Moolah Beach

Moolah Beach
Moolah Beach
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Format Reality
Created by Todd Nelson
J. D. Roth
Starring Chasati Allen
Summer Borden
Jacob Capito
Nancy Diaz
Brittany Harris
Clark Harrison
A.J Johnson
Shari Lee
Chloe Levenson
Drew Luna
Kyle Searles
Xavier Yepez
Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes 13
Running time 30 or 60 minutes
(incl. commercials)
Original channel Fox Kids
Original run September 8, 2001 – December 1, 2001

Moolah Beach was a reality show in the vein of Survivor but with teenagers competing in competitions in order to not be exiled from the beach and ultimately win $25,000. It aired on Fox (as part of its Fox Kids lineup) as a 30-minute show and Fox Family (later shown on ABC Family) as an extended 60-minute show in the summer/fall of 2001 for 13 episodes and is the predecessor of the current show Endurance on Discovery Kids.

The show was filmed on Pilaa beach near Hanalei on the island of Kauai's North Shore.[1]



The 12 contestants were divided up into the following 6 teams:

Team Boy Hometown[1] Girl Hometown[1] Eliminated
Blue Xavier Yepez Westchester, IL Chasati Allen Dolton, IL 6th
Orange Jacob Capito Fort Wayne, IN Chloë Levenson New York, NY 5th
Yellow A.J. Johnson Winter Haven, FL Brittany Harris Cocoa Beach, FL 4th
Red Drew Luna Lake Mary, FL Nancy Diaz Ocala, FL 3rd
Green Kyle Searles Frisco, TX Shari Lee Bowie, MD 2nd
Purple Clark Harrison Schaumburg, IL Summer Borden Rowlett, TX Winners

Show format


At the beginning of the game, the 12 kids were paired off into six teams of 2 (each composed of one male and one female), determined by a challenge in which the winner got the partner of their choice. At this point, J.D. presented the "Idol Village" which was composed of 13 idols, each one representing one of the gods of Hawaii. Inside one of the idols was the $25,000 grand prize.


Like on Endurance, there were two type of challenges: Makahiki Missions, and Kahuna Missions.

Makahiki Missions

Makahiki Missions were usually based on physical strength/endurance. The team that won the challenges won the right to claim 2 of the idols in the game that had not yet been chosen. In addition, they also gained a clue that hints at an idol that did NOT have the grand prize. There were 4 clues in all.

Kahuna Missions

In Kahuna Missions, the six teams competed in a game of skill to win offerings (colored markers) that help keep them on the beach. The first team to finish this game earned 10 offerings to the Great Kahuna, the second-place team earned 5, and each team after that received one fewer.

Great Kahuna

The night after a Kahuna Mission, the teams visited The Great Kahuna and brought the offerings they won. Once the offerings were given to The Great Kahuna, the offerings were shuffled and one was drawn. If a team's offering was drawn, that team remained in the game, and their remaining offerings were removed from the Great Kahuna. This process was repeated until one team remained, and they were eliminated from the game. If the eliminated team owned any of the 13 idols in the village, they chose which team would inherit their idols.


Once the 13 idols were split between the final two teams, J.D. offered the team that owned the majority of the idols a bribe to give up some of their idols to the other team. He added more prizes to the bribe until either 5 prizes were offered or the leading team accepted. If the leading team flat out refused, the trailing team was given the same offer of the prizes the leading team turned down, possibly adding even more prizes to the bribe, and having to give up fewer idols, since that team were trailing. The team that accepted the bribe kept the prizes even if they did not win the $25,000, and the prizes in the bribe were more expensive as more prizes were added.

Once the bribe was accepted or both teams refused, J.D. revealed the answers to the four idol clues, then began to reveal the other idols that did not have the $25,000. When one idol was left in play for each team, they went to the Great Kahuna for the keys to the two remaining idols. The two idols were opened at the same time, and the team that owned the idol that hid the $25,000 won the money.

The bribe that was accepted in the only season of Moolah Beach was accepted by the Green Team of Kyle and Shari. The prizes in the bribe were the following:

Bribe Prizes
A PlayStation 2 game console and a collection of games
Skiing, skateboarding, and snowboarding equipment
Free McDonald's food for 1 year
A trip to watch the Daytona 500 and meet the drivers
A waverunner

The Purple Team of Summer Borden and Clark Harrison, who owned a majority of the idols, refused this bribe. Kyle and Shari were offered the bribe with the additional prize of an ATV. It was at this point that they accepted the bribe. Kyle and Shari each received all the prizes in the bribe.

Kyle and Shari never had possession of the winning idol, which was Hula. Summer and Clark received the winning idol due to Clark's friendship with Drew. When the Red Team of Nancy Diaz and Drew Luna were eliminated, Drew chose to give the Hula idol to Clark. When Summer and Clark were asked which idols would they have given up if they had taken the bribe (Purple would have had to give Green three of the idols to accept), none were Hula.

Being host/producer of the series, J.D. Roth knew from the beginning which idol hid the money.

Episode guide

Episode 1

During the Pakana Ball mission, Xavier was the first person to grab the idol off the pakana ball and chose Chasati as his partner and chose blue as their color. Drew was the second person to grab the idol and chose Nancy as his partner and chose red as their color. A.J. was the third person to grab the idol and chose Brittany as his partner and chose yellow as their color. Summer was the fourth person (and only girl) to grab the idol and chose Clark as her partner and chose purple as their color. Kyle was the fifth and final person to grab the idol and chose Shari as his partner and chose green as their color, which meant that Jacob and Chloe became partners by default and also became the orange team.

Episode 2

In the Makahiki mission, one player of each team held on to a pole that rolled around while the other member of the team basted with water. Except for the orange team, each boy held on while the girls did the basting. The green team won the mission and each chose an idol. Shari chose Warrior while Kyle chose Strength.

Episode 3

Synopsis coming soon.

Episode 4

Synopsis coming soon.

Episode 5

Synopsis coming soon.

Episode 6

Synopsis coming soon.

Episode 7: The Reunion

Synopsis coming soon.


Idol Description
Koa Warrior
Lua pele Volcano
Papi'o Fish
Makani pahili Hurricane
Ikaika Strength
Moana Ocean
Kahakai Beach
La'a' Sun
Hekili Thunder
Mano Shark
Mea wa'a Canoe Building
Ahi Fire
Hula* Dance
  • The Hula idol contained the $25,000 grand prize.

Where are they now?

  • Clark Harrison (Purple) was the guitarist for the now defunct band October Fall.
  • Drew Luna (Red) is currently a Deputy Sheriff with the Orange County Sheriff's Office in Florida.
  • Nancy Diaz (Red) lives in Santa Monica, CA and works in television for The Style Network. A connoisseur of the art and fashion world, she is an online handbag blogger specializing in Marc Jacobs historical trends and she also continues to teach dance, inventing a form of self-help interpretive dance techniques for dyslexic elderly.
  • A.J.(Andrew) Johnson (Yellow) is married and currently serving in the United States Navy in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Kyle Searles (Green) has had several acting jobs, including appearances on American Dreams, Dawson's Creek, George Lopez, Veronica Mars, Swingtown, and 7th Heaven.
  • Jacob Capito (Orange) plays soccer for Butler University in Indiana.
  • Shari Lee (Green) was nominated by Rep. Steny Hoyer and Senator Barbara Mikulski. She graduated in 2007 from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. Among her accomplishments were Drill Instructor of the Year (2004), Battalion Adjutant (2006), and Company Commander (2007). She is now working for the Military Sealift Command.



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