Lego Rock Raiders

Lego Rock Raiders

Lego Rock Raiders was a Lego theme started 1999, and was discontinued in 2000. Rock Raiders was the only theme in the Lego Underground series. The theme, while short-lived, featured sixteen sets and was backed-up by numerous story-related media, including several comic books and video games.

The premise of the story involves the crew of the LMS Explorer. The vessel is damaged after wandering into an asteroid field and is sucked into a wormhole, the wormhole exits in an alien galaxy, parallel to the Milky Way. The LMS Explorer’s captain orders the ship to use its reserve power and head for the nearest planet. The planet is abundant in the mysterious but powerful Energy Crystals. There the Rock Raiders, whilst repairing the ship, must venture inside the dangerous caverns of the planet to collect the precious Energy Crystals to power the ship.

Set Information

The Rock Raiders theme featured sixteen sets in total. Eight were released in 1999 and seven were released in 2000. Four of the sets released in 2000 were promotional sets sold by Kabaya Foods Corporation.

This section is for set information only, for storyline see below.

Hover Scout

*Set Number: 4910
*Year Released: 1999The Hover Scout set is one of the smallest sets. The Hover Scout only has room for one MiniFig to stand on. The set also includes one Recharge Station, one Energy Crystal and one Jet MiniFig. First Editions include one comic.

The instructions show three inspiration models, one personal transport, one station of sort, and one robot.

Rapid Rider

*Set Number: 4920
*Year Released: 1999The Rapid Rider is one of the smallest sets. The Rapid Rider has room for one MiniFig to sit in the middle, and room for one or two -depending on how you place them- pieces of Lego Ore. The set also includes one piece of Lego Ore, one Energy Crystal and one Bandit MiniFig.

Rock Raiders

*Set Number: 4930
*Year Released: 1999The Rock Raiders set is a collection of all the Rock Raiders. It also includes one portable Tool Store, one piece of Lego Ore and one Energy Crystal. First Editions include one comic.

Granite Grinder

*Set Number: 4940
*Year Released: 1999The Granite Grinder set is one of the medium-sized sets. One of its most noticeable aspects is the large drill on the front, whilst another is that unlike every other set, the Granite Grinder has legs, instead of wheels. The legs can move forwards and backwards. The set includes one Axle MiniFig.

Its box shows one inspiration model, a flight-capable version of the Granite Grinder.

Loader Dozer

*Set Number: 4950, 4959
*Year Released: 1999The Loader Dozer is one of the medium-sized sets, it is wide but short. The Loader Dozer is a heavy-duty bulldozer, its large scoop can be lifted or dropped with a switch on its back. The set includes one Axle MiniFig, one piece of Lego Ore, one Energy Crystal and one Rock Monster. First Editions include one comic.

Its instructions show two inspiration models, both of which are boats.

Chrome Crusher

*Set Number: 4970
*Year Released: 1999The Chrome Crusher is one of the largest sets. It includes one laser on its top that requires two AAA Alkaline batteries for the light to work. Its engine is visible, unlike every other vehicle set. At the back is a large cargo area, capable of storing at least three pieces of Lego Ore. The set also includes one Axle MiniFig, one piece of Lego Ore, and one Energy Crystal. First Editions includes one comic.

Its box shows four inspiration models, one of them is a appears to be a much smaller version of the Chrome Crusher, two of them are flying vehicles but only one has a drill, and the fourth one is a boat that is resistant to lava.

Tunnel Transport

*Set Number: 4980
*Year Released: 1999The Tunnel Transport is one of the larger sets. It has room for two MiniFigs to sit in the cockpit. At the bottom is a magnet that can hold either the included Small Digger or the large cargo hold. This set also includes one Docs MiniFig, one Jet MiniFig, one Small Digger, one modified hover scout, two pieces of Lego Ore and two Energy Crystals.

Rock Raiders HQ

*Set Number: 4990
*Year Released: 1999The Rock Raiders HQ, also called the Ore Processing Plant, is the largest set. Included with this set is a Mining Laser, which requires two AAA Alkaline batteries for the light to work. The set includes one Bandit MiniFig, one Docs MiniFig, one Jet MiniFig, one Sparks MiniFig, two pieces of Lego Ore, two Energy Crystals, one Small Transport Truck, one unnamed flying vehicle (similar to "Hover Scout" in PC game) and one Rock Monster.

Its instructions show three inspiration models, all variations of the HQ.

Rock Raiders 1

*Set Number: 3347
*Year Released: 2000Rock Raiders 1 is part of the Rock Raiders Mini Heroes Collection. This set includes one Rock Raider Chief MiniFig, one display stand and one trading card. This is the only set that includes the Rock Raider Chief.

Rock Raiders 2

*Set Number: 3348
*Year Released: 2000Rock Raiders 2 is part of the Mini Heroes Collection. This set includes one Bandit MiniFig, one Docs MiniFig, one Sparks MiniFig, three display stands and three trading cards.

Rock Raiders 3

*Set Number: 3349
*Year Released: 2000Rock Raiders 3 is part of the Mini Heroes Collection. This set includes one Axle MiniFig, one Docs MiniFig, one Jet MiniFig, three display stands and three trading cards.

Rock Raiders Keychain

*Set Number: 3916
*Year Released: 2000The Rock Raiders Keychain is promotional item. It is in fact a Jet MiniFig with a chain attached to the helmet.

Promotional Set 1

*Set Number: 1274
*Year Released: 2000The first of the Kabaya promotional sets. This set is an un-named flying vehicle, it has room for one MiniFig to sit. This set includes one Jet MiniFig. Its box shows an inspiration model which seems to be a variation of the same vehicle.

Promotional Set 2

*Set Number: 1275
*Year Released: 2000The second of the Kabaya promotional sets. This set is an unnamed digging vehicle. Unlike other vehicles, this vehicle digs with power saws instead of drills. It has room for one MiniFig to sit. This set includes one Bandit MiniFig. Its box shows an inspiration model, which seems to be a simple adjustment of the same vehicle.

Promotional Set 3

*Set Number: 1276
*Year Released: 2000The third of the Kabaya promotional sets. This set is an un-named flying vehicle that is similar to the Tunnel Scout. It has room for one MiniFig to sit. This set includes one Docs MiniFig. Its box shows an inspiration model that seems to be a variation of the same vehicle.

Promotional Set 4

*Set Number: 1277
*Year Released: 2000The fourth and final of the Kabaya promotional sets. This set is an un-named flying and digging vehicle. It has room for one MiniFig to sit. This set includes one Sparks MiniFig. Its box shows an inspiration model which is a flying vehicle.

