Dhok Kasib

Dhok Kasib

Dhoke Kasib is a village and Union Council of Mandi Bahauddin District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[1] It is situated 20 km south east of the district capital - Mandi Bahauddin and 4 km south of the famous town of Chillianwala. The population of Dhok Kasib is about 8,000. The literacy rate is above 80%.

Dhok Kasib is a well-cultivated area; the main crops are wheat, rice and sugar cane. Most people are farmers and government servants. This proud village is continuous developing from the partition (1947). In the education sector this village showed a great effort. In 1900, a primary school was established. In 1981 it was converted into a middle school. Nowadays it is serving the rural area as a higher secondary school Dhok Kasib.

This village gave great personalities to the great nation of Pakistan. Specially in education, politics, army, engineering and agricultural.

Jamaat e Islami has big role to change the people and their mindset. All the educational personalities, political personalities and professionals are/were part of Jamat-e-Islami/Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba[2] Dhok Kasib. Jamaat has changed the introduction of village.

The young generation of the village has tendency to move aboard to places like Middle East, Europe, USA etc. to earn living for their families. The village has good religious tradition. The Jamat-e-Islami has a credit to improve the peoples mind to religion and positive politics. Al-khidmat Foundation[3] also working for the welfare of village.


Political Personalitians

  • Late Ch. Ghulam Ali Sahi (Founder member Of Jamaat e Islami in Dhok Kasib)
  • Ihsaan Ullah Sahi Adv (Jamaat e Islami)
  • Tariq Mehmood Sahi MPA PP-116 (PPP)
  • Khalid Mehmood Sahi Ex Nazim (PPP)
  • Akhter Mehmood Sahi Ex Nazim (PPP)
  • Muhammad Zulqurnain Sahi Ex Chairman UC (PML-Q)
  • Muhammad Riaz Farooq Sahi Ex Nazim UC (Jamaat e Islami)
  • Saif Ullah Sahi (Ex Ameer Jamaat e Islami Distt. M.B.Din)

Educational Personalities

  • Late Mian Amaam Din Religious Scholar (Founder member Of Jamaat e Islami in Dhok Kasib)
  • Syad Anyat Ali Shah (Late)(First Graduate of the village)
  • Sher Muhammad Saleem Ret. Headmaster Govt. High School Chak No.1
  • Muhammad Nawaz Sahi Ret. Principal Govt. Higher Secondary School Dhok Kasib
  • Muhammad Sadiq Sahi Ret. Professor Government Zamindar Degree Collage Gujrat
  • Muhammad Sagheer Ret. Headmaster Govt. Primary School Dhok Kasib
  • Prof. Muhammad Anwar Fakhar Vice Principal Post Graduate College M.B.Din
  • Abdul Aziz Gujjar Principal Govt. Higher Secondary School Dhok Kasib
  • Inayat Ullah Qari Professor in Govt. Post Graduate College M.B.Din
  • Sikandar Hayat Sahi Lecturer of Commerce- govt. commerce collage M.B.Din
  • Zia-ullah-Shaheen M.A Political Science Principal Ghazali Model school
  • Muhammad Rizwan Ashraf M.Sc. Chy, SST Govt. Higher Secondary School Dhok Kasib
  • Saif Ullah Chohan SST in Govt. Higher Secondary School Dhok Kasib
  • Irfan Niaz Gorsi Principal GET School Chak Mehmood Gujrat
  • Muhammad Iqbal Sajid GET School Dhok Kasib

Social Personalities

  • Sufi Sardar Khan Sahi (late) (Founder member Of Jamaat e Islami in Dhok Kasib)
  • Batti Khan Sahi (late) (Founder member Of Jamaat e Islami in Dhok Kasib)
  • Ghulam Abbas Sahi (late) Ex. Chairman UC Dhok Kasab
  • Ghulam Rabbani Arif (late) Ex. counselor
  • Faiz Ullah Sahi President of pakistani community Spain
  • Saleem-ullah Sahi (businessman)
  • Mian Abdul Majeed
  • Lal Khan Sahi Ex. counselor
  • Maher Muhammad Nazir Ex. counselor
  • Muhammad Shehbaz Sahi Ex. counselor
  • Khalid Mehmood Gujjar
  • Haji Muhamad Anwar Sahi
  • Muhammad Ansar Sahi


