List of rock textures

List of rock textures

This page is intended to be a list of rock textural and morphological terms.


* Adcumulate
* Agglomeritic
* Adamantine a type of lustre
* Amygdaloidal
* Anhedral
* Antitaxial veins
* Aphanitic
* Aplitic; aplite
* Augen textured gneiss
* Axiolitic texture


* Botryoidal
* brecciated
* Bedding fissile; bedding fissility
* Boudinage; boudins


* Cataclastic
* Chilled margin
* Clastic; see also breccia
* Cleaved
* Crenulated
* Cross-bedding
* Cross-stratification; also trough-cross stratification.
* Cumulate; see also Ultramafic to mafic layered intrusions


* Decussate
* Devitirification; devitrified
* Dendritic texture; dendrites
* Diatextite; see also schlieren and migmatite


* Embayed minerals; see igneous texture
* Euhedral
* Eutaxitic
* Epiclastic


* Fiamme
* Foliation
* Fissile; see also Bedding fissility.
* Fossiliferous


* Glomeroporphyritic
* Gneissose; gneissic
* Granoblastic
* Granophyric
* Granulitic
* Graphic


* Holocrystalline
* Hyaline texture


* Imbricate, imbricate


* Jointed



* Lepidoblastic
* Leucocratic; see also melanocratic
* Lineation, lineated
* L-tectonite


* Mesocumulate
* Mylonitic


* Nematoblastic


* Ocelli
* oolitic; see also limestone
* Ophitic texture
* Orbicular texture
* Orthocumulate


* Panidiomorphic
* Perthitic
* Phaneritic
* Phyllitic
* Pisolitic
* Porphyroclastic
* Porphyroblastic
* Porphyritic texture; see also porphyry
* Ptygmatic (folding); see migmatite


* Quench textures; see obsidian, tachylyte or aphanitic


* Rapakivi texture


* Sandy
* Schistose; schistosity
* Shear; sheared; shear fabric
* Slaty; slaty cleavage
* Specular
* Spinifex texture; see also komatiite
* S-tectonite
* Stratabound
* Stratiform
* Stromatolitic
* Stylolitic
* Subhedral


* Tuffaceous



* Vesicular texture
* Variolitic
* Vitreous
* Vuggy

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