List of Killer7 characters

List of Killer7 characters

This is a list of characters who appear in the 2005 video game "killer7", and its in-depth guide, "Hand in killer7". It is worth noting that "Hand in killer7" deviates from the game itself at times, and this should be kept in mind while reading.

Main characters

Harman Smith

Harman Smith is a 60-year-old American assassin, of Irish descent. Despite his great age, he is as physically fit as a young man. During his lifetime, Harman regularly played chess with Kun Lan and would often defeat him, while at the same time attempting to stop him from using his terrorist organization, the Heaven Smile, to destroy the world. His weapon, a Barret M82 anti-matériel rifle, holds the power of the "God-Killer."

Harman Smith is voiced by Dwight Schultz.

Kun Lan

Kun Lan is a Tibetan terrorist who in his past life, was simultaneously the best friend and the arch-rival of Harman Smith. Kun Lan obtained the "God Hand" through unknown means and used it to mass-produce Heaven Smile terrorists, which Harman devoted his life to stopping. Kun Lan was reincarnated in Lhasa, Tibet 30 years after Harman killed him, with some worshiping him as a reincarnation of the demon Mara Papimer. He believes himself to be as powerful as a god, the reason behind naming his creations the "Heaven Smile."

Kun Lan is voiced by Joe Lala.

mith Syndicate

Garcian Smith

Garcian Smith is a 33-year-old American assassin, and the reincarnation of Emir Parkreiner. Garcian alone has the ability to converse with Harman's alter egos; this is also true as the briefcase he carries is revealed during the game's conclusion to hold the various weapons of the Smith Syndicate. Christopher Mills would regularly meet with Garcian to debrief him on missions that required the expertise of the Killer7. "Hand in killer7" reveals that he was killed and absorbed by Harman in his past life, which may indicate towards Parkereiner being taken in by Harman after the incident at the Union Hotel. His weapon, a suppressed SIG P230, is eventually replaced when, at Coburn Elementary School, Garcian reclaims the golden gun he used as Emir Parkereiner.

Garcian has the power to resurrect Harman's fallen personae. When a member of the Killer7 is killed in action, they leave behind their own head in a bag, which Garcian must then retrieve, earning him the nickname, "the Cleaner."

Garcian Smith is voiced by Greg Eagles.

Dan Smith

Dan Smith is a 33-year-old American assassin, of Irish descent, and the most aggressive of the Killer7, earning him the nickname "the Hellion." In his past life, he was born in Detroit, Michigan, and a member of the Union7 political party who was ultimately murdered in room #601 of the Union Hotel, by Emir Parkreiner. Before reincarnating as one of Harman Smith's personae, Dan served the Seattle self-defense force under Curtis Blackburn's tutelage, but was killed by him without remorse after being wrongly accused of stealing from Blackburn's organ trafficking business, Pedro Montana being the true culprit. Dan holds a strong grudge against Blackburn because of this. According to the game's instruction manual, he also hates Harman Smith, and according to the "Hand in killer7" Dan has tried to kill him in the past, almost succeeding. His weapon, a Colt Python .357 revolver, is eventually replaced when, at Ishizaka Land, Dan claims the Demon Gun, a powerful revolver featuring two barrels and a twelve shot cylinder.

Dan has the power of the "Collateral Shot," which is the only attack capable of destroying Duplicator Smile. It has also been referred to as the "Demon Shot" and "Demon Shell". As a member of the Killer7, he is aggressive and irreverent, regularly using the phrase, "This is too easy," after hitting a Heaven Smile's weak point.Dan Smith is intensely disliked by Con Smith, and shares a fierce and violent rivalry with Coyote Smith.

Dan Smith is voiced by Michael Gough.


nihongo|1=KAEDE Smith|2= 楓・墨州|3= Kaede Sumisu is a 20-year-old American assassin, of Japanese-American descent, and the only female member of the Killer7. She is always seen wearing a short blood-spattered dress and is rarely seen wearing any shoes (with the only exception being a pair of high high heels in the game's instruction manual), earning her the nickname, "Barefoot." In her previous life, she was born in Portland, Oregon, and a member of the Union7 political party and had a brother who belonged to the Liberal Party. She was ultimately murdered while hiding in a wardrobe in room #404 of the Union Hotel, being shot several times in the abdomen by Emir Parkreiner. This is the cause for the blood-spatters on her dress, and the mark of herself as a traitor, as she ran and hid from Parkreiner rather than attempt to warn her fellow political members. Before reincarnating as one of Harman Smith's personae, KAEDE was killed by her own brother, who was under the orders of Kenjiro Matsuoka. Her weapon, an AMT Hardballer with a zooming scope, is similar to that of a sniper rifle. It is stated that in "Hand in killer7" that she is also a talented martial artist.

KAEDE has the power of the "Blood Shower," in which she summons Mizaru to eliminate invisible barriers by cutting her wrist and creating a rain of her own blood. She can also use this ability to absorb blood as well.

Along with MASK, KAEDE's name is capitalized due to the fact that in the Japanese version of the game her name was displayed in English, whereas all other characters' names were in Japanese script.

Fans often depict KAEDE in fanart and fanfiction as being romantically linked with either Dan Smith or Coyote Smith.

