Anarch (sovereign individual)

Anarch (sovereign individual)

An Anarch is a Conservative Revolutionary ideal of a sovereign individual, conceived by Ernst Jünger. [cite journal
last = Macklin
first = Graham D.
year = 2005
month = September
title = Co-opting the counter culture: Troy Southgate and the National Revolutionary Faction
journal = Patterns of Prejudice
volume = 39
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] Jünger was greatly influenced by individualist anarchist Max Stirner and described the Anarch as embodying Stirner's conception of the unique ("der Einzige"), a man who can form a bond around something concrete, rather than around an idea. [ [ "Warrior, Waldgänger, Anarch: An essay on Ernst Jünger's concept of the sovereign individual"] by Abdalbarr Braun, accessed 22 December 2007.] epigraph
quote =The Anarch is to the anarchist, what the monarch is to the monarchist
cite =Ernst Jünger


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