Vinyon is a synthetic fiber made from polyvinyl chloride. In some countries other than the United States, vinyon fibers are referred to as polyvinyl chloride fibers. It can bind non-woven fibers and fabrics. It was invented in 1939.

It has the same health problems associated with chlorinated polymers. In the past, Vinyon was used a substitute for plant-based filters in tea bags.

Vinyon fiber characteristics

* doesn't flame, but softens at low temperatures(55 C)
* high resistance to chemicals
* Moisture absorption is less than 0.5% and moisture regained is less than 0.1%

Major vinyon fiber uses

* industrial applications as a bonding agent for non-woven fabrics and products


The U.S. Federal Trade Commission definition for vinyon fiber is "A manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is any long chain synthetic polymer composed of at least 85 percent by weight of vinyl chloride units (—CH2—CHCl—)."

First U.S. commercial vinyon fiber production: 1939, FMC Corporation, Fiber Division (formerly American Viscose).

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