed by ATC security.

In the later stages of the game, Bishop appears once to the protagonist. He utters the phrase "It wasn't my fault." before disappearing.

Norton Mapes

Norton Mapes (voiced by Greg Baldwin) is a grossly overweight, geeky engineer employed by Armacham, and one of the few survivors following the attack by Fettel's clone soldiers. Mapes has a taste for the fictional snack Cheezee Pooz and proudly wears a "RTFM" beltbuckle; anyplace he is seen is often littered with empty Cheezee Pooz bags. In addition, he was being threatened with legal action by Alice Wade for sexual harassment.

When the protagonist first encounters him, he requests assistance in disabling the facility's security system in exchange for his help in resetting the network server hub. Shortly after disabling it, however, Mapes reneges on his promise and actively tries to sabotage and impede the protagonist's progress, mainly by unleashing ATC custom-designed gun turrets on the player, which have been scattered throughout the building.

For unknown reasons, he is extremely loyal to Genevieve Aristide. Near the end of the game, at Genevieve's behest, he is seen attempting to destroy all classified information regarding ATC's activities with the Perseus and Origin projects in the Origin facility. Wade is seen on a screen inside the Vault complex, asking Mapes what he hopes to accomplish by getting rid of all the evidence. He also says that Aristide "dug her own grave", but that Mapes doesn't have to be "a fucking lapdog and jump in after her." He even tries to wipe out the facility entirely, but is stopped short by Harlan Wade, who shoots him just as he is about to enter the vault. Fearful that Wade will release Alma, Norton Mapes finally decides to help the Point Man, by telling him how to get into the vault and how to destroy it. Mapes is last seen sitting on the ground cradling his gunshot wound, as the Point Man begins his descent into the Vault.

Mapes reappears in "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point", where he is hiding from Replica forces in the subway system by staying out of sight in a food stand. His Hawaiian T-shirt still has the bloodstain from when Harlan Wade shot him in the chest. It is unknown how Mapes was able to escape the Origin Facility, but he claims that the F.E.A.R. Point Man owes him a debt (probably referring to him telling the Point Man how to destroy the Origin Facility). Mapes opens a locked door for the Point Man and demands that the Point Man take him along to escape the city, but is quickly scared off by flickering lights and a ghostly howl, fleeing back into the food stand and locking himself in. It is suggested that Mapes was also at Auburn Hospital as the Point Man encounters a patient room filled with empty Cheezee Pooz bags.

Although it is unclear how Mapes managed to survive the destruction of the Origin Facility; he does not demonstrate the ghostly characteristics shown by Jankowski's or Bishop's phantoms (such as vanishing in plain sight or appearing only during psychic visions) and thus there is no evidence to suggest that he is a ghost.

Another change to Mapes is his voice, as the original voice actor, Greg Baldwin, was not called in to voice him in the expansion pack.

Charles Habegger

The first ATC employee encountered in the game, Charles Habegger is already dead when the F.E.A.R. operatives find him, tied to a chair with his face partially cannibalized. However, his voice is later heard in several phone messages throughout the game. He was cannibalized by Paxton Fettel, likely after being interrogated about the location of the Vault. Before he died, Habegger recommended that the Perseus Project be suspended temporarily due to the likelihood of another synchronicity event. He later became angry, when someone refused to listen to his advice, stating in another phone message that the last synchronicity event, which led to the Origin Project being permanently shut down, occurred when Fettel was only a child. Another synchronicity event, he said, would be much more catastrophic, now that Fettel is an adult. He also tried to convince Harlan Wade that they needed to purge the Vault. Charles refers to himself in voicemail messages as Chuck.

