Mount Kitatottabetsu

Mount Kitatottabetsu
Mount Kitatottabetsu
Elevation 1,912 m (6,273 ft)
Listing List of mountains and hills of Japan by height
Location Hokkaidō, Japan
Range Hidaka Mountains
Coordinates 42°45′1″N 142°41′12″E / 42.75028°N 142.68667°E / 42.75028; 142.68667Coordinates: 42°45′1″N 142°41′12″E / 42.75028°N 142.68667°E / 42.75028; 142.68667
Topo map Geographical Survey Institute (国土地理院 Kokudochiriin?) 25000:1 ピパイロ岳
Type Fold

Mount Kitatottabetsu (北戸蔦別岳 Kita-tottabetsu-dake?) or Mount North Tottabetsu is located in the Hidaka Mountains, Hokkaidō, Japan.


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