KAEDE Smith is voiced by Tara Strong.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a 30-year-old British assassin, an albino, and the most silent member of the Killer7. In his past life, he was a bellhop who was ultimately murdered unceremoniously at the front desk of the Union Hotel, by Emir Parkreiner. Before reincarnating as one of Harman Smith's personae, Kevin was forced to kill "the man he loved" during a battle in Miami. He wears shades all the time because his eyes mysteriously glow and shine. Curiously, when he goes into stealth mode he removes his glasses and vanishes following a bright flash. In addition to this, after joining the Killer7, he no longer speaks in any situation. This may be because it is rumored that his voice now has the capability of summoning Gods. His weapons include throwing knives and a long-bladed knife for close combat.

He has the ability to turn invisible, which allows him to pass through the Heaven Smile and security systems alike. As Kevin has this ability, he can easily disappear into crowds. Despite his size and hulking posture, he is very quick and acrobatic, capable of high-speed somersaults and flips.

Coyote Smith

Coyote Smith is a 28-year-old South American assassin, of Puerto Rican descent. In his past life, he was ultimately murdered in a room of the Union Hotel by Emir Parkreiner, who flanked his hiding spot and shot him from a window. Before reincarnating as one of Harman Smith's personae, Coyote was killed by Dan as well. His weapon, a modified Enfield revolver, is capable of firing a charged shot described by Iwazaru as a custom shot banned by international treaties. He holds the weapon upside-down, in his own "gangster style."

Coyote has the ability to pick any padlock and to perform jumps high enough to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Iwazaru refers to him as a petty thief, and often expresses doubts about whether Coyote even truly deserves to be a member of the Killer7. As a member of the Killer7, he is aggressive and irreverent, regularly using the phrase, "You're fucked," after hitting a Heaven Smile's weak point.Despite his vulgarity, "Hand in killer7" reveals that Coyote has formed a bond with Con Smith, possibly as a mentor or big brother figure.He has a fierce rivalry with Dan Smith.

Coyote Smith is voiced by Benito Martinez.

Con Smith

Con Smith is a 14-year-old Chinese assassin, and the youngest member of the Killer7. A bandana wearing street punk, Con was born blind but acts like a seemingly normal teenage boy with a trigger-happy but childish personality; he frequently yells "Fuck you!" when he hits the weak spot of a Heaven Smile, and is perfectly able to grasp his surroundings due to superb hearing. Nothing is known of his first life, but in his second life, he was ultimately murdered in a room of the Union Hotel, by Emir Parkreiner. According to "Hand in killer7" Con has a strong attachment to Coyote Smith, but a complete lack of respect for Dan. He whistles when he is in a good mood and is a big fan of the "The Handsome Men", which may explain why he strikes a pose every time he uses his special ability. His weapons are a pair of automatic pistols, possibly Glock 18s. Athletic, Con seems to use his feet and knees to help reload, much like in a game of hacky sack.

Con has a power which allows him to run incredibly quickly, covering large distances in seconds. He can also fit in small gaps that others can not.

Con Smith is voiced by Jun Hee Lee.

MASK de Smith

MASK de Smith is a 38-year-old American assassin, and the most destructive, as well as the most kind-hearted member of the Killer7, who loves animals and children; his real first name is unknown. As one can tell by his appearance, he is a former professional wrestler who has developed his own fighting style based on lucha libre and Lancashire wrestling, earning him the nickname "The Mask." During the first part of Target 01: Sunset, he manages to stop a bullet by headbutting it. In his past life, he was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and a member of the Union7 political party who was ultimately murdered in room #306 of the Union Hotel, by Emir Parkreiner. Prior to his death, he was scheduled to appear in New York City for a major wrestling event, and even after death he is still recognized by wrestling fans, including Jean DePaul. His weapons, two modified M79 grenade launchers, are capable of firing electric and gravity-based grenades in addition to regular rounds which are powerful enough to destroy cracked walls. He can also use professional wrestling moves to clear paths. New masks can be obtained that change MASK's appearances and make his attacks even more powerful, as well as decreasing, and later removing, his initially substantial reload time.

Along with KAEDE, MASK de Smith's name is capitalized due to the fact that in the Japanese version of the game his name was displayed in English, whereas all other characters' names were in Japanese script.

MASK de Smith is voiced by Miguel Caballero.

Recurring supporting characters

Christopher Mills

Christopher Mills is an American government agent who would regularly meet with Garcian to debrief him on missions that required the expertise of the Killer7. To combat potential wiretapping, Mills would contact Garcian by leaving a message on his answering machine, claiming to be a member of the Republic Party requesting his vote in a local election, in order to notify Garcian when to meet him. He was eventually assassinated by Linda Vermillion, who apparently takes over his role, becoming his successor. He is also one of the few remaining people, both living and Remnant Psyche, to have always been aware of Garcian's true identity as Emir Parkereiner. In the book "Hand in Killer7", it is revealed that Mills was an assassin (albeit a terrible one) and helped Harman form the Smith Syndicate.

Christopher Mills is voiced by Bart Flynn.

amantha Sitbon

Samantha Sitbon, later known as Samantha Smith, is a loyal yet alternatively abusive servant of Harman Smith. During a light outage, Sitbon is dressed as a maid who is all-business. When the lights of Harman's Room are on, she is dressed in street clothes and is rough and abusive towards Harman, physically striking or sexually molesting the nearly catatonic old man. Garcian Smith often walks in on her during these times, but says nothing. She is killed during the game's events and becomes Samantha Smith, rather than assuming her previous "Sitbon" surname. This change likely notes her becoming one of Harman's personalities and thus joining the Smith Syndicate.