Through the player's visions, it is revealed that Habegger was present with Harlan Wade at the birth of the first prototype. Near the very beginning of the game, the player hears a voice saying "I've tried to forget...I've tried so hard to forget..." This voice is most likely Charles'; the player sees his phantom image walk by a doorway and the Point Man sees a flash of Charles' mutilated face in his mind's eye. Shortly before these events the player can also hear Charles say, "You were born this place...I was there..." implying that Charles was Wade's partner in Project Origin. Charles also asks, not necessarily to the player, "Why did you bring me here? Why did you bring me back?" As final implication that Charles was Wade's partner in Project Origin, Fettel tells the player (after knocked unconscious and awakened again), that the man's name was "... Charles Habegger. I remember him ...but are the memories mine? Or hers?" This implies that Charles was actively involved in the project, but since both Fettel and Alma were in the project and exposed to him, Fettel does not know whose memories they actually are.

Bill Moody

Bill Moody first appears in a vision, in which he is being interrogated by Paxton Fettel about Alma's location. During this scene, Bill Moody claims that he doesn't know what Fettel is talking about, which is probably true, as phone messages later in the game suggest that Bill Moody does not know about the atrocities surrounding the Origin project, and that other Armacham employees ignore him when he becomes concerned about his findings. Ian Hives, at one point, refuses to give Bill Moody any information, saying that it's "strictly need-to-know," and later tells another employee named Janice to "act like you give a shit about his concerns." Bill Moody is still barely alive when the F.E.A.R. Point Man finds him, but soon dies, managing only to warn him that Fettel is looking for Alma. Shortly after the player witnesses his death, his phantom image is seen, followed by the whisper, "There's something in the water..." Over the course of several voicemails, the player learns that he, Bishop, and Alice were investigating strange phenomena involved with the Auburn district's water supply. In one message, he says to Ian Hives after completing his investigation at the water treatment facility, "All the compounds you asked for are present," but notes that every one of them was discovered in much higher concentrations than expected. Since Alice's reports say she found nothing in the soil or groundwater and that she found this odd, it is likely someone was trying to cover up the water contamination. Moody reappears in a hallucination in the expansion pack, where he can be seen clutching his head, screaming in a prison cell.

Marshall Disler

Like Genevieve Aristide, Marshall Disler is an unseen character, and is only heard through phone messages circulating between him and several other employees. It appears that he is cooperating with Aristide's plan to cover up the Origin Project. When Charles Habeggar first recommends that the Perseus project be suspended, Marshall Disler backs him up on this, agreeing that the slightest chance of another synchronicity event needs to be taken seriously. Afterwards, he goes to the Perseus compound to check things out himself.

Marshall Disler might still be alive by the end of the game, since his body was never found, but it is likely that he was killed, since a distressed phone message from him indicates that he was still at the Perseus Compound when the Replica soldiers attacked. Disler is also the one who found out that Alma was telepathic, as claimed by Harlan Wade in a recorded video. In a voicemail, Disler notes that some "energy signature" is the same as the first one, implying that since now Origin has been resurrected, the telepathic link between Alma and Fettel has been reestablished, which may lead to a second synchronicity event which is spoken of in greater detail by other characters.

Phil Vecchio

Another minor unseen character is Phil Vecchio, who is heard in voicemail messages between both Genevieve Aristide and Harlan Wade. Aristide tries to get Phil Vecchio to reason with Harlan Wade, who refuses to forgive her for "sending those poor people into the Vault." However, Phil Vecchio sides with Harlan, and tells Aristide that reopening the vault could be dangerous. It is then that Genevieve Aristide reveals her intentions to destroy the Vault, and Phil Vecchio then relays this information back to Harlan Wade.

Iain Hives

Hives is a minor character, but appears quite often in voicemails. He and his task force are researching the Origin anomalies for Genevieve Aristide. Based on what his voicemails say, it is clear that Hives doesn't know the full extent of the Origin Project. However, he does attempt to keep information from Bill Moody, and ignores Bill Moody's concerns about contamination in residential areas. His limited knowledge of the project is nonetheless enough to warrant being directly targeted by ATC Security soldiers during the incident in an attempt to cover up Origin. He also warns Norton Mapes about his behavior toward Alice Wade, worrying that a sexual harassment case would bring the project into the open. Shortly after Aldus Bishop is killed by ATC Security, they can be overheard saying that they are also searching for both Hives and Alice Wade, presumably to silence them as well.