  • Surjit Singh Wadhwa(Migrarted to India during 1947) PhD. Mechanical
  • Muhammad Iqbal Tahir ((Electronics enginee) Ptv
  • Muhammad Jameel (instrumentation engineer)
  • Muhammad Ishaque (Electronics engineer) BHP of Australia
  • M.Ashraf Sub Engieer Guddu
  • Faisal Bashir Gujar (Software Engineer) Saudi Arabia
  • Muhammad Atif Naeem (Electronics engineer)
  • Muhammad Irfan Gujjar (SCM Engineer) i2c inc Lahore
  • Safdar Iqbal (Instrumentation Engineer)
  • Yasir Arfat sahi (Electronis Engineer)
  • Tariq Javed (Mechanical Engineer)
  • Imran Ahmad (Electronics engineer in Express TV)
  • Fayyaz Ahmad (Mechanical Engineer in DESCON)
  • Rizwan Ahmad Aasi (Electronics Engineer)

Other Professionals

  • Jahan Khan Bhatti (Ret.) Federal Secretary Islamabad
  • Muhammad Rafique Sahi (Ret.) SDO
  • Basheer Ahmad Gujjar (Late) WAPDA
  • Abdul Hafez Gujjar Bank of the Punjab
  • Imran Ahmad Saleem Gondal judicial magistrate in Lahore shalimar court
  • Muhammad Aftab Sahi (Pharmacist)ex. Drug Inspector district Gujrat
  • Khalid Rashid – Warehouse Incharge (Syngenta) Mulatn Region
  • Muhammad Asghar Sajid (Pharmacist)
  • Shafiq Ahmad Gujjar (Pharmacist)
  • Irfan Ahmad saleem Gondal assistant Research officer
  • Muhammad Nadeem Akhtar Vet. Doctor Veterinary Hospital Dhok Kasib(Ex.Inspector society for prevention of curelty to Animals Rawalpindi)
  • Abdul Majid Gujar Branch manager MCB
  • Abdul Khaliq Sidiqui ZTBL
  • Tariq Mehmood Gujjar Marketing Development Officer Coca Cola
  • Zaman Niaz Gorsi (District Project Officer Marrie Stopes Society Pakistan, RJ FM 98)
  • Kashif Ijaz Aasi ( Pharmacist)
  • Muhammad Farooq Sahi (Marketing Officer Ali Akbar Group)
  • Muhammad Kashif Nazir Field Officer Ali Akbar Group
  • Nasir Iqbal Mujahid (writer) Gujranwala
  • Shahid Rasheed
  • Muhammad Ilyas
  • Shamraiz Arshad Gondal
  • Ihsaan Ullah sahi
  • Mian Abdur Rouf Sahi
  • Safdar Iqbal Sahi Advocate
  • Ijaz Ahmad Sahi Advocate
  • Rizwan Muner Advocate
  • Bashir Ahmad Ptv
  • Mazhar Iqbal Nazim


The main tribes of the village are:


  • Government Higher Secondary School Dhok Kasib

Maj. Qaisar Iqbal Sahi(Shaheed)and Cap. Qadeer Ahmed Warriach of Dhok Nawan Loke(Shaheed) was also brilliant students of school. The hockey team of the school has remained the runner-up of Gujranwala Division. Remained in the top three teams of the athletics Gujranwala Division. In volleyball and football this school has also brilliant records in the district. Now fever of football is at height.

  • Madrasa Tafheem ul Quraan Dhok Kasib
  • Government High School for Girls (Dhok Nawan Lok)
  • Government Community Middle School for girls Dhok Kasib
  • Ghazali Education Trust School Dhok Kasib [4]
  • Jamia Binnat-ul-Islam Dhok Kasib
  • Mustafai School System (Dhok Nawan lok)
  • Farooqi Model School Dhok Kasib
  • Ghazali Model School for girls Dhok Kasib

Nearest villages

  • Dhok Nawan Lok
  • Dhok Saharan
  • Dhok Malowal
  • Dhok Murad
  • Dhok Jouri

Islamic Center

Islamic Center [5] in village is going to be established by the Jamaat e Islami. This project is supervised by Prof. Muhammad Anwar Fakhar. It will be contained of following departments:

  • Madrassa
  • School
  • Library
  • Dispensary
  • Masjad
  • Islamic Cultural Mall
  • A big seminar hall
  • And many more...........


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