Video Games

PC Game

Infobox VG
title = Lego Rock Raiders

developer = Data Design Interactive
publisher = Lego Media
engine =
designer =
released = November 15, 1999 [ [ Lego Rock Raiders (PC) on IGN] , accessed 2008-08-25]
genre =
modes = Single Player
ratings =
platforms = Microsoft Windows
media = CD-ROM
requirements =
input = Mouse

The PC game is a RTS similar to Dune II, and was the first video game for the Rock Raiders theme. The game opens with optional training missions and one actual mission unlocked. Most missions require the player to collect a certain amount of Energy Crystals, the required amount starts low but gradually gets higher in later missions. Some missions require the player to locate Rock Raiders that have been trapped in landslides, or to find certain pieces of equipment and bring it back to their base. One of the game's features is the Priority Menu. With this menu, you can set what order Rock Raiders carry out their tasks. For example, you can set whether Rock Raiders should collect Energy Crystals or Lego Ore first.

At the end of each mission Chief would evaluate your work, examining various aspects of your mission. With all these taken into consideration, Chief would give a mission rating percentage.

There are twenty-five missions total, each of them is in either a rock, lava/volcanic or ice cavern environment. It is not necessary to complete every mission with 100%, or even complete all the missions, to complete the campaign.

PlayStation Game

Infobox VG
title = Lego Rock Raiders

developer = Data Design Interactive
publisher = Lego Media
engine =
designer =
released = August 17th, 2000 [ [ LEGO Rock Raiders for PlayStation - MobyGames] ]
genre =
modes = Single Player/Multi Player
ratings =
platforms = PlayStation
media =
requirements =
input =

Unlike the PC game, the PlayStation game is an Action/Strategy game, in which the player actually takes control of a character, instead of just commanding a squad of them. Also unlike the PC game, which was centered around constructing a base and mining, the Playstation game centers around exploring.

Most missions require the player to collect a certain amount of Energy Crystals, while some missions require the player to rescue Rock Raiders that have been trapped by landslides.

There are eighteen campaign missions, and six multiplayer missions. The PAL version includes three bonus missions that are accessible after the campaign is completely finished.

Rather than a percentage, at the end of each mission you receive either a bronze medal (Minimum required objectives complete), a silver medal (Most objectives complete), or a gold medal (All objectives complete in the required time).

Interactive Comic

The Interactive Comic was an online game featured on the official Rock Raiders site. The game starred Bandit who sailed the Rapid Rider through various caverns. At certain scenes, the game would pause for a short amount of time and allow you to search for Energy Crystals. At a certain point of the game, Bandit would fall asleep and a timed slider puzzle would begin. If the player finished in time the Rapid Rider would safely make it to Rock Raiders HQ, if not the Rapid Rider would fall down a waterfall and Bandit would be forced to travel through a Rock Monster cavern. The more Energy Crystals found, the higher the player’s score.

The Interactive Comic was a digitized version of the promotional comic included with the Rapid Rider.


High Adventure, Deep Underground

*Writer: Alan Grant
*Illustrators: Robin Smith, Lego Media International
*Publisher: Lego Systems Inc.High Adventure, Deep Underground was a Rock Raiders graphic novel, released in 2000. The novel told, in Jet’s point-of-view and in greater detail, the events on Planet U. Many fans consider it non-canon, but that mostly due to the fact that the Rock Raiders are portrayed out of character. Outside of a few minor inconsistencies, there is nothing in the games that proves it is non-canon. For the book’s plot, see below.

There are a few puzzles on certain pages. At the back of the book are inspiration models for the Granite Grinder, LMS Explorer (Which is mistakenly labeled as "HMS Explorer"), Rapid Rider, Rock Monster, Rock Raiders HQ, and Small Transport Truck.

Save the Spaceship

*Writer: Anna Knight
*Illustrators: Roger Harris
*Publisher: Dorling KindersleySave the Spaceship is an interactive puzzle storybook released in 1999, every scene in the book is accompanied by a puzzle relating to something a character said or saw. The book is considered non-canon, due the absence and altering of major events, only the ending is considered canon. Though the book is mostly non-canon, it has been praised for giving more shots from inside the LMS Explorer.

The Rock Raiders are returning home after a long mission. While at the outer edges of a solar system, an asteroid crashes into the LMS Explorer, the ship is cast into orbit around an unknown, earth-like planet.

Chief gathers everyone into the engine room for a mission briefing, stating that they will need to collect much Lego Ore and Energy Crystals. Docs volunteers to command a team to gather the crystals and ore.

The five Rock Raiders are teleported down the planet’s surface, everyone gathers into the Tunnel Transport and flies to the nearest cavern. While examining the nearby rocks, a Rock Monster smashes the cavern wall and pulls out an Energy Crystal.

Bandit takes a Rapid Rider, which is known as a Cat in the book, and travels down an icy lake. While he is sailing, an Ice Monster rises out of the water and attempts to smash the sailor with a stalactite, Bandit is forced to go through the rapids to escape.

Meanwhile Docs and Jet are riding a Hoverboard, searching for an appropriate area for Rock Raiders HQ. Docs uses his GeoScanner and finds the right spot.

Axle and Sparks gathered a few Energy Crystals, but doing so got the attention of four hungry Rock Monsters. Axle tells Sparks to throw the Crystals and that the Rock Monsters will follow them.

Docs and Jet have entered an ice cavern and encountered an Ice Monster and a Lava Monster battling. The Lava Monster attempts to burn the two Rock Raiders, but fails.

Later everyone has gathered at the spot Docs and Jet found for Rock Raiders HQ. Docs, using his GeoScanner finds a cache of Lego Ore and Energy Crystals, buried deep underground.

Axle begins drilling with the Chrome Crusher but is quickly stopped by Docs. There is a pocket of explosive gas in-between the cache and the cavern wall. The Rock Raiders stabilize the gas using water from the nearby lake.

Jet went searching for Energy Crystals while the Rock Raiders HQ was being constructed. She had managed to collect four Energy Crystals, but before she could get back a small volcano erupted and knocked her unconscious and out of the Tunnel Transport.

After Jet makes it back to Rock Raiders HQ with the Energy Crystals, she and the other Rock Raiders use dynamite to blast through the last layer of rock blocking the Energy Crystal and Lego Ore cache.

Once the cache is unveiled, a Rock Monster and Lava Monster attack and destroy the Rock Raiders HQ. Using parts of the base, the Rock Raiders construct a temporary Teleport Pad.

The Teleport Pad works and the Rock Raiders made it back on board the LMS Explorer. However the Rock Monster that attacked managed to get aboard too. Docs eventually found the Rock Monster and fed it some Energy Crystals.

Race for Survival

*Writer: Marie Birkinshaw
*Illustrators: Roger Harris
*Publisher: Dorling KindersleyRace For Survival is a short novel released in 2000, aimed at kids in Grades 2-4. At the side of each page is a small article on Geology. Race For Survival takes place six months after the events in High Adventure, Deep Underground. It is, for the most part, canon, however there are two minor inconsitencies:
* Planet U is located at the farthest reaches of the Milky Way, instead of being in another galaxy.
* Slimy Slugs are giant and swallow Energy Crystals, but in the games they are really the size of Rock Raiders and they drain the crystals of their power instead.

Besides those, the book is canon. For its plot, see below.

