List of topics named after Carl Friedrich Gauss

List of topics named after Carl Friedrich Gauss

Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777 – 1855) is the eponym of all of the topics listed below.

Topics including "Gauss"

*Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize, a mathematics award
*Degaussing, to demagnetize an object
*Gauss (unit), a unit of magnetic field (B)
*Gauss-Bolyai-Lobachevsky space, a hyperbolic geometry
*Gauss–Bonnet theorem, a theorem about curvature in differential geometry
*Gauss-Codazzi equations
*Gauss-Jordan elimination, a method in linear algebra
*Gauss-Kuzmin-Wirsing constant, a constant in number theory
*Gauss-Manin connection, a connection on a vector bundle over a family of algebraic varieties
*Gauss–Markov process
*Gauss–Markov theorem
*Gauss–Laplace pyramid, sometimes called the Burt–Adelson pyramid.
*Gauss linking integral (knot theory)
*Gauss-Krüger coordinate system
*Gauss–Seidel method
*Gauss-Newton algorithm
* Gauss-Legendre algorithm
*Gauss-Lucas theorem
*Gauss' principle of least constraint
*Gauss's constant, the reciprocal of the AGM of 1 and scriptstylesqrt{2}, in number theory.
*Gauss's continued fraction, an analytic continued fraction derived from the hypergeometric functions.
*Gauss's digamma theorem, a theorem about the digamma function.
*Gauss error function
*Gauss gun
*Gauss's hypergeometric theorem, an identity on hypergeometric series.
*Gauss's law, giving the relationship between flux through a closed surface and the enclosed source.
*Gauss's law for magnetism
*Gauss's lemma in relation to polynomials
*Gauss's lemma in number theory
*Gauss map
*Gauss Peninsula, East Greenland
*Gauss sum, an exponential sum over Dirichlet characters.
*"Gauss' theorem" may refer to the divergence theorem, which is also known as the "Ostrogradsky-Gauss theorem".
*Gauss composition

Topics including "Gaussian"

*Additive white Gaussian noise
*Gaussian beam
*Gaussian binomial, also called the "Gaussian coefficient"
*Gaussian blur, a technique in image processing.
*Gaussian curvature
*Gaussian distribution, also named the Normal distribution, a type of probability distribution.
*Gaussian elimination
*Gaussian function of "Gaussian distribution"
*Gaussian filter
*Gaussian free field
*Gaussian graph
*Gaussian gravitational constant
*Gaussian grid
* Gaussian's modular arithmetic
*Gaussian integer
*Gaussian integral
*Gaussian isoperimetric inequality
*Gaussian measure
* Gaussian model; see Variogram
* Gaussian network model
*Gaussian method
*Gaussian noise
*Gaussian optics
*Gaussian orbital
*Gaussian period
*Gaussian polynomial; see Gaussian binomial
*Gaussian prime
*Gaussian process
*Gaussian quadrature
*Gaussian rational
*Gaussian surface
*Gaussian year
*The GAUSSIAN software program

Other notable achievements of Gauss

Gauss's proofs

Proofs for conjectured theorems.
* The quadratic reciprocity law
* The fundamental theorem of algebra
* Fermat polygonal number theorem for "n" = 3proofs for theorems he discovered in his own:
* Proved Cauchy's integral theorem before Cauchy but never published it.
* Discovered and proved the theorema egregium.

Gauss's inventions

* Electromagnetic telegraph
* Heliotrope
* Magnetometer
* Photometer
* Double-Gauss lens
* Gauss gun

Gauss's identities

* Gauss multiplication formula may refer to the multiplication theorem.
* Gauss interpolation formula
* Gauss-Kummer series
* Gauss formula
* Gauss transformation
* Gauss' inequality
* Gauss theorems (two theorems) about the Euler function.
* Gauss test

Gauss conjectures

* The prime number theorem
* Gauss-Kuzmin distribution, the distribution of integers in a continued fraction.
* Gauss circle problem
* Gauss class number problem.
* Gauss made progress toward proving the Kepler conjecture.

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