Angel (disambiguation)

Angel (disambiguation)

An angel is a supernatural entity in many religions.

Angel may also refer to:

In Literature

* "The Angel", a Hans Christian Andersen short story
* "Angel" (novel), a 1957 novel
* "", a book about angels
* Angel ("Meg" series), the female megalodon of Steve Alten's novels "The Trench" and "Meg: Primal Waters"
* "Angels" (novel), a 1983 Denis Johnson novel
* Angel, a character in the series "Maximum Ride"

In Movies and on the Stage

* "Angel" (1937 film), a film directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring Marlene Dietrich
* "Angel" (1982 film), a film directed by Neil Jordan
* "Angel" (1984 film), a teen sex-and-violence exploitation movie
* "Angel" (1987 film), a Hong Kong girls-with-guns film
* "Angel" (musical), a 1978 Broadway musical
* "Angel" (2007 film), a film by François Ozon
* "Ángel" (2007 Puerto Rican film), a film by Jacobo Morales
* "Angel Rodriguez", a 2005 film named "Angel" before its release
* "Angel-A", a 2005 French movie

On Television

* Angel ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), a character in the cult television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel"
** "Angel" (TV series), a spin-off TV series from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
** "Angel" ("Buffy" episode)
* "Angel" (2007 TV series), a South Korean television drama series
* "Angel" (1960 TV series), an American television sitcom
* "Angels" (TV series), a British television series
* , an episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
* Angel ("Lilo & Stitch"), experiment 624, a character from "Lilo & Stitch: The Series"
* Angel ("Neon Genesis Evangelion"), the race of the main antagonists of "Neon Genesis Evangelion"
* The Angels, a group of female pilots who flew the Angel Interceptor in "Captain Scarlet"
* PVT Avery "Angel" King, a soldier in "Over There (TV series)"
* Angel, a character in "The Rockford Files"
* Angel, a character in "The Big O"
* Angel, a character in the 2003 "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
* Angel Sanctuary, an OVA that lasted only 3 episodes

In Music


* Angel (singer), a Californian singer, formerly of No Secrets
* Angel (band), a 1970s band from Washington, DC
* The Angels (band), an American band
* The Angels (Australian band)


* "Angel" (album), a 1975 album by Angel
* "Angels" (album), a 2007 album by Finnish band The 69 Eyes
* "Angels" (EP), an EP by Whiskeytown
* "Angel" (Ohio Players album), an album by the Ohio Players

ong Titles

* "Angel" (Jimi Hendrix song), a 1971 song from "The Cry of Love"
* "Angel" (Fleetwood Mac song), a 1974 song and a 1979 song of the same name by Fleetwood Mac
* "Angels" (Amy Grant song), a 1984 song by Amy Grant
* "Angel" (Madonna song), a 1985 song from "Like A Virgin"
* "Angel" (Angela Winbush song), a 1987 song from "Sharp"
* "Angel" (Aerosmith song), a 1987 song from "Permanent Vacation"
* "Angel" (Eurythmics song), a 1990 song from "We Too Are One"
* "Angel" (a-ha song), a 1993 song from "Memorial Beach"
* "Angel" (Pearl Jam Song), a 1993 song from "Christmas Fan Club singles" by "Pearl Jam"
* "Angel" (Sarah McLachlan song), a 1997 song from "Surfacing"
* "Angels" (Robbie Williams song), a 1997 song by Robbie Williams from "Life thru a Lens" and covered by Jessica Simpson
* "Angel" (Shaggy song), a 2000 song from "Hot Shot"
* "Angels" (The Tea Party song), a 2001 song from "The Interzone Mantras"
* "Angel" (Two Tricky song), a 2001 entry in the Eurovision Song Contest
* "Ángel", a 2003 song by Belinda Peregrín from the album "Belinda"
* "Angel" (The Corrs song), a 2004 song from "Borrowed Heaven"
* "Angels" (Within Temptation song), a song from the 2004 album "The Silent Force"
* "Angel" (Pharrell song), a 2005 song from "In My Mind"
* "Angel" (Chiara song), a 2005 entry in the Eurovision Song Contest
* "Angel" (Natasha Bedingfield song), a 2008 song by Natasha Bedingfield from the album "Pocketful of Sunshine"
* "The Angel", a 1973 song by Bruce Springsteen from the album "Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J."
* "Angel", a 1973 song by Aretha Franklin from "Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky)"
* "Angel", a 1983 song by Anita Baker from "The Songstress"
* "Angel", a 1992 song by Jon Secada from the album "Jon Secada"
* "Angel", a 1997 song by Massive Attack from "Mezzanine"
* "Angel", a 1998 song by Dru Hill from "Enter the Dru"
* "Angel", a 2000 song by Lionel Richie from "Renaissance"
* "Angel", a 2000 song by Blue October from "Consent to Treatment"
* "Angel", a 2001 song by Stabbing Westward from "Stabbing Westward"
*"Angel", a 2005 song by Judas Priest from "Angel of Retribution"
* "Angel", a 2006 song by 8mm from "Songs to Love and Die By"
* "Angels", a 2007 by MxPx from "Secret Weapon"
* "Angel", a 2007 song by Leona Lewis from "Spirit"
* "Angel", a 2008 song by Jack Johnson from "Sleep Through the Static"
* "Angels (Love is the answer)", a 2007 song by Morandi
* "Angel", a song by Marty Friedman (guitarist) from the album Scenes (album)
* "Angels", a 1997 song by Robbie Williams sung by David Archuleta from "American Idol (season 7)"