Interestingly, the cover shows Jet and Axle escaping a lava flow on a Hoverboard, though this scene never appears. The Hoverboard does not even appear in the book.

Promotional Comics

The promotional comics were small comics included with specially marked, first edition sets. There are nine comics total, one with each 1999 Rock Raiders set, however the Chrome Crusher set is believed to have had two.

Hover Scout Comic

The Hover Scout comic starts off with Jet and a few other unknown Rock Raiders mining. Jet wanders off on the Hover Scout and discovers an enormous Energy Crystal cache. She goes to grab a few Crystals, but a few Rock Monsters rise out from under them. Jet attempts to flee, but the Rock Monsters have blocked her path, she distracts them and flies under them.

This comic was included with specially marked, first edition Hover Scout sets.

Rapid Rider Comic

The Rapid Rider comic starts with Bandit finding a piece of Lego Ore, he begins to bring it to Rock Raiders HQ with the Rapid Rider. As he is cruising down he meets a dead end and takes apart the Rapid Rider, he brings its parts over to the other side to rebuild it and then continues cruising. Along the way, he falls asleep and his vehicle cruises past a huge Energy Crystal cavern, and some Rock Monsters making statues. He then approaches a waterfall and falls down the edge, bumping all over and finally back into the water which wakes him up, he then arrives at Rock Raiders HQ.

This comic was included with specially marked, first edition Rapid Rider sets and was also digitized and put onto the official Rock Raiders site as a game.

"Rock Raiders" Comic

The "Rock Raiders" comic starts off with Rock Raiders driving a Chrome Crusher down a tunnel. Bandit sneezes and causes a cave-in that crushes the Chrome Crusher. While the Rock Raiders are repairing the Chrome Crusher with the portable Tool Store, Bandit sneezes again and causes another cave-in, this time he gets separated from the other Rock Raiders. Docs drills through the cave-in and finds Bandit and the five Rock Raiders get in the Chrome Crusher. Bandit sneezes one last time and causes yet another cave-in, luckily this time it does not damage the Chrome Crusher.

This comic was included with specially marked, first edition “Rock Raiders” sets.

Granite Grinder Comic

The Granite Grinder comic starts with Bandit in the Granite Grinder along with Axle. The two spot an Energy Crystal, Axle starts drilling the rock to get it, the drilling wakes up a snoozing Rock Monster. Axle manages to hide from it, but Bandit is spotted. The Rock Monster alerts other Rock Monsters, they destroy the Granite Grinder and take Bandit hostage. Axle rebuilds the Granite Grinder and tries to locate Bandit, soon he finds the helmsman at a cliff's edge with a Rock Monster questioning him, about the whereabouts of the other Rock Raiders and Rock Raiders HQ. Axle calls for the Tunnel Transport for help, Bandit then gives the Rock Monsters a raspberry and jumps off the cliff and onto the Tunnel Transport.

This comic was included with specially marked, first edition Granite Grinder sets.

Loader Dozer Comic

The Loader Dozer comic details a race between Axle, Jet and Sparks with the Loader Dozer, Granite Grinder and Hover Scout respectively. Docs throws the flag that signals the start of the race. Sparks steps on Axle’s Loader Dozer and gets ahead, Axle speeds up and trips the Granite Grinder with the Loader Dozer’s scoop. Jet blinds Axle with the Hover Scout’s thrusters and Axle drives into a wall. The Granite Grinder steps on the Hover Scout and destroys it. The Loader Dozer speeds up to the Granite Grinder and the two crash into each other. Bandit walks into the cavern where the race was held and sees the destroyed vehicles, he yells at the three Rock Raiders. Axle, Jet and Sparks rebuild the three vehicles and start the race over.

This comic was included with specially marked, first edition Loader Dozer sets.

Chrome Crusher Comic

The Chrome Crusher comic starts with a Chrome Crusher and Jet on her Hover Scout in a cavern. Jet flies off to find some Energy Crystals and finds a big cavern full of them. While examining one, a Rock Monster jumps out and destroys her Hover Scout, Jet hides and the Rock Monster tries to find her. She then goes to repair her Hover Scout and throws a dynamite at the Rock Monster, which opens a crevice that lava pours out of, the lava floods the cavern. The Chrome Crusher tries to flee but gets stuck on a cliff's edge with lava all around it. The Tunnel Transport is called in to airlift it to safety, while the Rock Monster is floating on a piece of rock on the lava shouting insults.

This comic was included with specially marked, first edition Chrome Crusher sets.

Tunnel Transport Comic

The Tunnel Transport comic starts with a Tunnel Transport and 2 Hover Scouts looking for Energy Crystal caverns. They find a huge load in a cavern and as they are harvesting, a Rock Monster jumps out and attacks the crew. They managed to flee but the Rock Monster jumps onto the Tunnel Transport and gets a ride back to the HQ. Once at the HQ, the Rock Monsters go on a rampage and destroys the Tunnel Transport. Docs makes a plan, he sends Axle to lure the Rock Monster towards the Chrome Crusher. Once in range, the Chrome Crusher fires a beam and the Rock Monster disappears. The crew then start to rebuild the Tunnel Transport, while elsewhere the Rock Monster is teleported onto a small rock that is surrounded by lava.

This comic was included with specially marked, first edition Tunnel Transport sets.

Rock Raiders HQ Comic

The Rock Raiders HQ comic starts with everything going smoothly at the HQ, the Energy Crystals are processed in the Power Station and the Lego Ore is sent to be taken away via the Rapid Rider, Bandit manages to dump the Ore on Docs. Jet is operating the Upgrade Station when a irritating fly bothers her, she tries to whack it away but accidentally knocks the controls, the Ore being carried knocks Sparks off his flying vehicle and lands in the Power Station and gets a black face from the Power Station's beam. The Ore then knocks the Ore Refinery apart and Axle is dumped onto a Small Transport Truck, the Ore falls off the crane and smashes onto the Power Station laser which turns around and fires at one of the Upgrade Station supports. The Upgrade Station falls apart and Jet jumps out, but she is rescued by a Loader Dozer as the whole base falls apart. The crew is dismayed but starts to rebuild the base. The fly is unharmed and starts to irritate Bandit.

This comic was included with specially marked, first edition Rock Raiders HQ sets.

Ninth Comic

The Ninth Comic begins with Sparks and Axle escaping a lava flow in a Chrome Crusher, the vehicles falls off a cliff and is shattered. Axle discovers Energy Crystals nearby and Sparks recovers the parts of the Chrome Crusher, with the parts they build two new vehicles, a drilling vehicle and a boat resistant to lava. This comic is the first known appearance of the alternate set models in the story.

It is unknown whether this comic was included with a specific set, or released in Lego Magazine; however, since the comic revolves around the Chrome Crusher and includes the set's number, it was likely included with the Chrome Crusher set.



*Position: Driver
*Rank: Midshipman

Axle is the Rock Raiders' best driver. He has been seen to be somewhat impulsive and tends to dive headfirst into a dangerous situation, though he is very capable of defending himself.

