Weaponry of Blade

Weaponry of Blade

In all of his incarnations, Blade uses a vast array of weaponry specifically designed to eliminate vampires.


Tomb of Dracula

*According to his earliest appearances in the original "Tomb of Dracula" comics, Blade relied on teakwood daggers which he used to impale opponents, and a variety of mahogany stakes. He was an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and knife-fighter.

Midnight Sons

*When Blade (along with two other vampire-hunters from "Tomb of Dracula") was dusted off and given a place in the Midnight Sons during the early-to-mid nineties, his image was upgraded from combat fatigues to biker leather, and his weapons system was completely overhauled.
*As a member of the NightStalkers, Blade boasted a silver longsword (later seen in the movies) and dual, self-forged katanas as his primary weapons of choice. Blade's katanas, which he still employs, are titanium, acid-etched, and silver plated.

Other weapons

*After the demise of the Midnight Sons and the end of the Nightstalkers, Blade's arsenal continued to evolve. He eventually began to incorporate firearms into his cache of weaponry, using silver hollow point bullets filled with liquefied garlic.
*By his appearance in the fourth volume of "Tomb of Dracula", Blade had also begun using silver-based, UV flashbang grenades, which release an ultra-violet explosion while spraying silver shrapnel everywhere.
*After biting off his own hand, Blade received a S.H.I.E.L.D. Tech "gun hand". The gun came equipped to fire three types of ammo; rubber bullets, tranquilizer bullets and standard/silver bullets, as well as a grappling hook.



*In the movies based on him, Blade has employed his longsword (but, interestingly, not his trademark katanas), which is titanium, acid-etched, and silver plated. The hilt of the sword features a timed security device that must be turned off immediately after it is grabbed; if the device is not disarmed, four blades inside the hilt are released, butchering the holder's hand. According to the script (though this has never been shown in the actual movies), Blade forged the longsword himself. Earlier drafts made reference to the sword in fact having been used by previous vampire hunters (Whistler being one of them), and was used to kill La Magra, the vampire god, centuries ago.
*Another of Blade's trademark weapons in the films is his silver "glaive", a collapsible boomerang-like weapon carried on his belt. The glaive can be thrown to dispatch enemies at range (sometimes killing multiple vampires with one throw), and will return to Blade's hand afterwards. It's also deadly in close combat, functioning as a double bladed knife.
*He also carries silver stakes in a leg sheath, these being capable of being used in hand to hand combat or as throwing weapons.
*Other weapons featured in the movie include a heavy UV lamp, "vampire mace" (an aerosol can containing garlic extracts and silver nitrate), and an incendiary grenade (during the movie's opening scene, he tells Quinn that he thought he "might try fire for a change" before tossing the grenade). The incendiary grenades are not used after that scene, presumably because they did not successfully dispatch their victim.
*He also introduced a retractable silver garrote wire, mounted in his vest. He uses this garotte to kill vampires primarily through decapitation.
*For long-range attacks, Blade used a heavily adapted MAC-10 automatic pistol that utilizes silver-tipped hollow-point bullets filled with liquified garlic, with a large compensator mounted on the front to reduce recoil. Blade also carried a shotgun modified to double as a stake gun. The shotgun can fire regular shells/slugs, and can also fire large silver stakes, such as the ones worn on his leg.
*Midway into the film, Dr. Karen Jenson discovers that chemical EDTA, a blood thinner, has an unusual reaction with vampire blood. Blade weaponizes EDTA near the end of the film, using specially-designed pneumatic syringes usually used to deliver his serum. When injected into a vampire, the chemical causes the victim to violently explode, rather than crumble into ash as with most other weapons.
*The first movie also shows a full wall of various assault rifles, sub-machine guns, and pistols, with various scopes and other accoutrements, but they are not used during the course of the movie