Mr. Bristol

Bristol is an Armacham employee, only seen in "Perseus Mandate", who is interrogated by Gavin Morrison for a set of encryption codes. According to Morrison, it is Bristol who ran the Perseus Project for Harlan Wade, although Bristol denies this and insists that he does not have the codes. When he realizes that Morrison wants to recreate the synchronicity event, Bristol tells Morrison that he'll need Alma to do so, and that she is in a place where Morrison will never find her. Shortly afterward, Bristol is executed by the Nightcrawler commander.

Walt Gragg

Another unseen character, whose voice is heard in phone messages in "Perseus Mandate", Walt Gragg is one of the Armacham employees who is ordered to destroy evidence of Project Origin. When he is told to dump all files pertaining to Origin, as well as any files labeled Perseus, Icarus and Synchronicity, he contacts Scott Rasmussen, telling him that "something big must be going down."

cott Rasmussen

A minor unseen character in "Perseus Mandate", Scott Rasmussen receives phone messages from Walt Gragg regarding the data dump.


A third unseen character in "Perseus Mandate", Brett is heard in at least two phone messages. In the first, he says that they need to remove the Source. In his second message – which is most likely in reply to a voicemail from an employee named Davies inquiring about the Source – Brett warns that the Source is "not something to fuck around with", and says that he'll take care of it himself.


This section covers the enemies that the player character actually fights against in the game, as well as Paxton Fettel, the F.E.A.R. team's main target, and Alma.

Paxton Fettel

(voiced by Peter Lurie) A product of Armacham Technology Corporation's secretive Origin Project, Paxton Fettel commands an entire battalion of highly-trained, heavily-armed "Replica" (clone) supersoldiers that take orders directly from Paxton telepathically. However, the soldiers are able to act fairly independently within the confines of Fettel's mind control, relying on using military jargon to communicate amongst themselves. This system was developed by ATC in a U.S. Department of Defense-sponsored project known as "Perseus".

While he is a cannibal and is seen throughout the game devouring the remains of his victims, he indulges in the primal act not to sustain himself nutritionally, but to apparently absorb people's memories by consuming their flesh, as touched on in the Dark Horse Comics publication that accompanied the DVD edition. He is first seen kneeling in a cell at Armacham Technology Corporation, before being released by the mysterious Alma.

In the comic again, and confirmed early in the game, it is learned that Alma fused minds with Fettel, known as a Synchronicity Event, showing him the "pains" that ATC caused her and who was directly responsible for them. He keeps muttering that "they" deserve to die, "they" later being revealed to be everyone directly involved in the Origin Project. He often appears to the F.E.A.R. Point Man for brief moments of time before dissolving into ash: these are hallucinations caused by Alma's and Fettel's psychic abilities.

It is revealed near the end that Alma was his mother, and that leading his battalion of Replica soldiers into rebellion during the game was an effort to locate the facility where Alma's body was being stored, and free her. He is killed by the player near the end of the game in the secret underground facility. He reappears in the expansion pack after Alma revives him and reactivates his Replica soldiers, telling the player, "I know, it makes no sense. Not much does anymore...You killed me. I didn't like that." He reappears throughout the expansion, usually with a squadron of soldiers. At the end of the expansion, Fettel destroys the Black Hawk helicopter that attempts to rescue the Point Man at Auburn Hospital's roof and claims that the player has only delayed their doom. He then claims that a war is coming, echoing his previous lines from the first game.

Paxton Fettel also appears numerous times in the second expansion, as a hallucination, although it should be noted that he is visible to people other than the F.E.A.R. Sergeant. For example, Gavin Morrison and the Sergeant both see Fettel shortly before Morrison is killed by Alma. Near the end of the game, a Nightcrawler soldier also spots Fettel as he enters the Vault, but is told by another Nightcrawler to "ignore him."