Record Company names

* Angel Records
* Angel Music Group
* Angel Air

In Comic Books

* Warren Kenneth Worthington III, a some-time member of the X-Men, originally known as Angel, and later Archangel
* Angel Salvadore, a more recent addition to the X-Men
* Angel (Timely Comics), a character from the Golden Age of Comic Books
* Angels (Marvel Comics), supernatural characters based on the angels of various religions
* Angel Sanctuary, a manga made by Kaori Yuki


* Angel ("King of Fighters"), a character from "King of Fighters"
*Angel ("Tekken"), a character in the "Tekken" fighting game series
* Angel, a creature in ""
*"Angels and Devils" a game which is responsible for the Angel problem
*Serra Angel was one of the first creature card in Magic the Gathering CCG. True to the abilities of an angelic being the creature has flying and doesn't tap to attack.
*Diablo 2 in featuring a full scale war between the demons of hell and the angels of heaven, feature several angels. Instead of a pair of eagles wings though, Diablo's angels have wings that appear as tentacles of light.

Places on the Earth

* The Angel, Islington, an area of north London, UK
** Angel tube station, the London Underground station at The Angel, Islington
* Angels, Jamaica
* Angel Island, California, an island in the San Francisco Bay
* the Danish name for Angeln, a landscape in Southern Schleswig
* Angel Fire, New Mexico,

In Sports

* Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, a Major League Baseball team based in Anaheim, California - formerly known as the Anaheim Angels, and before that, the Los Angeles Angels.
* Angel Medina (wrestler), also known as "Spanish Angel", or simply "Angel", a professional wrestler
* Angel Hernandez, a Major League baseball umpire
* Angel Matías, a Puerto Rican volleyball player
* Angel Perez, a Puerto Rican volleyball player
* Angel Stoyanov, Bulgarian boxer


* Angel (coin), a gold coin first used in France in 1340
* Angel (paintball), a paintball gun manufactured by WDP
* ANGEL Learning, a software company
* Angel investors, or simply "angels", affluent individuals who provide capital for business start-ups
* "Angel", the U.S. Secret Service codename for Air Force One
* "Angel", a line of perfumes by Thierry Mugler
* "ANGELS", Activators of Non-Genotropic Estrogen-Like Signaling
* A unit of altitude, as measured per thousands of feet ("Angels 10" = 10,000 feet)
* "Angel (Lady and the Tramp II)", character from

ee also

* Dark Angel (disambiguation)
* Fallen Angel (disambiguation)
* Angle
* Engel (disambiguation)
*, for persons with the given name Angel

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