Blade 2

*By the second movie, Blade has mostly abandoned the shotgun (though it appeared in the second movie's video game adaptation), and moved on to a further modified the MAC-10 as a suitable firearm. The gun from the original movie served as a treasured memento (he had inherited it from Abraham Whistler, his mentor. He almost used it to dispatch his teacher as a symbolic gesture).
*During the course of the movie, he also acquired dual USP Match pistols with recoil compensation, a small entry light, and laser sights (the light and the laser sight are both mounted under the barrel with a special mounting sheath). These then serve as his primary ranged weapon for the rest of the movie and continue to fill this role in the third movie.
*Besides the sword, he also continues to carry his glaive, stakes, and garotte.
*Blade’s armorer, Scud, also invents special UV flashbang grenades, capable of wiping out a room full of vampires (or in this case Reapers) at once.
*Another Scud invention are a pair of gauntlets with retractable blades. Aside from the blades themselves, when used to punch an enemy they inject the enemy with EDTA. EDTA is seen to be inneffective against Reapers as Blade uses these gauntlents during his first battle with Nomak, with little effect.
*When Blade is preparing to hunt Reapers with the Blood Pack, many of the Blood Pack are provided with weapons from Blade's armory. They were primarily given assault rifles, mostly with dual Beta-C magazines. Some of them are provided with the shotgun/stake gun as well, showing that even though Blade may not use it as much as he did in the first film, he still retains them in his arsenal.
*Many of the guns in Blade's arsenal are now equipped with small UV entry lights mounted on the barrels.
*A UV Bomb created by Scud by wiring a bunch of UV Flashbang Grenades together. This was created as a means to wipe out all of the Reapers at once by flooding the sewers with UV light. This works as Blade manages to set off the bomb killing all of the Reapers except for Nomak whom he kills later.
* An explosive used by Blade and created by Scud is implanted into Reinhardt's skull. It was designed with silver nitrate and set to go off with either a detonator Blade kept or if tampered with. After Scud reveals his betrayal, he explains that the bomb was a dud, only to make Blade feel in control. Blade, however, suspecting Scud's betrayal, reveals it is not a dud just before killing him with it. The original script had Blade telling Scud that he had replaced the dud with the actual explosive.
* A specially designed firearm with a curved blade that extends from the end of the barrel to the handgrip. Reinhardt uses it throughout the sewer battle.

Blade: Trinity

*In the third movie, Blade retained the pistols, sword, and glaive, and also used a "chain sabre", which is a dagger in which the silver blade was connected to the hilt by a spring loaded wire, which he could throw out, and would retract back, allowing Blade to kill several vampires quickly (and stylishly) at medium range. He seemed to like the weapon quite a bit commenting that "This worked real good" to Whistler.
*Also, the silver stakes which had been used to great effect in the first two movies took on a smaller, throwing knife configuration, (harking back to his early days in "Tomb of Dracula") making them primarily a projectile rather than a hand-to-hand weapon.
*Also, his trademark car, a late sixties Dodge Charger, has been given a set of UV headlights, almost serving as high beams.
*The movie also showed that the car itself contained quite an arsenal of its own, including a sawed off double barreled shotgun capable of firing silver stakes.
*An arrow with the Daystar Virus which he uses to kill Drake and all of the other vampires in the building and to possibly spread a plague that wipes out vampires.


*Additional weapons used by his allies, the Nightstalkers, included a UV-laser weapon called the "ARC" which could "cut through a suckhead like butter" and bullets with built in UV strobes called Sun Dogs effectively melting any vampire unlucky enough to get in the way from the inside, out. There is a combat bow used by Abigail that fires a variety of rounds, including switch blades and garlic-based rounds.Fact|date=May 2008

Blade: The Series

In Blade the Series, Blade utilizes several of his trademark weapons, along with some new ones.

*He still uses his trademark silver plated, titanium acid-etched custom straight sword (one of his many, which was broken during a fight with Steppin' Razor, which was later given to Marcus, as a gift from Steppin Razor, and eventually ended up in possession of Charlotte; was rigged to be a remote detonator, for a bomb smuggled onto her private plane)
*His new coach gun style short double barrel shotgun, as seen in Blade: Trinity, which doubled as a hypodermic applicator (He used a special round that came with the Serum, to pacify Kirsta, after she had sex with Marcus and fed on some of his blood)
*The HK USPs with the decorative sheaths and muzzle breaks from Bloodhunt, and The UV Grenades from Bloodhunt
*He now sports a modified version of his Silver Glaive Boomerang, which now carries a small integrated UV grenade, with a delay fuse primer; which sets it several seconds after it makes contact with its target, allowing for the Glaive to take out multiple enemies.
*He also uses a Modified Calico M-105, which is aptly named the Shock Gun; which shoots large silver slugs, loaded with extract of garlic essence; which has been used on several occasions to great success against various vampires, and not so great successes against the Upgraded Fritz, who took a couple to the neck and head and shrugged it off, and Thorn, Charlotte's Towering, Hulking Bodyguard; who didn't seem affected at all.
*On occasion, Shen; Blade's new weapons man and assistant, has used a custom coach gun-style short double barreled shotgun, HK USPs, and a custom sniper rifle, that fired hypodermic applicators filled with the Serum. This was used for Blade when he had gone a couple of days without after being captured by Steppin' Razor and the Bad Bloods.

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