Alma Wade

The identity and mystery of Alma is the very core of "F.E.A.R." First appearing in the introduction, Alma's presence is felt constantly throughout the game, with hints and glimpses of her life made throughout the game's use of visions and info the player gathers through both Fettel and some laptops scattered throughout the game. She appears as a little eight year old girl wearing a red dress and has a disturbingly blank, mask-like face almost completely obscured by long black hair. In the final part of the game, however, her appearance changes to that of a naked, emaciated young woman. Right from her first appearance, it is never quite clear if Alma is real, or only exists in the minds of the people seeing her. Bloody footprints can be found in some places where she walks, and she is briefly visible on a CCTV monitor in the treatment plant, in the same room where Bill Moody was interrogated.

Alma was a severely troubled child, gifted with tremendous psychic powers, who suffered nightmares and apparently was attuned to the negative emotions of the people around her. Her last name being Wade is revealed at the climax of the game, revealing that she is the daughter of Harlan Wade. [ [ "Project Origin" ] ]

At the age of seven, she was recruited into ATC "Project Origin" with the aim of creating psychic individuals from a psychic forbearer: two days before her eighth birthday, she was put into an induced coma and locked in the Vault, a spherical structure located deep inside the secret Origin Facility. During the project, Alma was impregnated twice, but it is never revealed who the father of her children might be, although test tube pregnancy is a more likely cause. She gave birth to a first prototype, the F.E.A.R. Point Man, when she was only 15 years old, and then a second, Paxton Fettel, before the project was closed down. Life support was removed from the Vault, leading the ATC to believe she was dead. According to Wade, she died six days after the removal of life support.

Alma is capable of linking her mind with Paxton Fettel during the so called "synchronicity events", where she is able to use him as a means to take her revenge: this is clearly shown in the game intro where she whispers to Fettel and then frees him from his cell. Among Alma's other powers, she is able to kill people with a psychic attack that liquefies all their flesh, something she does several times across the game. She can also create a number of different hallucinations, manifesting her own appearance or that of other people, but she can also take the player character into her dream world, where Alma is even able to summon malevolent phantoms known as "Nightmares". Alma also seems to display other powers associated with the mind. It is assumed she can perform pyrokinesis, as seen during one encounter when she sets off fiery explosions through an entire corridor, hurling the Point Man through a window. It can also be inferred that she has some level of telekinesis, as random objects move with her approach, or even in her absence. It is important to note that the Point Man may be simply hallucinating, an effect of Alma's psychic abilities.

Alma is seen repeatedly across the game, often only out of the corner of the player's eye, standing in the shadows, behind windows, or darting quickly out of sight. Her appearances are usually preceded by a static radio transmission, logged as "Unknown Origin". As her appearances are almost always accompanied by scenes of extreme violence, this rapidly becomes extremely unnerving. Sometimes all that is heard is her soft, giggling laugh, or indistinct words whispered as though in the player's ear.In the "Extraction Point" expansion pack, the role Alma plays begins to become more confusing. Though the hallucinations and apparitions continue to appear, she can be heard seemingly asking the player for help right before such events. In one instance she whispers, "Don't let them hurt me..." immediately before the appearance of otherworldly creatures. Even more confusing is an encounter in which she kills a squad of Replicas that are pinning the player down. Afterwards, the player hears her whisper, "You're safe now."

It should be noted that two instances of Alma can appear: a small girl in a red dress and a naked, older Alma with long hair. When the former appears, Alma is either observing the Point Man or aiding the Point Man, usually by clearing enemy troops in his way. When the latter appears, Alma is trying to hurt and slow the progress of the Point Man either by physically attacking him or sending Nightmares after him. Near the end of the expansion pack, the two instances of Alma can be seen converging. After the convergence is complete, the Point Man is able to reestablish communications with F.E.A.R. coordinator Betters (such communication was previously impossible due to interference most likely caused by Alma).

