Guardian angel (disambiguation)

Guardian angel (disambiguation)

Guardian angel is a spirit who is believed to protect and to guide a particular person.

It can also mean:
* Guardian angel (comics) - the short-lived superhero alias of Hop Harrigan
* Holy Guardian Angel - occultist term for the "Silent Self", representative of one's truest divine nature
* Guardian Angels international safety organization
* Guardian Angel (recording) sub-label of Dutch dance company Basic Beat Recordings
* Guardian Angel (business term) is a person who offers guidance and investment to fledgling companies in exchange for some benefit
* "The Guardian Angel" is a newspaper in Danny Wallace's Kingdom of Lovely
* "Guardian Angel" is a World Championship Wrestling character portrayed by Ray Traylor
* "Guardian Angel" is a program broadcast on Channel 8, a television channel in Singapore
* "Guardian Angel" is a 1994 film directed by Richard W. Munchkin. It is also known by the title "Beyond Justice"
* Guardian Angels (House), an episode of the medical drama House.
* Guardian Angel, a track by the musical act Juno Reactor.
* "Guardian Angel", a 2004 dance track by Finnish DJ K System.

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