Samantha Sitbon is voiced by Heidi Anderson.

Kenjiro Matsuoka

Kenjiro Matsuoka, also known as Matsuken, is Japanese politician. He was born in Hiroshima, and is one of the younger members of the U.N. Party. Initially Matsuoka was frustrated by the party's unwillingness to take action, but later became its leader after being goaded into murdering his superiors, Hiroyasu Kurahashi and Shinya Akiba and being touched by Kun Lan's God Hand before he could commit suicide. Matsuoka, now in command of the U.N. Party, and retrieves the Yakumo policy and kills Hiro Kasai, a one-time informant to the Killer7, who gives information regarding the party. Matsuoka later appears at the Coburn Elementary School gymnasium shortly after Garcian discovers Greg Nightmare's body. He has knowledge of the Education Ministry of the United States and tells Garcian about it before disappearing. The next time Matsuoka is seen is on Battleship Island, during the awakened Emir Parkreiner's final mission to exterminate the Heaven Smile. He tells Parkreiner that if he is left alive, Japan will destroy the United States, and the player is offered a choice of whether or not to kill him, which affects the ending. If he lives, as promised Japan will destroy the United States in 2014; if he is killed, the reverse will happen, with the United States destroying Japan in an attack on the same year. His weapon, a golden, automatic pistol is only seen once during the game, when Matsuoka aims it at Garcian's head during the confrontation in the Coburn gymnasium.

Kenjiro Matsuoka is voiced by Steve Blum.

Remnant Psyches

The Remnant Psyches are spirits that the Smith Syndicate encounters during the course of the game. They often offer advice or plot exposition, though some also taunt or insult the Smiths, as several Remnant Psyches are the apparitions of targets they've assassinated on previous missions. According to "Hand in killer7", the Remnant Psyches are people whom Harman Smith has absorbed but are incompatible with his consciousness and are thus unable to become a Smith persona.

Travis Bell

Travis Bell was the first person who Harman Smith ever killed, and is often seen wearing muscle shirts sporting bizarre slogans on them. Usually he will give some sort of hint as to what the player needs to do to move on, or mention important plot points, often relating to the political side of the story, though sometimes these hints are extremely vague. He is the only Remnant Psyche that does not disappear after he is spoken to. He is also one of the only characters in the game to know and acknowledge Garcians true identity as Emir Parkreiner throughout the game.


Wenzel Diel Boris Iwazaruskopf VII, better known for short as Iwazaru, is the loyal servant of Harman Smith, dressed entirely in red and black bondage gear and suspended above the ground by a red bungee cord. Iwazaru always has his right index finger held before his mouth when he talks, which refers to the fact that "iwazaru" is Japanese for "speak no evil." He is apparently deeply disturbed by afros. This is mentioned at the start of the Target 02: Cloudman, when he decides to delegate his normal role to the cult member, as the mission's target, Andrei Ulmeyda, and an exclusive breed of Heaven Smile in his image, sport afros. Iwazaru appears to give direct hints to the player; on the first mission, he gives a tutorial on basic controls, and in the save room he acts as a directory for info on all the information gathered so far.

Iwazaru always starts a conversation saying something along the lines of, "Master, We're in a tight spot..." and every conversation ends with, "In the name of Harman...," with the exception of one at the beginning of the first mission, Target 00: Angel, when Iwazaru learns Harman is attempting to kill Kun Lan and calls him a fool. Thus, he ends the sentence with, "In the name of the fool," instead.

Following Target 05: Smile, three years pass and Iwazaru is not seen again until the end of Target 06: Lion, where he has apparently formed a physical body and has since come to exist in reality, though he has lost much of his bondage gear including his bungee cord. In addition, he no longer holds his right index finger before his mouth repeating the line "In the name of Harman." During the awakened Emir Parkreiner's final mission to exterminate the Heaven Smile, Parkreiner is led deep within Battleship Island where he finds Iwazaru and kills him. Here, the true nature of Iwazaru is revealed, as he has become free of God Harman Smith's control, to be a representation of the psychological and spiritual remains of Kun Lan's influence within Emir Parkreiner.

While not mentioned in the game itself, the Heaven Smile incarnation of Iwazaru is popularly, and according to "Hand in killer7", officially recognized as the Last Shot Smile.


Kikazaru is Iwazaru's retainer, who is always found suspended in midair against walls. His name is Japanese for "hear no evil." Kikazaru appears whenever Soul Shells are close by.


Mizaru is Iwazaru's ex-wife, who is summoned by KAEDE to aid in using KAEDE's Blood Shower to eliminate invisible barriers and absorb blood. She always has one hand covering her eyes, as her name is Japanese for "see no evil."