She will appear in the sequel, "Project Origin", in both her child form and older form. Her role is unknown as of yet.Fact|date=December 2007 It should be noted that most to all of what happened and is learned about in "Extraction Point" and "Perseus Mandate" may no longer apply in "Project Origin" as it ignores the events of the two expansions.

Alma's Apparitions

In the last stages of the game, Alma is shown to have the ability to summon ghostly apparitions, called Nightmares. These creatures have the form of dark shadows and appear only as an upper torso, attacking the protagonist with a simple mêlée attack, destroying themselves in the process. They also tend to attack in large numbers.

In the expansion "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point" more creatures are introduced. One is a wall-crawling spider-like entity whose abilities are currently unknown, since they never attack the player; another is a nearly invisible, humanoid phantom with glowing red eyes that relies on melee attacks similar to those of the Assassins and are occasionally seen killing Replica soldiers. These phantoms also appear as an emaciated corpse-like apparition which appears during the deaths of Douglas Holiday and Jin Sun-Kwon. In one part of the Auburn Memorial Hospital, one of these corpses can be seen turning into one of the invisible phantoms mid-jump against some double doors, making the doors unable to open and blocking the player from that entrance.

Gavin Morrison

Only appearing in "Perseus Mandate", Morrison is the Senator's agent, who is working alongside the Nightcrawlers to collect the secret behind the Perseus Project. Morrison is a former NSA agent who was expelled for his cowboy attitude, and now works as a trouble-shooter for the Washington power elite. Although he initially appears to lead the Nightcrawlers, he is later shown to be a mere middle-man, and is even captured and detained by them after the explosion of the Origin Facility throws the city into chaos. After being freed by the Sergeant, he is killed when a psychic outburst from Alma drops a Replica Armored Truck on him.

The Nightcrawler Commander

The albino leader of the Nightcrawlers, a group of highly trained mercenaries who have been sent in to steal ATC's genetic research. Although he initially appears to be working for Morrison and the Senator, he later makes statements indicating that both Morrison and the Senator are actually expendable. The Commander possesses intimate knowledge of the F.E.A.R. organization, as well as the same SlowMo ability as the Pointman and the Sergeant.

Replica Soldiers

These are cloned "super soldiers" who operate under the psychic control of Paxton Fettel as part of the Perseus project; they comprise the bulk of the opposition the F.E.A.R. Point Man encounters. They have no special abilities aside from their considerable military training. Despite their psychic link to Fettel, they rely on radio chatter to communicate between themselves, such as: "Echo 12, we have reports of a possible intruder in your vicinity.", "We haven't seen anything.", "Roger, keep your eyes open." This both gives away their position and informs the player of enemy intentions (such as when they are about to throw a grenade or need reinforcements). While the soldiers are able to operate somewhat independently, they show no individual traits aside from call signs ("Echo 12", "Echo 5" and so on); their faces are never shown and they all have the same voice presumably due to their shared genetic template. Several radio transmissions indicate these soldiers can take orders from another Replica soldier, but nothing further is revealed about their rank or hierarchy. They usually operate in five man squads, each squad having a respective call sign ("Echo 0", "Bravo 3", "Zulu 6").

Several different types of uniforms can be seen, but only one of these seems to signify anything unique: the soldiers guarding the Vault at the very end of the game have a red, white, and black uniform paired to white masks with glowing yellow eyes. These soldiers are referred to as "Replica Elites": they can survive somewhat more damage than regular Replica soldiers, and some carry "Obregon" MP-50 Repeating Cannons. In the expansion pack, the role of the Replica Elites appears to change somewhat as the player character often encounters one Replica Elite in every squad, perhaps acting as or standing in for squad leaders.

A new type of Replica soldier appears in the "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point" expansion pack. These Replicas wear a steel visor with steel plate armor over a black bodysuit. A few of them carry the new Type-12 Laser Carbine weapon introduced in the expansion pack.

