Hughes (surname)

Hughes (surname)

Family name
name = Hughes

pronunciation =
meaning ="son of Hugh"
region = Wales
origin = Wales
related names =Hews, Hughs, Hues, Huse
footnotes =

Hughes is a Welsh patronymic surname, from the Germanic given name Hugh. The surname may have evolved from the ancient Celt name "O'Hay". [cite web |url= |title=Hughes: name meaning and origin | |accessdate=2008-02-10] . There are variant spellings.

People with the surname Hughes include:
* Andrew Hughes, people sharing this name (disambiguation)
* Adam Hughes (b.1967), American illustrator
* Anthony Hughes (b.1948), English judge
* Arthur Hughes (artist) (1831-1915), English painter
* Arthur Hughes (actor) (1894-1982), American actor and radio personality
* Barnard Hughes (1915-2006), American actor
* Bettany Hughes (born 1968), English historian
* Billy Hughes (1862-1952), seventh Prime Minister of Australia
* Brendan Hughes (1948-2008), Irish republican
* Brian Hughes (musician) (b.1955), jazz guitarist
* Charles Evans Hughes (1862-1948), United States Secretary of State and Chief Justice of the United States
* Chrissy Hughes, American figure skater
* Dave Hughes (born 1970), Australian stand-up comic
* David E. Hughes (1831-1900), an American academic, inventor and musician
* David Hughes (cricketer) (born 1947), English cricketer
* David Hughes (astronomer), British astronomer specialising in comets and the history of astronomy.
* Don B. Hughes (b.1940), Maryland State Delegate
* Dorothy B. Hughes (1904-1993), U.S. crime writer
* Eddie Hughes (b.1960), American basketball player
* Edward James Hughes, aka Ted Hughes (1930-1998), English poet laureate
* Edwin Holt Hughes (1866–1950), Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church
* Emily Hughes (b.1989), American figure skater
* Emlyn Hughes (1947-2004), Liverpool F.C. and England national football team captain
* Glenn Hughes (b.1951), bassist and vocalist
* Gregg Hughes (born 1963), better known as "Opie" from the "Opie and Anthony" radio show
* H. Stuart Hughes (1916–1999), American historian, professor and activist
* Henry Hughes, nineteenth century British locomotive builder, see Brush Traction
* James B. Hughes (1805-1876), American lawyer, publisher, politician, and Abolitionist
* Howard Hughes (1905-1976), American aviator, filmmaker and industrialist
* James Hughes, American sociologist, bioethicist, and democratic transhumanist philosopher
* Jason Hughes (b.1969), English racing driver
* John Hughes (archbishop) (1797-1864), first Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York
* John Hughes (English politician) (b.1925), English politician, former British Member of Parliament
* John Hughes (film director) (born 1950), American film director, writer, and producer
* R. Kent Hughes,Senior Pastor Emeritus of College Church
* John Taylor Hughes (1908-?), Bishop of Croydon
* Langston Hughes (1902-1967), American poet
* Larry Hughes (b.1979), American basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers
* Mark Hughes (b.1963), Welsh international footballer and football Manager
* Mark R. Hughes (1956-2000), American entrepreneur, a founder of Herbalife
* Mary Vivian Hughes (1866-1956), British educator and author
* Matt Hughes (writer) (b.1949), Canadian science fiction writer
* Matt Hughes (fighter) (b.1973), American professional mixed martial arts fighter
* Meredydd Hughes, Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police
* Merv Hughes (b.1961), Australian cricketer
* Michael Anthony Hughes (1988-1994) abducted elementary school student
* Nerys Hughes, (b.1941) Welsh actress
* Peter Hughes people sharing this name (disambiguation)
* Phil Hughes (b.1986), American baseball pitcher for the New York Yankees
* Rex Hughes, American basketball coach in the NBA
* Richard Hughes, people sharing this name (disambiguation)
* Rick Hughes (b.1973), American basketball player
* Robert Hughes, people sharing this name (disambiguation)
* Sarah Hughes (born 1985), American figure skater and |Olympic gold medalist
* Sarah T. Hughes (1896-1985), US district judge who administered oath of office to President Lyndon Johnson
* Séamus Hughes (b.1952), Irish Fianna Fáil politician.
* Simon Hughes (born 1951), English politician
* Simon Hughes (cricketer) (born 1959), English cricketer and journalist
* Simon Pollard Hughes, Jr. (1830–1906), Governor of Arkansas
* Stephen Hughes (Scottish footballer) (b.1982), Scottish footballer
* Stephen Hughes (English footballer) (b.1976), English footballer
* Tanya Hughes (born 1972), American high jumper
* Terry Hughes (baseball) (born 1949), American baseball player
* Terry Hughes (director), film and television director
* Thomas Hughes (1822-1896), English lawyer, writer, and politician
* Tyler Hughes (born 1993), youngest hitman
* Warren Hughes, English racing driver
* William Hughes, many people sharing this name
* Yolanda Hughes, American female bodybuilder


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