Yoon-Hyun was once the owner of the Union Hotel, and the informant for the Harman Assassins in his previous life. As a Remnant Psyche, he is always seen holding a mask in his right hand, and will give information regarding what should be done to solve a particular puzzle. He directs the player to shoot his mask for further information. Upon doing so, the player loses Small Blood, and Yoon-Hyun changes in appearance slightly, now having the mask on his face and using both hands to give the finger, calling the player a loser or a variant of that. When wearing his mask, Yoon-Hyun calls himself the "True Mask," and gives more direct hints to solve puzzles.

usie Sumner

Susie Sumner appears as a severed head, which fans believe symbolizes her tendency to "lose her head" (despite that her designers were not familiar with such English idioms). She appears six times throughout the game, each time giving a ring possessing magical power. When she does this she says she is returning it, implying it belonged to them before. At every appearance she reveals part of her past, usually starting out by talking about the weather, through disjointed speech and internet emoticons. While most of her past is a mystery, she reveals that she tried to commit suicide by jumping off of a building, and taking her mother with her, resulted in her mother's death and six months spent in the hospital. She also shot a boyfriend with her father's hunting rifle resulting in being committed to a mental asylum. It is also heavily implied that she kidnapped several men, cutting off their genitals. Her voice is one of the few that can be deciphered easier, too – often giving a rearranged message to the dialogue.

Kess BloodySunday

Kess BloodySunday is a boy constantly in a state of extreme horrifification, who is always met by the Killer7 before their encounter with a previously unseen breed of Heaven Smile. He often gives hints about the weaknesses of these Heaven Smile, through a recollection of his own fateful encounters which led to his own deaths. BloodySunday's eyes are white, and he indicates that he is blind, or at least in death. Before his death, he was an apparent serial killer brought upon by severe child neglect who had expertise with bomb making. In his own words, BloodySunday's death was by the hand of the "three eyed monster," Emir Parkreiner, on a Sunday, hence his unusual surname.


The Gate-Keeper is seen in every mission except Target 02: Cloudman and Target 04: Alter Ego, usually shortly before the boss, appearing at the entrance of the Vinculum Gate. During the mission the player must obtain Soul Shells, which are given to the Gate-Keeper who grants access through the gate, which is nothing more than a mere stairway characterized by its rave music.

Mad Doctor

The Mad Doctor appears on the Blood Room channel of the television in Harman's Room. He uses a blood machine to convert the thick blood collected by the Killer7 into serum, which can be used for upgrading the personalities. When the player exceeds the amount of serum for that stage, the blood machine will shut down, making the doctor put up a "Closed" sign, telling the player that no more thick blood can be converted. He is similar in appearance to Harman Smith. He hits the machine as it shuts down and sighs, insinuating that he enjoys converting blood and dislikes shutting down for the remainder of the episode.

Characters in "ANGEL"

Red Gunners

The Red Gunners are described by Hand in Killer7 as being a small group of organized criminals composed of two men and two women. They are all killed in some manner in the Angel episode by either Heaven Smiles or in the case of one of the male members, actually becoming a Heaven Smile.


Angel is the first evolved Heaven Smile boss enemy of the game. The angel greets Harman Smith and speaks of the thirteen "children", blaming Harman for the deaths of nine of them while the other four "did not die in vain." The player as Harman destroys the angel’s four wings. She falls to the ground but returns to life with four faces where her wings had been (and bloody holes where her eyes were).

As the angel returns to life, Kun Lan’s voice is heard. "You think you killed me? Better think again!"

Characters in "SUNSET"

Toru Fukushima

*Voice: Jim WardA former member of the Liberal Party and owner of Restaurant Fukushima, Toru Fukushima is the leader of the United Nations Party of Japan; since its establishment, it has become Japan's leading political group.

Near the end of the Killer7's mission inside Restaurant Fukushima, Fukushima reveals to Harman that he, along with the other Liberal members encompassing the Union7, were responsible for the creation of the Yakumo Party Cabinet Policy; documents detailing how to create the ideal nation and perfect society with regard to nationalism and diplomacy. However, due to the fractured nature of the Liberal Party at the time, the Union7 were disbanded and the Yakumo left in the hands of the Party's chief secretary before Fukushima had it stolen. Fukushima's disillusionment with Japan's state of politics, with him believing that politicians were nothing more than actors, is ultimately what caused him to escape to the United States and become a political 'architect' for the U.N. Party.

With his political power of being the leader of the U.N. Party, Fukushima decided to break the Asian Security Treaty in the hope of establishing Japan as an entirely independent state, effectively destroying the relationship between his political party and Japan with the U.S. Government. The motivation was that he realized that Japan's usefulness as an ally to the United States had completely diminished, and that a betrayal by the U.S. Government would be inevitable. However, once the 200+ pulsars from East Asia had launched and were set to target Japan, Fukushima planned to barter the Yakumo with the U.S. Government in exchange for their intervention by launching self-defense missiles.

The International Ethics Committee eventually come to learn about Fukushima's many illicit dealings, and send Jean DePaul to act as a spy. Fukushima is eventually killed by Julia Kisugi, an undercover assassin belonging to the Liberal Party that he once served, as a last attempt to undermine the U.N. Party and gain control of Japan.

Along with being a meaningful politician, Fukushima also wanted to be a tea master.

Julia Kisugi

A 22 year old assassin hired by the desperate Japanese Liberal Party to kill Toru Fukushima and to retrieve the Yakumo. She goes undercover and works as Toru Fukushima's secretary.

She succeeds in killing Toru Fukushima, but fails to obtain the Yakumo as Jean DePaul had already recovered it. She is forced into a corner and does battle with the Killer7. She loses the duel and commits suicide by breaking off her necklace and biting into it, which activates a bomb that explodes and instantly kills her.