A conversation near the game's start indicates the Replica soldiers are highly trained. This implies that they have some ability for independent thought and memory. However, commentary from Commissioner Betters indicates that Replica soldiers receive their objectives from their psychic commanders, but without such directives they automatically "shut down." This is reinforced during the final levels inside the Vault, where the point man can see a squadron of Replica Elites heading towards him, but shortly after when the point man 'kills' Fettel, they stand in a trance-like state, the slight swaying of their bodies to signify their breathing. A phone message left by Charles Habegger also states that Replica soldiers "do not think for themselves." Otherwise, they appear to act and behave as humans, clearly showing human characteristics such as anger, surprise, curiosity, and fear; they also use profanity just like normal humans and scream in pain when hit.

The prequel video on the DVD version of the game indicates Alma is able to receive information from the Replica soldiers, although so abstractly she does not know who or what they are. It is possible she was communicating with prototypes of these soldiers and not the ones in the game.

Heavy Armor

These Replica soldiers are outfitted with a heavy and cumbersome armor suit, giving them a large degree of protection, but drastically reducing their speed and maneuverability. They are armed primarily with the Heavy Penetrator Nailgun, although some are deployed with the Armacham Type-7 Particle Weapon or the Rocket Launcher as well.

They are significantly taller and larger than other Replica soldiers and, when killed, they emit a loud growling/wailing sound that seems inhuman, although it is never made clear precisely what the sound is. It is interesting to note that at the end of the low-pitched scream, unclear radio communications can be heard, which quickly fade to static and then stop.

Highly durable, a Heavy Replica soldier can survive roughly 6 times as much damage as a normal Replica soldier, and require more than a full magazine of ammo from most weapons to bring down. They also appear to have some degree of superhuman strength, as early in the game one of them is seen peeling open a metal door by ramming it with his shoulder. In the expansion pack, a Heavy Armor is shown knocking down a concrete subway wall. It is unclear how intelligent these soldiers are, as they do not converse with other replicants and make only limited use of their surrounding environments for cover. They are also referred to by replicant soldiers as "heavies" and "armor" (for example, "The armor's down!" or "He took out the heavy!").

In the "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point" expansion pack, a new type of Heavy Armor soldier is introduced, carrying a riot shield in one hand and a minigun in the other.


Mechs are rarely encountered units that are often dropped into combat zones by a helicopter. These foes comprise of a Replica soldier wearing an experimental ATC powered armor unit, which is equipped with either dual arm-mounted rocket launchers or dual lasers similar to those possessed by the ATC UAVs. They are not just powerful in firepower, but also perform monstrously damaging punches, which can knock the player completely off balance. They are heavily armored and extremely hard to kill, as they can survive more than a dozen times as much damage as a normal Replica soldier, requiring the usage of explosives and heavy weapons to best deal with them. Despite their large size, Mechs are highly maneuverable, with about the same speed as a regular Replica soldier.

REV8 Leviathan

Seen twice in "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point" and several additional times in "Perseus Mandate", these units are tougher and stronger than REV6 units. They are equipped with the same type of weapon as the REV6: rockets and lasers. Their strength and armor is incredible, allowing them to charge through steel-reinforced concrete structural supports with little effort. Since they are able to survive approximately three times as much damage as a REV6, a substantial amount of heavy weapons and explosives is required to disable these units.


These special, rarely encountered stealth soldiers were created by Armacham's Icarus Project before it was shut down. Being specially bio-engineered Replicas, they possess amazing speed and agility. They are also equipped with cloaking devices that allow them to become nearly invisible, resulting in a visual effect that resembles the stealth technology seen in the movie "Predator". Assassins can attach themselves to walls, and give away their presence by a sound similar to rubber stretching, which may be the adhesion device holding them to the wall. While they are extremely fast, they rely on physical mêlée attacks rather than weapons to attack, due to the fact that their stealth technology only cloaks itself and anything inside of it, and items such as grenades or firearms would not be concealed. They fight with hit-and-run tactics, striking first then retreating into other rooms, onto walls or ceilings, or to higher ground. They do not speak, but produce a faint, high-pitched electrical sound when killed, along with harmless bursts of electricity.

