Union Councils of Pakistan

Union Councils of Pakistan

A Union Council or village council in Pakistan is an elected local government body consisting of 21 councillors, and headed by a Nazim (which is equivalent to a mayor) and a Naib Nazim (deputy).


Union councils, the fifth tier of government, are the primary governmental institution in Pakistan, Union Councils are often known as "Village Councils" in rural areas, the territory represented by a Village Council usually comprises a large village and surrounding areas, often including nearby small villages. The term "Union Council" may be used for localities that are part of cities.

Headed by a Union Nazim, each union council has 13 elected members or councillors. In addition to four male and two female members elected directly, there are two male and two female representatives of the labour, a minority member, a Union Nazim and his deputy known as Union Naib Nazim. Beside elected members, there are several government employees and functionaries in every union council, who report to the Secretary of the Union Council. The latter is a civil servant appointed by the state.

The territory of a Union Council or Village Council is usually part of a Tehsil, (a tehsil is a district subdivision). Less commonly, a Union Council may be part of a City District [ [http://www.lahore.gov.pk/union-councils/overview.aspx Introduction to Union Administration - City Government of Lahore] ] .


Shown below is a simplified structure of the political hierarchy, the federal government governs the provinces (allocation of resources and policy decisions), the provinces govern the districts etc , the union councils are involved directly in local government administration.


For example Abbottabad district in the North-West Frontier province is made up of two tehsils: Havelian and Abbottabad, in this example only Havelian and three of its Union Councils are shown [ [http://www.abbottabad.gov.pk District Government Abbottabad] ]


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