Her true desire was to escape the life of an assassin and to live a normal life. She later appears as a remnant psyche (ghost) during Chapter Cloudman where she thanks the Killer7 because with the result of her death, she has finally found some happiness.

Jean DePaul

*Voice: James HoranA 23 year old professional assassin/spy working for the International Ethics Committee in attempt to stop the U.S./Japanese meeting which ended in failure anyway because the U.S. already made up their mind long before the meeting ever began.

Jean DePaul is sent to Restaurant Fukushima and takes on the disguise of an apprentice chef. He succeeds in fooling the Killer7 and manages to keep his identity a secret.

Hiro Kasai tips off Garcian about Jean DePaul and how he is an enemy to the Liberal Party and a threat to the Killer7's mission. At Restaurant Fukushima, Jean's goal was to find Julia and kill her. Jean may not have killed Julia, but his mission succeeds anyway due to the Killer7 interfering and killing Julia.

Jean kills himself after being defeated by MASK DE Smith in the basement of the Kaku Building. He later appears as a remnant psyche (ghost). Despite his death and failed mission, the Internal Ethics Committee still achieved the results they wanted.

Jean secretly admires MASK DE Smith, though he complains his style of wrestling is for little kids.

One interesting thing is his resemblance to Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series.

Hiroyasu Kurahashi & Shinya Akiba

Kurahashi & Akiba are the two elderly executive members of the Japanese U.N. Party who despise the United States and wish to save Japan. Kurahashi and Akiba view younger U.N. Party member Kenjiro Matsuoka as a foolish and disgraceful politician. When Kenjiro Matsuoka sums up enough courage, he takes the gun and shoots both of the old men. However, they aren't truly dead as they are chosen by Kun Lan and are instantly reborn as evolved Heaven Smile. Their new task: Defeat the Killer7. With Toru Fukushima dead, The U.N. Party is in a chaotic mess, but Kun Lan chooses Kenjiro Matusoka to become the new U.N. leader.

The Killer7 go to the Kaku building where Kurahashi and Akiba put up a rather amusing boss battle, but they are ultimately defeated. They later appear as remnant psyche ghosts with whom the Killer7 can communicate later on in the game.

Hiro Kasai

*Voice: Robin Atkin DownesA 52-year old Japanese informant for the Liberal Party. Hiro Kasai works in cooperation with the United States through connections with Christopher Mills. Hiro reveals information to Garcian Smith regarding the peace-keeping organization known as The International Ethics Committee, that they hired professional assassin/spy Jean DePaul, who has become an enemy to the Japanese Liberal Party. The International Ethics Committee intended for the U.S. to attack Japan. Hiro Kasai wanted the U.S./Japanese Talks to succeed for the sake of the Asian Security Protocol.

Later on, Kenjiro Matsuoka captures Hiro Kasai and makes him dress up in bondage gear in an act of embarrassment and shame for being a fellow Japanese citizen and a political nuisance towards the Japanese U.N. Party's plans. Ultimately, Matsuken makes Hiro jump off the top of a building to make it look like he committed suicide. Interestingly, the bondage gear Kenjiro forces him to wear is similar to Iwazaru's.

Kuramoto, Ohta, Jeffers & Dudley

The four playing mah-jongg in the basement of the Kaku building are there for a meeting between U.S. and Japan to negotiate the extension of the Asian Security Treaty, according to "Hand in Killer7".

The Liberal Party desired an extension of the Asian Security Treaty, and therefore kept its relationship with the U.S. Government in good condition. Oppositely, Toru Fukushima of the United Nations Party completely severed his relationship with the U.S. Government; he ended the security treaty in the interest of establishing Japan as a truly independent state. When the Liberal Party learned about Fukushima's annulment of the Asian Security Treaty, it sent Julia Kisugi to assassinate him; replacing Fukushima in the negotiations with their own Kuramoto and Ohta to maintain Japan-U.S. relations.

Negotiations between the Liberal Party and the U.S. Government had concluded well before the meeting in the Kaku Building, so the meeting was intended to be a mere formality. Unexpectedly, the U.S. Government, represented by Jeffers and Dudley, broke off negotiations; as a result, both sides end up killing each other, shooting each other from across the mah-jongg in a dramatic fashion.


He is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, an advisor for the United States. Spencer is tasked with having to call the U.S. President and asking for his decision regarding the launching of the "FireWorks" to intercept the incoming foreign missiles heading for Japan.

The Three Young Men

They work as waiters at Restaurant Fukushima. Originally human, they have been turned into Heaven Smile and are killed by MASK DE Smith.

Characters in "CLOUDMAN"

Andrei Ulmeyda

*Voice: Played by Cam ClarkeAndrei Ulmeyda is a mysterious cult leader who resents the Heaven Smile. In fear of becoming one, he challenges Garcian Smith to kill him if he does. He runs the "Company" First Life Inc., which in actuality, doesn't exist. Andrei somehow managed to find a part of the Yakumo, possibly while working at his former job at the city's post office.