ATC security guards

ATC Security personnel are normal humans wearing light armor vests, assigned to guard Armacham Technology Corporation from outside threats. They deploy with a number of different weapons, ranging from SMGs to various types of assault rifles or shotguns. ATC Security is under orders to cover up ATC's illicit activities, which includes silencing witnesses and attacking anyone who may interfere with their objectives. This involves executing Bishop, as well as at least a few other employees. They also use the same team tactics used by Replica soldiers - flanking the player, covering each other, and using grenades to flush the player out.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are rarely encountered, floating mechanisms designed by ATC. UAVs have three extensions that radiate from their center, tipped with small jets to get around. The player only encounters these mechanized craft a few times, and are given away by a sound that is similar to a gunshot and a bright blue glow. They are armed with a laser blaster that can be quickly fired, possibly obstructing the player's aim. The lasers they use to attack don't do much damage, but when UAVs attack in groups, they can overwhelm a player. The player only needs to use several well aimed shots before he destroys a UAV. It should be noted that in early parts of the game, schematics for the UAVs can be seen strewn across desks and tables. Whether the UAVs are being used by ATC itself as a defense force or by the Replica troops is unclear.

Defense turrets

Defense turrets, unlike the aforementioned UAVs, are encountered often. The first time is when the player reaches Norton Mapes after he runs away. The second time, Mapes presses a button which activates a turret. The turrets are capable of causing fair damage and take quite a few shots before being destroyed. These turrets are fully automatic, and are tripped by a motion detector security system, which consists of a loud alarm, followed by the turret being lowered from the ceiling. Later in the level, the player is able to take control of the turrets and use them to clear the rooms of enemies (wherever the turret is stationed). If the turret is destroyed and the player is using it, he is forced off of the controls. The turret's health can be read by three bars at the corner of the screen. If one of the bars turns from green to red, beeping can be heard. When the turret is only a few shots away from being inoperable, a large crack in the lens can be seen, obstructing the players view, as well as alerting him that the turret is almost destroyed. Many of the turrets have a means of disabling them if the player searches around the level long enough.


The Nightcrawlers are a group of mercenaries hired to uncover the secret behind the Perseus Project and obtain secret information. Throughout the course of "Perseus Mandate", they frequently fight against both Replicas and the ATC security guards, as well as the F.E.A.R. team. It is revealed later in the game that they were hired by the Senator and are searching for the Source – a sample of Paxton Fettel's DNA.


These disfigured and horribly mutated beings were once normal men, but have been so extensively altered genetically and psychologically that they are almost no longer human. They are the results of experiments by Armacham in the hopes that a psychic commander could be made that was not directly born from Alma. [ [ "Project Origin" Q&A with IGN] Retrieved on June 17, 2008] As seen in the E3 demo, abominations are cannibals gifted with amazing agility and incredible speed, their attacks are feral and they can even latch onto enemies and tear out throats with their own teeth.


A new enemy to be introduced in "F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin", remnants are former citizens of Fairview who have been corrupted and mutated by Alma. When first encountered, remnants are seen going about their previous lives, such as waiting for a bus or playing a piano. However, upon being approached they become hostile, unleashing a powerful screams that both harms and disorientates the player. Remnants will also raise corpses as "puppets", who will seek out weapons and then proceed to attack the player.

Organizations and terms

This section covers the other organizations at work within the game, as well as a summary of the terminology presented within the game.