Axle is happiest when he is driving the Chrome Crusher, the Rock Raiders' largest land vehicle. His ability to handle anything with wheels is second to none; he has won the Lego World Racing Champion award three times. beating Rocket Racer's record.


*Position: Helmsman, Navigator
*Rank: Sub-Lieutenant

Bandit is the Rock Raiders' greatest sailor, and is happiest when is cruising the underground lakes and rapids on the Rapid Rider. He is also the Rock Raiders' head navigator, he always knows his exact location. After spending so much time underwater and on the Rapid Rider, he tends to be a little shaky on land.

Bandit cannot tolerate any tomfoolery, and therefore does not get along well with Axle. If the situation is not good, he will be in a bad mood for hours.

Bandit can easily sneak into a Monster's territory and get out with the Energy Crystals, without awakening the Monster.


*Position: Captain of the LMS Explorer
*Rank: Captain

Chief is the oldest, wisest and most experienced Rock Raider. He is calm in any situation and has the experience to solve almost any problem. Chief captains the LMS Explorer, during missions he stays on the ship and commands his team. He always puts the lives of his team above his own, if something goes wrong in a cavern, he immediately teleports the team out.

Chief is the only known Rock Raider to train Rock Raider Cadets. He also gives every Rock Raider team leader their mission briefings. His real name though, is never revealed.

Years ago he lost his left arm while rescuing thirty-seven miners from a cave-in on Pluto, it was replaced with an artificial arm, capable of shooting plasma blasts.Chief has never left the LMS Explorer in twenty years, he loves it so much that he has made it his home.

Chief is the first known person to have encountered an Elemental Monster. Interestingly, this is years before the Rock Raiders ever traveled to Planet U, as he said that he encountered it in his youth; though as seen in Lego Island 2, there are several Rock Monsters in the jungle and in orbit around Earth.


*Position: Geologist, Doctor, Explosives Expert
*Rank: Commander

Docs is the Rock Raiders' head Geologist and Commander. Unlike the other Rock Raiders, Docs is a very calm person, and fully assesses a situation, covering every possible plan. Though sometimes he spends too much time thinking.

Docs can think his way out of any problem, he is very capable of thinking on his feet.


*Position: Pilot
*Rank: Flight Lieutenant

Jet is the most courageous and strong-willed of all the Rock Raiders, she is a very skilled pilot and is always ready to take on new, exciting challenges. Her piloting skills are legendary, ready for any challenge she always approaches her missions with a level head.

Jet will never shirk a difficult task and has great problem-solving skills.

Her favorite vehicle is the Tunnel Transport.


*Position: Engineer
*Rank: Midshipman

Sparks is an expert on all things mechanical and electrical, unfortunately he is also very, very clumsy. He is always taking things apart, but sometimes he forgets to put them back together. Sparks keeps the drills drilling, the grinders grinding, and the loaders loading.

Sparks is one of the greatest engineers ever, his skill to repair any technology is second to none. Sparks is credited with designing most of the Rock Raiders’ equipment.

Unnamed Team

This team played a vital role in storyline, though they were never named. These Rock Raiders helped many other Rock Raider teams that were trapped by a cave-in, or lost in the deep caverns. Were it not for them, many of the Energy Crystals that power the LMS Explorer would never have been found.

Chief personally trained the team's leader when he was a Cadet.

This team was only featured in the Rock Raiders PC video game.


Please note that this section only covers the plot involving the main characters, the events of the PC and the Playstation games are not covered.

The following events take place in "High Adventure, Deep Underground" and "Save the Spaceship"

The story starts with the Rock Raiders returning home, from an unknown Solar System with four planets. Only three days left, the Rock Raiders accidentally pilot the LMS Explorer into an asteroid belt. Several small asteroids collide with the LMS Explorer, though they do no harm due to the LMS Explorer’s shield. A larger asteroid collides with the LMS Explorer and takes the shield down. Not much damage is done though,

Another large asteroid collides with the LMS Explorer and damages the signal dishes on top of it. This also causes much damage to the LMS Explorer. As if things couldn’t get worse, an enormous wormhole opens up near the LMS Explorer, its gravitational pull begins to pull it in. Chief commands Jet to set the LMS Explorer’s thrusters at full speed to escape the wormhole, it does not work and in the process the LMS Explorer‘s fuel supply is drained. Another asteroid, larger than the previous two, collides with the LMS Explorer and forces it into the wormhole.

The wormhole exits in a galaxy parallel to the Milky Way, as seen by Axle when he runs a scan to seen where the Rock Raiders are. Chief orders Jet to use the LMS Explorer’s reserve power to travel to the nearest planet. Docs scans the planet and sees that the planet is loaded with Energy Crystals. Chief sends Jet and Docs down to examine the Planet.

Axle, and Bandit join them later. The team examines the caverns and discovers the ruins of an ancient civilization. Docs uses his GeoScanner device to locate a good area for an outpost. While constructing the base, Axle almost falls into a river of lava, but is saved by Jet.

After the base in constructed, Bandit ventures off on his own and Rock Monsters attack the base, stealing most of the Energy Crystals. Axle manages to chase them away in the Loader Dozer, though it is too late, the base has been completely destroyed.

Bandit finds an ice cavern, and is attacked by several Ice Monsters. The Ice Monsters freeze Bandit solid, he has to be rescued by Axle and Jet. Axle, Bandit and Jet find a cave to hide from the Ice Monsters, inside the cave is a Rockwhale that is blocking a lava flow. The Rockwhale moves and the lava begins flowing once again. The three Rock Raiders race the end of the cavern, Bandit starts a cave-in to stop the lava from reaching the base.

Axle, Bandit and Jet are trapped and Sparks teleports them back to the LMS Explorer, however the landslide also gets teleported and severely damages the teleporter, thereby causing some of the events in the PC game. The teleporter malfunctions, and is only able to teleport people and objects down to the planet, but is unable to bring them back.

Chief informs Axle, Bandit, Jet and Sparks that Docs has gone missing. Chief sends Axle, Bandit and Jet to look for him, Sparks stays behind to repair the teleporter. Meanwhile, Docs is defending himself from several Lava Monsters. Axle is ordered to stay at the base to guard it from the Elemental Creatures.

Bandit and Jet take two Granite Grinders and begin searching for Docs. They encounter a Lava Monster and an Ice Monster battling and run past them. They find Docs who is cornered by several Lava Monsters. Jet makes the Granite Grinder jump over to the Monsters and ejects the Energy Crystals to distract them. She and Docs escape while they feed on the Crystals.

Several days later the Rock Raiders manage to collect enough Energy Crystals to power the LMS Explorer, unfortunately the Ice, Lava and Rock Monsters team up to attack the Rock Raiders’ outpost. The Teleporter has not yet been repaired to teleport people back yet, Chief teleports down to the planet and saves the Rock Raiders and Energy Crystals from the Elemental Creatures, with his plasma-blasting arm. While he is blasting away at the monsters, the other Rock Raiders construct a temporary Teleport Pad with parts from the base. All five Rock Raiders teleport back to the LMS Explorer, along with the Energy Crystals.