The Killer7 find Andrei Ulmeyda in Texas where they witnessed his confession to having injected himself with various deadly viruses and overcoming them. His big risk paid off when he managed to create medical vaccines. Andrei Ulmeyda gets a satisfying feeling when flirting with death but fears becoming a Heaven Smile and implores the Killer7 to kill him if he ever does. Shortly after, the U.S. Emergency Countermeasure Defense Department ambushes and captures Andrei Ulmeyda and injected him with viral sample of Heaven Smile DNA for a top-secret experimental military project. Andrei Ulmeyda instantly transforms into an uncontrollable evolved Heaven Smile. His acid-like blood rains down, contaminating the area and killing everyone except for the Killer7 and Gabriel Clemence. In keeping with Andrei's promise to be killed if he were to ever become a Heaven Smile, the Killer7 perform a mercy killing and eliminate Andrei Ulmeyda as a threat.

Gabriel Clemence

*Voice: Chris CoxHis first name means "Hero of God" and his last name means "mercy". Clemence is a loyal cult member and worships Andrei Ulmeyda as his master and God. He is chosen by Andrei Ulmeyda and manages to survive the "Drive Yourself to Death" test. After Andrei Ulmeyda's death, Andrei passes on the message of his teachings to Clemence as the protégé. Christopher Mills eventually buys the car, becoming its new owner, but after he is killed at the hands of Linda Vermillion, Emir Parkreiner becomes the next owner of the car and uses it to travel across the intercontinental expressways to reach Battleship Island.

Cult Member

A fervent believer in Andrei Ulmeyda. He appears as a remnant psyche. However, the circumstances surrounding his death are unknown. He gives hints to the Killer7 as they make their way to find Andrei Ulmeyda.

He has a love for Ulmeyda's film autobiography. His quotes suggest that he was an atheist.

Man in Photograph

He was killed for having hidden Ulmeyda figurine #12.

Old Man

A skeptical old man with some knowledge regarding the mysterious Andrei Ulmeyda and Ulmeyda City. He meets Garcian Smith and gives him some advice. He is an old man at the entrance of the city's interior.

He admits that he gazes up at Ulmeyda's posters everyday.

Drug Store Employee

She carries her lazy attitude with her to work. She dislikes afros and feels that it is about time for the freaky Andrei Ulmeyda to change his hairstyle.

She is a repressed woman who is doing what she can to make a living.


He tends to believe that Andrei Ulmeyda is nothing more than a crafty con-artist. Ulmeyda was originally his co-worker. He regrets not having the convenient use of the Yakumo.

ecurity Guard

He works as a loyal Ulmeyda City security guard for First Life Inc. His only job is to stop and question suspicious people who do not have the appropriate clearance to enter the First Life Inc. HQ building. He means well yet he honestly has no idea what First Life does.

General Lynch

A man involved with the U.S. Emergency Countermeasure Defense Department. His mission was to lead his forces in the capture of Andrei Ulmeyda and inject him with a viral sample of Heaven Smile DNA. The U.S. military wanted to use Andrei Ulmeyda along with his created vaccines. General Lynch ultimately fails the mission when Andrei Ulmeyda became an uncontrollable evolved Heaven Smile and his toxic blood contaminates the area which kills General Lynch as well as the rest of the military personnel.

Characters in "ENCOUNTER"

Curtis Blackburn

*Voice: Alastair DuncanBack in the day, he worked along with Dan Smith as a member of the Seattle Self-Defense Department. Curtis is the man responsible for teaching Dan Smith how to be a killer. For the past 15 years, Curtis was working sanctioned government jobs thanks to the U.S. Opposition Party.

Years ago, Pedro Montana set up Dan Smith to look like Dan had betrayed Curtis Blackburn. Pedro then sent Curtis to kill Dan.

Curtis and Pedro become involved in an organ trafficking operation where Curtis would round up only young girls while Pedro would take the boys. Pedro ends up betraying Curtis by taking more money and attempts to live a normal life with his family. Curtis Blackburn leaves Ayame to continue on with the organ trafficking operation while Curtis deals with a personal matter. Curtis eventually finds Pedro and ruthlessly kills his family, hands Pedro his daughter's decapitated head and then shoots Pedro several times in the back of the head. Curtis and Pedro are linked to the U.S. Opposition Party which controls the U.S. Immigration Bureau.

The Killer7 are eventually given a mission by the U.S. government to put a stop of the children kidnappings. They go to IZSK Land Amusement Park which turns out to be a front for Curtis to use Ayame to capture young girls. After tracking her bus, they end up at the Blackburn residence. Here, the Killer7 end up finding Curtis Blackburn's secret underground lab where he harvests organs, and appears to stuff the bodies of his victims as a "hobby". Here, Dan has an old fashioned gun draw with Curtis. Dan wins and Curtis is apparently stuffed. With Curtis, Ayame and Pedro now all dead, the illegal operation of organ trafficking drastically slows down the disappearance of children and the production of man-made Heaven Smile.

It would seem that Curtis has his own supernatural abilities like levitation and is revealed to be one of the few people who can kill Heaven Smiles, apart from the Killer7. Curtis also has a pet pigeon that is used during the quick draw battle between Dan and Curtis during the second part of Encounter. He is armed with a pair of Browning Hi-Powers. Curtis shows up as a ghost guide in Alter Ego.

Pedro Montana

The cowardly and greedy former agent of the Seattle Self-Defense Department is responsible for having betrayed Dan and Curtis Blackburn.

This was because Pedro siphoned capital to a foreign syndicate. He became selfish when he tried to skim a little off the top. The members of the Seattle self-defense force signed a pact of brotherhood in blood. Traitors are punished by death. He framed Dan by having him launder the dirty money to make Dan look like the traitor. Pedro then sent Curtis to kill Dan.

