Caucasus (disambiguation)

Caucasus (disambiguation)

Caucasus may refer to:

*Caucasus or Caucasia, a geographic region in Eurasia, divided into:
**North Caucasus, also Ciscaucasus or Ciscaucasia
**South Caucasus, also Transcaucasus or Transcaucasia
*Caucasus Mountains, a mountain range in the region, divided into:
**Greater Caucasus, including:
***Western Caucasus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
**Lesser Caucasus
*Caucasus or "Kaukasos", in Greek mythology, one of the pillars supporting the world
*Montes Caucasus, a lunar mountain range
*Caucasus Indicus, an ancient name for Hindu Kush in Southern Asia
*Kamen Rider Caucasus, a character from "Kamen Rider Kabuto"

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*Caucasia (disambiguation)

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