Armacham Technology Corporation

A fictional corporation, Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) has been in operation since 1964, according to an in-game news report. This time frame seems reasonable given the fact that the two individuals produced by the Origin Project (the player character and Paxton Fettel), are at least in their mid-twenties at the time of the game. A globe-spanning conglomerate, ATC prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology, with R&D occurring primarily for military applications, including aerospace. They have highly-efficient nuclear reactors, working cryogenic suspension technology, cloning technology, and can be extremely unethical with regards to their methods. For reasons never explicitly stated, ATC is interested in the water contamination of the Auburn District.

Throughout the game, the protagonist encounters several of ATC's high-tech designs. Automated gun turrets equipped with heavy machine guns line the ceilings of Armacham's closely-guarded floors, powered armor exoskeletons under Fettel's control wreak havoc with impunity and shrug off anything weaker than explosive/high-caliber weapons, and laser-armed compact VTOL patrol UAVs flit in and about the floors checking for intruders.

The status of ATC is unknown after "F.E.A.R." ends. In the expansion, the Point Man finds numerous ATC labeled boxes though Replica soldiers are seen moving them through the game. The Point Man also enters an ATC warehouse with Replica soldiers inside and dead ATC security guards lying around.

ATC's logo somewhat resembles that of Initech from the movie "Office Space". The similarity is likely intentional; one can find "TPS Report" sheets and red staplers on desks in the office (both were recurring jokes in the film).

Project Icarus

An ATC bioengineering research project started in 1973 that stemmed from studies on microgravity-related health problems. Icarus was later canceled by ATC in favor of a new project code-named "Perseus". Apparently all that was left of Icarus after its closure are a number of "prototype" soldiers gifted with lightning fast agility and extraordinary strength.

Project Origin

The original plan was to simply create the first prototypes of the project from Alma's DNA, but Harlan Wade was not convinced that psychic abilities were entirely genetic, and thus the project was changed: Alma would be impregnated with the genetically-engineered (from Alma's own DNA) prototypes. She was to be kept in an induced coma for the rest of the project, and was forced to give birth to the prototypes during artificially-stimulated labor.

Origin produced two male prototypes. Alma was fifteen when her first son, the protagonist, was born. She was in a drug induced coma during labor but awoke and is seen yelling "No!" as her first son is taken away. This prototype was initially deemed a 'failure', and some unspecified time later, she was impregnated with a second son, Paxton Fettel. When Fettel was ten, she linked her mind with his, triggering what Origin researchers dubbed a "Synchronicity Event". During this, Fettel "freaked out" and killed several people. Following this incident, Origin was shut down and the facility sealed. According to Harlan Wade, Alma died six days after they terminated life support.

Later Genevieve Aristide, president of ATC, tried to reactivate the facility as the first step of resurrecting Origin, sending teams down to assess suitability. The re-opening of the Vault allowed Alma's psychic presence to escape, resulting in the deaths of the teams Aristide sent down. Free to once again make contact with Fettel, Alma triggered a second synchronicity event, which causes the crisis F.E.A.R. is called to put down.

The Origin Facility, along with much of the Auburn District, was destroyed at the end of the game in a massive explosion, due to the Point Man's actions.

Project Perseus

Following the fallout from Origin, one of the prototypes produced by it, Paxton Fettel, was used in a project called Perseus, which involved a single psychic commander issuing orders to cloned soldiers via telepathy. Fettel's ability to control the cloned soldiers is what made a synchronicity event with Alma so dangerous. The Perseus project was based in a facility separate from the main ATC headquarters, as evidenced by several phone messages reporting 'gunshots' at the 'Perseus Facility', pleading for 'all available security teams to be sent to lock this place down'. It is shown that the Replica soldiers involved in the project left the Perseus Facility to fan out to their respective objectives via wheeled armored personnel carriers closely resembling armored cars and at least one heavily armed Hind D gunship.

Metro Police / Fire Department

Their involvement in the game is minimal. From the numerous news radio reports in the game, it is known that they blocked off and evacuated the South River Water Treatment Plant, the ATC Headquarters and the Auburn District during the various crises there.


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