Pedro betrays Curtis Blackburn involving their black market organ trafficking operation, thinking he could escape and lead a normal life with his family. He was previously the middleman who controlled the organ trade routes during the partnership.

Pedro was also responsible for the assault on the U.S. Immigration office by monopolizing the market. The original deal was that Pedro would get the boys while Curtis would get the girls. He broke the deal when he proceeded to take female orphans as well. His reason for doing this was because of the short supply of fresh organs and he knew that the Heaven Smile caused the birthrate to drop more rapidly. Increases in contagious diseases started to eat away at the bodies, and control on the market of boys was not enough to make a profit on so Pedro took Curtis's share of the girls.

His selfish actions come back to haunt him when Curtis Blackburn realizes the truth and seeks revenge by killing his family, possibly raping his wife, and then executing Pedro.

Ayame Blackburn

*Voice: Masayo HosonoCurtis Blackburn's unofficially adopted daughter. Ayame Blackburn assists Curtis with his black market organ trafficking operation by kidnapping young girls where their internal organs will ultimately be harvested and end up being used as components in the process of creating man-made Heaven Smile.

Ayame was taught by Curtis Blackburn to learn supernatural abilities including super speed and invulnerability while hiding in darkness. Ayame is the self-proclaimed Chairman of the Education Guidance Council, but whether she is lying or telling the truth is anyone's guess.

Ayame has a passion for anime cosplay which includes wearing a schoolgirl uniform and an animegao mask resembling the facial features of a female anime heroine. In addition, she enjoys making radically cliché introduction speeches in Japanese and striking action poses like that of Sailor Moon among other magical girl-based characters. Curtis apparently enjoys her cosplay, and is even accused of being aroused sexually by it by Dan before their battle, which he does not directly acknowledge as true or false.

Ayame is finally killed by the Killer7 and it is then revealed that she was the girl in the Immigration Building (see below).

Ayame is the only character who only speaks Japanese in both the Japanese and English version of Killer7.

Woman in Curtis' car

According to "Hand in Killer7", she got high in the car just before Curtis loaded up his gun and shot her dead.

Girl at Immigration Building

At the end of Curtis' massacre inside the Immigration Building, there is an unnamed orphan girl in a red dress who is both sitting and watching the carnage. Although Curtis aims his gun at her, there is no explicit indication that she was killed.

However, at the conclusion of the Killer7's battle with Ayame Blackburn inside Curtis' second house, Ayame's anime cosplay mask falls off to reveal that she was the same woman from the Immigration Bureau.

Fallen Angel

She appears at the exit of the Spinny-Spinny Room attraction after defeating the Ceramic Heaven Smile.

She awards Dan Smith with his powerful Demon Gun (double bullet capacity, and reduced reloding time) and a Soul Shell.

Characters in "ALTER EGO"

The Punishing Rangers: The Handsome Men

With the Heaven Smile an all too real threat to the United States, the U.S. Military developed a secret project in attempt to destroy the Heaven Smile. The project was the creation of a group of nine Super Sentai/Power Rangers-like super-powered soldiers known as The Handsome Men. However, the Handsome Men went rogue and became terrorists. They became so dangerous that the U.S. government had to call in the Killer7 to stop the Handsome Men and their apparent leader, Trevor Pearlharbor who is living in the Dominican Republic.

Similar to many themed Sentai teams, the Handsome Men all begin with the same first name "Handsome" which is much like how the Killer7 all share the same surname "Smith": Handsome Red, Handsome Blue, Handsome Light Brown, Handsome Dead, Handsome Purple, Handsome White Pearl, Handsome Pink, Handsome Gold, and Handsome Black. Despite having the word "Men" in the team's name, Handsome Pink and Handsome Light Brown are both women.

Handsome Men's signature attack is a special charged energy beam fired from their helmet's visor called the "Handsome Beam" or "Handsome Wink". As well as this, each Handsome Men is able to utilize one of the Killer7's signature weapons.

The Handsome Men are responsible for killing Steve Thunderson of the Democratic party during a Congress session and killed Trevor Pearlharbor in his art studio.

Handsome Black battles against Dan Smith and is defeated. He appears later in the "Smile" episode as a ghost.

The Handsome Men appear in a predetermined online video game called "Killer7". They battle against the Killer7 and lose.

Con Smith apparently has some kind of fascination with them.

Trevor Pearlharbor

*Voice: Steve BlumAccording to "Hand in Killer7", Trevor Pearlharbor is twenty-seven years old. He lives in the Dominican Republic and works as a comic book artist and writer for Electro Inline Inc. The man is a seer, and has a very arrogant attitude. He misunderstands his relationship with the Handsome Men, thinking that he has the power to control them. Trevor is killed by Handsome Black's "Handsome Wink" laser attack during the battle between Handsome Black and Dan Smith on the balcony of Trevor's art studio.

His comic “Handsome Men" is published only on the underground ZTT Comic label.

Love Wilcox

According to "Hand in Killer7", Love Wilcox is sixteen years old, is a high school student, a hacker, and an avid online gamer. She works for Electro Inline Inc. by creating propaganda using media. She wants revenge for Trevor Pearlharbor's death.

Love plays as the character Handsome Pink in the online "Killer7" game.


