David Hughes (astronomer)

David Hughes (astronomer)

David W. Hughes was a professor of Astronomy at the University of Sheffield, where he worked since 1965.[1] Hughes has published over 200 research papers on asteroids, comets, meteorites and meteoroids. He has also written on the history of astronomy, the origin of the solar system and the impact threat to planet Earth.

Asteroid 4205 was named in his honor: see Meanings of asteroid names (4001-4500).

Hughes has often appeared on TV, most notably with the live coverage of the ESA Giotto space mission to Halley's Comet, and with discussions of the Star of Bethlehem.

Hughes also taught Undergraduates at the University of Sheffield, specialising in the History of Astronomy, solar and planetary studies and geophysics, however as of October 2007, he is retired.

Hughes was educated at Mundella School, Nottingham, Birmingham University (1959–1962, where he got a degree in physics) and Oxford University (1962–1965, New College and the University Observatory) where he got a D. Phil in solar astrophysics.


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