Sparks creates a map of the entire alien Galaxy, to find their way home, the LMS Explorer takes off at lightspeed. The LMS Explorer’s computer detects an alien life form aboard, the Rock Raiders search everywhere for it, but they cannot find it. The Rock Monster reveals itself shortly after they search for it, the creature collapsed itself into several small rocks to hide. It is unknown what happened to the Rock Monster afterwards.

The following events take place in "Race for Survival"

Six months after the Rock Raiders first discovered the alien galaxy, the Rock Raiders have returned to the planet, and possibly the other planets in the solar system. The planet has now been named Planet U, it is never said what the U stands for, but it is widely accepted that it means Uncharted or Unexplored. The Rock Raiders have now set up quadrants around the planet.

Axle is an a cavern in the unexplored Quadrant 14, drilling with the Chrome Crusher. Without warning there is a small tremor, trapping Axle and the Chrome Crusher. Axle contacts Sparks, who is aboard the LMS Explorer, he tells the engineer that he is trapped and his oxygen supply is low.

Chief gathers Bandit, Docs, Jet and Sparks for a mission briefing. Using the LMS Explorer’s onboard GeoScanner, he locates the approximate location of Axle. Docs warns everyone that there is a volcano there, but it is now dormant.

The four Rock Raiders make it to Quadrant 14 in thirty minutes, there were several geysers everywhere. Docs orders Sparks and Jet to take a Granite Grinder and Hover Scout to the nearby mountain. Bandit decides to take a Rapid Rider down the nearby river. Docs takes his Hover Scout and examines the cavern, searching for the cause of the tremor.

Sparks and Jet made it to the mountain fast, they saw the landslide of rocks that had buried the Chrome Crusher. Jet approached the rocks and could hear that Axle was sending them a message via Morse Code. Sparks says that they should not drill, that could cause the entire cavern to collapse. Sparks says they’ll have to dig him out, but they must do it fast, Axle’s oxygen supply is quickly dwindling.

Sparks and Jet got a beam out of the Granite Grinder and used it move the boulders. It was not enough though. Sparks and Jet looked behind them and saw that a Rock Monster was standing over them, holding a massive boulder. The Rock Monster puts the boulder down, and walks past the two Rock Raiders. It begins picking up and throwing the boulders out of the way, clearing a path. Sparks and Jet walked into the newly uncovered tunnel and looked for Axle, but he, and the Rock Monster, had vanished.

Docs was exploring the nearby Quadrant 15, there was a second tremor while he was there. A large crack opened in the cavern floor, large amounts of magma erupted from it and quickly filled the room. Docs raced away on his Hover Scout, narrowly escaping it through a small crevice in the cavern wall.

Bandit was riding his Rapid Rider, he was about to give up on searching. His Rapid Ride flash a message on its screen that it detected an alien life form. Once again, Bandit had traveled into an Ice Monster’s den. The Ice Monster rose out of the water and grabbed the Rapid Rider, the creature threw it and Bandit against the cavern wall. Bandit was not hurt, however the Rapid Rider was slightly damaged, as was his radio.

Back in the mountain, Docs had found Sparks and Jet, and warned them that the mountain was an active volcano. There was pressure building up inside of it, and it was erupt in approximately two hours. Sparks uncovered a large hole in one of the cavern walls, the three Rock Raiders went inside of it. Inside there was a massive cavern, the floor layered with Energy Crystals, the roof was glittered with gemstones, and there was a large lake in the middle of the floor.At the other side of the cavern was the Rock Monster that uncovered the tunnel, it was asleep. Axle was kneeling by a pile of Energy Crystals. Docs realized that this was a Energy Crystal cache, though much larger than any seen before. Axle said he found it when the Rock Monster unveiled the tunnel.

A loud growl echoed throughout the cavern, it awoke the Rock Monster that was next to the Rock Raiders. The Rock Monster ran toward another hidden cavern, inside there were four other Rock Monster defending their Energy Crystals from a Slimy Slug. The Rock Monsters throw numerous boulders at the slug and it leaves.

Docs warns the Rock Raiders that an eruption is imminent, and that they have to leave now. Jet says that they need to save the Rock Monsters too. Sparks develops a plan to save the Rock Monsters, by using the Chrome Crusher to block the path of the magma, the cavern will not be destroyed and neither will the Rock Monsters.

The Rock Raiders race out of the cavern, five minutes later the Chrome Crusher detonates. Sparks uses the Granite Grinder to drill an escape route. There has been no contact from Bandit for quite awhile. The Chrome Crusher held in place and stopped the magma from advancing. The Rock Raiders made it to the surface, Bandit sled down the mountain on a makeshift snowboard, made from the Rapid Rider’s parts.

The Rock Raiders return to the LMS Explorer for a mission debriefing.

Energy Crystals

Energy Crystals, also called Power Crystals or less frequently, Brickonium, are sources of vast amounts of energy, and are the main sources of power for the Rock Raiders. Energy Crystals have been featured in many Lego themes before, on various planets, though Rock Raiders is the first and only to feature them as a main plot element.

When an Energy Crystal’s energy has been depleted, it turns either a dark gray or a purple color and has to be recharged. Energy Crystals have only been seen to turn gray once, when a Slimy Slug drained one.

Energy Crystals, as well as being able to power machinery, can energize raw materials. There are certain rock walls which contain more Energy Crystals then usual. These are Energy Crystal Seams.

Energy Crystals also serve as the primary food source for monsters and slugs alike, often resulting in conflicts between them and the Rock Raiders.

Green Energy Crystals

The most common variety of Energy Crystals. Planet U has an abundance of these Crystals and they are used as the main source of energy for Rock Raiders HQ. These Crystals are seen all over the galaxy, on Earth, distant asteroids and even the BIONICLE Planet.

Red Energy Crystals

The rarest variety of Energy Crystals, red Energy Crystals are five times more powerful than the green Crystals. These Crystals are only seen in the Rock Raiders Playstation video game.

Purple Energy Crystals

These energy crystals are actually green Energy Crystals drained of Energy (normally by a Mining Laser, whether it be on a vehicle or stationary), and they must be recharged at a Recharge Seam to make them usable again.

Recharge Seam

Though technically not an Energy Crystal, these stones are embed in the cavern walls of Planet U. They are the only known objects that can recharge Energy Crystals. They were featured in the Rock Raiders PC video game.

Other Varieties

The Energy Crystal brick has since been featured in other sets as an ordinary gem or metal nugget.

Blue Energy Crystals

These Energy Crystals’ abilities, strength and abundance is unknown. They were originally going to appear in the Rock Raiders Playstation video game, but they were removed.These Energy Crystals are now featured in the 2007 Lego Theme Aqua Raiders.