A resident of the Dominican Republic, the singer knows of the Heaven Smile threat. After being given a tip by Dan Smith, the singer proceeds to play a song for travelers.


The Oracle appears as two boys the Killer7 meet in the cathedral and tells them of the beast that waits in the inner sanctum. Hand in Killer7 reveals they represent the opposites Day and Night, Past and Future, Heavenly Light and Diabolical Darkness. Also that they are Mithra, the god of contract.

Characters in "SMILE"

Emir Parkreiner

Born on November 22, 1942, died on November 22, 1955 (April 28, 1952 is the fabricated date of death). He is known infamously as "The Bloody Heartland".

He is the keeper of the Third Eye and has the mysterious power of reincarnation. He was personally trained by Principal Harman Smith at the Coburn school to become a loyal assassin for Japan by following the teachings of the Yakumo and Bushido ideals. He was 13 years old when he was responsible for killing the Smith syndicate 30 years ago at Hotel Union. He then became Garcian Smith after turning his gun on himself. Emir's powers help the Killer7 to exist and function. His weapon of choice is the powerful golden gun, a possible homage to James Bond.

Three years have passed by since Emir Parkreiner's awakening on the rooftop of Hotel Union. Emir Parkreiner has gained back his memory (represented by his eye color now green, an indicator of his past), but he has not yet fully gained back control of his free will.

Emir makes a deal with Kenjiro Matsuoka to eliminate the remaining enemy population of Heaven Smile. With Kun Lan's mysterious disappearance after being gunned down inside the Forbidden Room of Garcian's trailer home, the Heaven Smile no longer are under his control and with no orders to follow, they have become uncontrollable and are no longer just a threat to the United States, but to Japan and the rest of the world.

Young Harman Smith

The spirit of Harman Smith, represented as a younger version of himself, is rather violent and unpredictable. He reveals Emir's true origins as well and the fact he took Emir into his care on top of the Union Hotel. He is a playable character once the game is completed once, where he uses a customized Tommy Gun that has 50 bullets per magazine.

Dimitri Nightmare

Basically a character who makes his cameo as the partner of young Harman Smith. "Hand in killer7", mentions that, as an assassin, Dimitri inspired fear close to that of Harman Smith.

Benjamin Keane

*Voice: Steven BlumHe is the Principal of the Coburn school. According to "Hand in Killer7", Benjamin Keane is sixty-nine years old. All he wanted was to become President of the United States. Keane is responsible for killing Greg Nightmare, the Chairman of the Education Ministry, inside the Coburn school gym by hanging him.

He is similar to Garcian Smith in that he enjoys putting himself into dangerous situations, such as playing Russian roulette. He makes a bet with Garcian Smith. If Keane wins a round of Russian roulette, then Garcian has to kill the U.S. President, but if Garcian wins then Keane will reveal the secret of how to hit on women with 100% success. Keane loses due to Garcian's knowledge of firearms, and commits suicide. However, he does tell Garcian that "Women are all the same.".

He later appears as a Remnant Psyche.

Greg Nightmare

He is Coburn School's Chairman of the Education Ministry. His position secretly gives him the power to literally determine who will become the next U.S. President. He was killed by Benjamin Keane by being hung to death inside the school's gym.

Kun Lan turned Greg Nightmare into an evolved Heaven Smile and made him his secret weapon. Nightmare mysteriously comes into possession of Emir Parkreiner's signature weapon, the golden gun, and with the help of the invincible black Heaven Smile, Greg Nightmare succeeds in defeating the six of the Killer7 (Dan, KAEDE, Coyote, MASK, Con & Kevin). Garcian Smith is the lone survivor. He then retrieves the golden gun and kills the last black Heaven Smile as well as Greg Nightmare.

It remains unknown as to whether or not Greg Nightmare is related to Dimitri Nightmare.

Linda Vermillion

*Voice: Jennifer HaleLinda Vermillion is a mysterious woman who was hired to kill Christopher Mills. After she accomplished this, she later met with Garcian. She then told him that she is a protector of the country and that this is his last job, for him to seek out the real enemies.


An agent of the FBIs Apollo Department who is sent to Coburn School to investigate the connection between the school and the last U.S. Presidential Election. After he finds the Pupil's ID and the name of Emir Parkreiner, he leads an investigation about this boy. During the investigation, Hulbert gets in touch with the Heaven Smiles who occupy the building but manages to survive until he is shot by Emir Parkreiner. He records his findings on ten tapes which the Killer7 find when they are in the building. Hulbert suffers from chronic headaches.

Gary Wanderers

A butler who replaces Samantha-Maid after she is mysteriously killed inside "Harman's Room" in Garcian's trailer house. This occurs around the same time when Master Harman Smith mysteriously disappears.

Like Samantha-Maid, Gary Wanderers refrains from talking out of respect.

Edo MacAlister

According to "Hand in Killer7", Edo MacAlister is thirty-six years old. He works at the reception desk of Hotel Union. He is originally a character from "Flower, Sun, and Rain", one of Grasshopper Manufacture's previous game.

Characters in "LION"

The Bloody Heartland

The infamous nickname of Emir Parkreiner.

Harman Smith (ward)

He is himself at rest inside of "Harman's Room" and is the unification of young Harman Smith, God Harman Smith and Master Harman Smith as one entity.

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