Burner may refer to:

* Gas burner or Oil burner, a mechanical device that burns a gas or liquid fuel into a flame in a controlled manner
* Hot-air balloon device, a device to inflate a hot air balloon
* CD burner, a CD/DVD recording tool.
* Burner, a weapon used by the soldiers of the Mobile Infantry in Robert A. Heinlein's novel "Starship Troopers"
* Raleigh Burner, a 1980's BMX bike manufactured by Raleigh Bicycle Company

"Event or music"
* Burner (Burning Man), an active participant in the annual Burning Man festival
* "Burner" (1994), an album by the Virginia math rock band Breadwinner

"Biological effect"
* Burner or Stinger (medicine), a minor neurological injury suffered mostly by athletes participating in contact sports

Burner is also a slang term for:
* a cell phone meant to be used for only a short term and then thrown away in criminal circumstances; made popular by the HBO television show "The Wire"
* an elaborate piece of graffiti, as opposed to a "tag" or a "throw-up"
* a person with a sexually transmitted disease
* a hooligan
* a gun

ee also

* Burn

A person who smokes copious amount of marijuana.

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