Blue/Gray Energy Crystals

These Energy Crystals were featured in the BIONICLE video game Tales of the Tohunga. These Energy Crystals have the ability to melt objects. They are known as the Elements of Melting.

Gold Energy Crystals

These Energy Crystals’ abilities, strength and abundance is unknown. They were originally going to appear in the Rock Raiders Playstation video game, but they were removed.

Orange Energy Crystals

These Energy Crystals’ abilities, strength and abundance is unknown. They are never seen in the Rock Raiders theme, but they are seen in Lego Island 2. The asteroid known as OGEL Island is abundant with them. In the PC game, Legoland, there is an orange coloured Energy Crystal shaped piece of Amber.

Silver Energy Crystals

These Energy Crystals’ abilities, strength and abundance is unknown. They are never seen in the Rock Raiders theme, but they are seen in the Space theme.

Planet U

Planet U is the alien planet featured in Rock Raiders. The entire plot takes place on this planet. Planet U is located in a red galaxy parallel to the Milky Way. Its solar system has five other planets, and its star is in its red giant phase.

Planet U is a barren planet, devoid of any plant life and has little water on the surface, though there is plenty in the caverns inside it. There are massive lava lakes all around the planet. The poles of the planet are completely made up of ice, with scattered lakes. Planet U was home to an ancient and mysterious civilization, the Elemental Creatures. It is unknown exactly when this civilization was active, but the ruins found suggest it was millions of years old. Some millennia ago, a cataclysmic event occurred and the civilization was broken, the Elemental Creatures were reduced to simple-minded brutes, the Rock, Ice and Lava Monsters who now inhabit the planet's numerous caverns. All that remains are the ruins found by the Rock Raiders Axle, Bandit, Jet and Docs.

Planet U is abundant with Lego Ore and Energy Crystals. The Planet’s surface and crust is made mostly of various types of rock, mainly igneous. There are millions of limestone and marble caverns, studded with gemstones. Its mantle is composed mostly of volcanic rock. It is also where the most of the Energy Crystals, Lego Ore and wildlife are located. The outer and inner cores are composed of Lego Ore. Near the planet’s core is an enormous Energy Crystal cache that heavily guarded by Rock Monsters.

Planet U has very little oxygen, the Rock Raiders must build Support Stations to purify the air, and make it breathable.


Black Bats

Black Bats seem to thrive in the deep caverns of Planet U. They live in large groups and are harmless, though they do not like to be disturbed by the noise of drilling. They are rarely seen around Rock Raiders HQ.


Very little is known about the monsters, mainly because very few have ever been seen. They are obviously the dominant species of Planet U. Their main source of food happens to be the Energy Crystals, so they keep a close eye on them. Monsters have been known to hide lots of Energy Crystals in one cavern, and conceal the entrance. There are three variations of monsters. Rock, which is the most common, Ice, and Lava.

There is a rumor that Chief encountered a Rock Monster in his youth, but he has never shared this experience with anyone else. All that is known is what he saved in the LMS Explorer’s computer.

"The creature appeared to be made of rock and stood at least twice as tall as me. It had fiery eyes and a fearsome roar that almost turned me to stone! I was terrified as I watched it eat a great pile of Energy Crystals. Once it had finished it seemed to just disappear into the rock!"

Monsters have appeared in a few other Lego themes before, usually as enemies. Though, once again, Rock Raiders is the first to feature them as a major plot element.


Rockwhales are the largest creatures on all of Planet U. Their bodies are large, long and made completely of stone. They have six legs, and two large, pitch black eyes. Like scorpions and spiders, there are two types of them, though these may not by different breeds, a metallic maroon type and a swamp green color.

The metallic maroon type are slightly longer than the green type. They are capable of running incredibly fast, faster than any of the Rock Raiders’ vehicles.

The swamp green type are slightly shorter than the maroon type. They cannot walk very fast. Their bodies have several cracks in them. Their aged appearance suggests that this is not a different breed, and instead is just a much older Rockwhale.

Rockwhales’ only known weakness is water, if they are exposed to large amounts their bodies become one with the ground.

It has been speculated that the Rockwhales are in fact, another variation of monsters.


There are two breeds of Scorpions on Planet U, a purple breed and a green breed.

The purple breed behave like Earth Scorpions, the only differences are their color, size and that they are not poisonous, though it does hurt to get pinched by one.

The green breed however, are very different from Earth Scorpions, they are very territorial and will attack at the mere sight of a Rock Raider. These scorpions are slightly poisonous, though their venom is not lethal. The green scorpions are capable throwing bursts of energy from their claws.

Slimy Slugs

Slimy Slugs are large, green slugs with a layer of slime to help them slither faster. Like the monsters, their main food source is the Energy Crystals. However, unlike the monsters they do not swallow the Energy Crystals, instead they suck the energy out of them.

Slimy Slugs are short enough to crawl under Electric Fences, and due to their thick hides they can withstand laser fire and dynamite. The best method to get rid of them is place a Sonic Blaster, which emits a high-pitched sound wave which drives them away.

They are normally docile however they have been known to ram into Rock Raiders.


The Snakes of Planet U are a green and yellow stripe pattern, nothing is known about them as they only appeared in the FMV clips of the Rock Raiders PC and Playstation video games. They appear harmless as they do not bother the Rock Raiders. Axle is afraid of these Snakes.


There are two breeds of Spiders on Planet U, a smaller, harmless breed and a larger, more aggressive breed.

The Small Spiders are Planet U’s most common species, hiding under every rock and in every dark corner. They are a brown color with several black stripes. Docs has confirmed the Small Spiders are not poisonous, however they do secrete very slippery substance the protects them from being eaten by the bats.

The larger Spiders are much more dangerous than their smaller cousins. They are slightly bigger than the average Rock Raider. Unlike the Small Spiders, the large Spiders are poisonous. They prefer to stay in the volcanic areas of Planet U, spinning incredibly large webs that can trap Chrome Crushers. The only thing that can clear the webs is the scoop of the Loader Dozer.

Rock Types

Rock Walls

There are four different types of the rock walls. Dirt walls are the easiest to drill through, as they are mostly just dirt. Dirt walls can be drilled by any type of digging tool.

Loose rock walls are slightly harder to drill through, though any digging tool can take these down too.

Hard rock walls are very difficult to drill through. Being made completely of rock, they can only be taken down with the aid of drilling vehicles, the Mining Laser or dynamite.

Solid rock walls are impossible to drill through, and a Rock Raider must find a route around them.

Lego Ore

Lego Ore is the most common mineral on all of Planet U, it is found behind every rock wall and the majority of Planet U is composed of it. Lego Ore plays a significant part in the Rock Raiders theme, all the Rock Raiders’ tools, buildings and vehicles are made out of it.

Lego Ore can be reinforced into Building Studs at the Ore Refinery. Building Studs make constructing much easier and faster.

There are certain rock walls that contain more Lego Ore than usual. These walls are called Ore Seams.

Rock Raiders Vehicles

Cargo Carrier

The Cargo Carrier is a large water-based craft that is generally used to ferry equipment over the underground lakes and rivers. It has a large cargo hold that is able to carry most of the small vehicles and the Rock Raiders across water.

Chrome Crusher

The Chrome Crusher, also known as the Giant Drilling Vehicle or "GDV", is the "big daddy" of the Rock Raiders vehicles. It is everything that a Rock Raider will ever need in the dangerous underground caverns. Its powerful drill and high-energy laser equipment are a match for any kind of rock. If its drill is upgraded, a second drill will appear where the scanner dish was and this dish is moved up next to the laser. If the engine is upgraded, a huge, powerful-looking engine block appears in the large hollow space in the back of the vehicle, and it is able to move much faster. However, it is still slower than every other vehicle except the Large Mobile Laser Cutter, which cannot get an engine upgrade.

Floating Platform

The Floating Platform is a special unmanned vehicle. They are deployed when a Rock Raider must cross large amounts of water or lava, and a Tunnel Scout is not available. The Platforms are always on a set to and fro course.

Granite Grinder

The Granite Grinder is the "big brother" of the Small Digger, its giant drill is very powerful and it grinds through rock more quickly than the Small Digger and Small Mobile Laser Cutter. Its unique "walker" legs make it able to cross rubble and rock debris safely and easily. If the vehicle is upgraded, there are two drills.

Hover Scout

The Hover Scout is designed to make long distance reconnaissance over land easy and quick. It can travel at high speeds and can go over rubble and rock debris. The Hover Scout uses the latest hover propulsion technology.


The Hoverboard appears to be a much more advanced version of the Hover Scout. Many features of the Hover Scout can be seen on the it. The Hoverboard appeared a few times in the theme and was even included in a set, but it was not named until "Save the Spaceship".

Mobile Laser Cutter

The Mobile Laser Cutter is excellent at blasting though dirt and loose rock, using its powerful beam.The Mobile Laser Cutter comes in two varieties: a small, weaker but faster version, and a large, more powerful but slower version. Although they are extremely fast at mining, they both use a lot of energy.

The Large Mobile Laser Cutter uses the same amount of power as the Small Mobile Laser Cutter, but the laser is more powerful and will cut through rock more quickly, and is effective over a much longer range. The vehicle can be upgraded with a second laser emitter.

LMS Explorer

The LMS Explorer is the most important Rock Raiders vehicle. It is a massive exploration, and possibly colonization, cruiser. It is not outfitted with weapons, and therefore not a battleship. The LMS Explorer’s engines are capable of reaching light-speed.

The LMS Explorer has an energy shield that completely surrounds the ship, protecting it from space debris. The ship is also outfitted with a large GeoScanner, the Rock Raiders use this device whenever they find a new planet. Rather than deploying shuttles, the LMS Explorer has a teleportation system to transport Rock Raiders between planets and to and from the ship.

Loader Dozer

The Loader Dozer is a heavy-duty bulldozer and is good for clearing large areas of rubble quickly. When upgraded, it can carry large amounts of cargo thereby giving it a dual-purpose: clear the rubble and return the Lego Ore to Rock Raider HQ.

Rapid Rider

The Rapid Rider is the most basic of the Rock Raiders’ water based vehicles. It can travel across underground lakes and rivers, and though it cannot carry much cargo, it is an excellent reconnaissance craft.

In Save the Spaceship, the Rapid Rider is called the Cat. This may be the name Bandit’s personal Rapid Rider.

Small Digger

The Small Digger is a small but useful vehicle, using its twin chainsaws it can cut through most rock. Although it is not the fastest digging vehicle, it is a good choice at the beginning of a mission.

Small Transport Truck

The Small Transport Truck is very useful vehicle throughout entire missions. It is designed to make transporting raw materials from the excavation site to the HQ much faster.

Tunnel Scout

The Tunnel Scout is ideal for more advanced reconnaissance, as it can fly over water, lava and land. It gives the Rock Raider team greater flexibility over mixed terrain and its high speed keeps the pilot out of trouble.

Tunnel Transport

The Tunnel Transport is one of the largest Rock Raiders vehicle. It is inspired by Military Helicopters, though unlike Military Helicopters where their propellers are at the front and back, the Tunnel Transport’s propellers are at its left and right sides. At the bottom is a chain that can hold the largest land vehicles or rescue trapped Rock Raiders by lifting them aboard.

Unknown Vehicles

There are a few sets that include unnamed vehicles, most of the inspiration models are vehicles as well. These vehicles are never named, and only two of them were ever featured in the story.

Rock Raiders Structures


The Docks are always constructed on the bank of an underground lake or river. They are used for mooring the Rapid Rider and Cargo Carrier. The Docks is where Rock Raider cadets can train as sailors.

Geological Center

The Geological Scanner is where geologists bring rock samples for study. Its large GeoScanner scans the entire cavern. The Geological Center is where Rock Raider cadets can train as geologists.

Landing Pad

The Landing Pad is a large platform marked for landing the Tunnel Transport. They are usually placed far away from Rock Raiders HQ.

Mining Laser

The Mining Laser projects a powerful beam which can tackle most types of rock. This must be used wisely as firing the laser uses up Energy Crystals.

Ore Refinery

The Ore Refinery’s function is to process raw Lego Ore into Building Studs. This structure is useful during long missions.

Power Path

The Power Path is the Rock Raiders HQ foundation, every building must be next to a Power Path to be built, however the paths themselves do not need to be connected to be built. Rock Raiders can run much faster on Power Paths than rubble or cavern floor.The Power Paths use energy from the Power Station and supply it throughout the base, this can be seen when the Power Paths glow blue.

The Power Paths can be used as dams to block a lava flow, though these must be repaired often.

Power Station

The Power Station is extremely important, as it is where the power is extracted from the Energy Crystals and used to power the buildings at Rock Raider HQ. Once a Power Station has been constructed, the Energy Crystals collected are taken here and used to power the base.

Super Teleport

The Super Teleport, also called the Large Teleport Pad, has more than double the power of the Teleport Pad. Once constructed you can teleport down the largest land vehicles from the LMS Explorer.

Support Station

The Support Station is extremely important, it replenishes the air supply in caverns which have limited levels of oxygen in them. It also acts as a lunchroom for the Rock Raiders. The Support Station is where Rock Raider cadets can train as drivers.

Teleport Pad

The Teleport Pad is a very important building. Rock Raiders and the Small Vehicles use the Teleport Pad to travel into the underground caverns from the LMS Explorer. The Teleport Pad is also where Rock Raider cadets can train as pilots.

Tool Store

The Tool Store is the first building needed for any Rock Raider HQ and is the starting point of every base. It is a multi-purpose building, as it not only acts as a temporary Teleport Pad, but also stores all the tools needed by the Rock Raider team. Collected raw materials are also stored in the Tool Store.

Unknown Structures

In the Chrome Crusher and Rock Raiders HQ sets, there are inspiration models for structures. These structures are never named and never appear in the story, though they are likely just variations of Rock Raiders HQ.

Upgrade Station

The Upgrade Station is where Rock Raiders bring vehicles to be repaired or upgraded. The Upgrade Station is where Rock Raider cadets can train as engineers.

Rock Raiders Equipment

Among the vehicles, the Rock Raiders have a plethora of tools and equipment. Only the significant tools will be listed here, the minor tools that are included with sets and featured in the PC game will not be listed here.

Action Stations

Action Stations is Rock Raiders HQ alert system. When activated the entire base glows red and alarms sound. All the stationed Rock Raiders go on red alert, looking out for hostile alien life. As a precaution, Action Stations is automatically activated when a building is damaged, be it by alien, equipment or environment.

Construction Barriers

Construction Barriers are used by Rock Raiders who are preparing an area for a building to be teleported down. Rock Raiders collect them from the Tool Store autonomously, and pick them up if they have been left lying around.

Construction Barrier resemble typical barriers, with black and yellow stripes and flashing lights at both ends.


An explosive material that Rock Raiders can fetch from the Tool Store. It is not shown in the inventory, but Rock Raiders can be seen carrying it to the selected wall. Dynamite can knock down dirt, loose and hard rock in one go. It does work on seams but only once, and the wall is not demolished. Dynamite can do damage to vehicles, Rock Raiders, buildings and monsters alike. Dynamite is ineffective on solid rock walls as is everything else the Rock Raiders use.

Electric Fences

Electric Fences can be considered a tool, weapon or building. Rock Raiders place Electric Fences around the perimeter of Rock Raiders HQ, any monsters that walk into them are disintegrated. They are ineffective against Slimy Slugs.

Beam Gun

The Beam Gun is a defensive tool used by the Rock Raiders to protect themselves from the monsters. Using PowerCells, which are only seen in the Playstation game and are mentioned in the books, it can have numerous functions.

Blue PowerCell

The Blue PowerCell gives the Beam Gun an ice function. The freezer beam is the most effective weapon against Lava Monsters, though, not surprisingly, it is ineffective against Ice Monsters. When an enemy is shot with an ice beam, they are frozen solid for several minutes. In the Playstation game, the freezer beam blast circles around the Rock Raider, rather than firing straight, creating a sort of "ice shield".

Green PowerCell

The Green PowerCell gives the Beam Gun the ability to push objects away. They are mostly used as a tool for the Rock Raiders, rather than a weapon like the other PowerCells. They can be used against the monsters, but it has barely any effect.

Interestingly, in the Playstation game the Pusherbeam can stun and shrink creatures, as well as push them away.

Red PowerCell

The Red PowerCell gives the Beam Gun a laserbeam function. The laserbeam is the most effective weapon against the Rock and Ice Monsters, destroying them in one shot. It is effective against Lava Monsters, but not as much.


The GeoScanner, or GeoLocater as it is occasionally called, is one of the most important tools for the Rock Raiders, it is used primarily by Geologists. The GeoScanner can detect minerals, examine the density of rock, and even see what’s beyond a rock wall. There are three known types of GeoScanners.
* Hand-Held - Seen in Race for Survival and Save the Spaceship.
* Radar Uplink - Seen in the PC game, several carried by Geologists and one at the Geological Center.
* LMS Explorer - Seen in the Playstation game and High Adventure, Deep Underground. Due to the way this one functions (Showing the landscape from a high-altitude and scanning the nearby rock), it was assumed to be aboard the LMS Explorer. This was proven in High Adventure, Deep Underground.


Axle, Bandit, Docs, Jet and Sparks have a jetpack fitted onto their uniforms, allowing them to jump over large lakes of water and lava, and help escape danger from the aliens. When used, a red light is seen. Jet had her jetpack modified to jump twice as high as the others’.

The jetpacks only appear in the Playstation game.

Personal Energy Shield

Every Rock Raider and vehicle is equipped with a personal energy shield, to protect them from the dangers of Planet U. If a shield’s power supply is depleted one of two things must be done; Locate Shield Recharge orbs or immediately teleport the Rock Raider to the LMS Explorer. Docs had his shield modified to recharge while using his drill, it is unknown how this works though.

Power Drill

The Power Drill is a hand-held tool to drill through the rock walls. It can breach dirt and loose rock walls, but not hard rock.


The radar has two functions, the first is a map of the cavern, showing the Rock Raiders, their equipment, and the aliens if any. The second function is a camera, which can be centered around one object or person, constantly follow it wherever it goes.

Shield Recharge Orbs

The Shield Recharge Orbs are two small, green, floating orbs that spin in a circle. They have the ability to recharge an object's or person's shield instantly.

The Shield Recharge Orbs only appear in the Playstation game.

Sonic Blaster

Sonic Blasters are defensive tools used against Slimy Slugs. Once a Sonic Blaster is dropped, it emits a high-pitched noise that drives away the Slimy Slugs.

Original Plans

On June 20th, 2000 [ Lugnet] member Sergio Guerra discovered the original plans for the Rock Raiders theme. Many elements are different or left out in the final theme.

Different Elements:
* A different standard Rock Raiders uniform, similar to Bandit’s uniform
* Different hand-held drills
* Different Chrome Crusher, with twin drills and no laser
* Different Hover Scout, with two long antennas and pilot seat.
* Different Loader Dozer, with a Dune buggy look, and a drill.
* Different Granite Grinder, much sleeker look
* Different Rock Raiders insignia, with a red cog, instead of a silver drill.
* The Large Vehicles' windscreens are silver, instead of brown.
* Tailed Rock Monsters

Original Elements:
* Mobile Rock Raiders HQ
* New insect-like vehicle
* New six-wheeled vehicle, with two claws and three laser-like devices mount on top
* Perhaps the biggest change, the Rock Raiders had enemies, the Insectoids

Had the theme been more successful, these elements might have been reconsidered. The website with this information can be seen [ here] . As well as concept images and info in the Ultimate Lego Book, pages 30-31.

References in other Lego themes

A few other Lego themes have shared aspects of Rock Raiders, and vice versa. Some themes have even directly mentioned the Rock Raiders characters.
*Lego Island 2
**Rock Monsters inhabit the jungle.
**Rock Monsters and Slimy Slugs inhabit OGEL Island.
*Lego Racers 2
**The character Berg, is an Ice Monster (though his appearance is identical to a Rock Monster) that wishes to race. This is the first known intelligent Monster.
**Energy Crystals are under Legoland
**Professor Voltage teleports to Planet U right when Docs is being threatened by a Rock Monster; his machine lands on the Rock Monster, knocking it out. The Professor asks Docs how to use Energy Crystals, then returns to Legoland, leaving Docs with a very angry Rock Monster.

Along with the above appearances, numerous Lego themes -some of which came before Rock Raiders, and others after- have featured Energy Crystals, though only a few have specifically said that they are the same type of crystals featured in Rock Raiders.

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* [ Rock Raiders United - Fansite for Rock Raiders PC]


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