New England Pest Control

New England Pest Control
New England Pest Control
Type Private
Industry Pest control
Founded Providence, Rhode Island
Headquarters Providence, Rhode Island

New England Pest Control is an extermination business located in Providence, Rhode Island that services southeastern New England.[1][2] The company is best known for its mascot, Nibbles Woodaway (also known as the Big Blue Bug), a giant blue termite that stands atop its office next to I-95 in Providence.[3] The company provides pest control services to both residential and commercial properties, and is known for using ecologically safe, pet-friendly products, and has been recognized for promoting the use of integrated pest management in schools to protect student safety.[4] It is also known for aiding Providence during the city's rat epidemic,[5] and was an early adopter of converting trucks to run on natural gas.[6] New England Pest Control also sponsors numerous Little League baseball teams throughout Rhode Island.

Historically, having an insect infestation was considered shameful, and pest control companies generally advertised that their exterminators would arrive in unmarked vehicles so as to ensure that neighbors would not realize that a residence had a pest problem. New England Pest Control was one of the first companies (by some accounts the outright first) to mark all of its vehicles and attempt to remove the stigma from having a pest problem. Today, nearly all exterminators use marked (rather than unmarked) vehicles.

Due to the celebrity of the Big Blue Bug and the building's location at a high-traffic portion of the highway (near Thurbers Avenue Curve), many organizations request to have their banners hung in front of the Bug. New England Pest Control will let non-profit organizations hang their banners on a first-come, first-serve basis (generally, groups need to file a request at least two years in advance). Some of the many organizations that have placed banners in front of the Bug include: Make-A-Wish Foundation, Special Olympics, American Heart Association, and Girl Scouts of the USA.

Notable Employees

Tony DeJesus began his career at New England Pest Control twenty-nine years ago as a service technician, and subsequently worked his way up to his current position of Service Manager.[1][7] He is a nationally recognized expert in the field of structural pest management.[1][8] DeJesus has been a keynote presenter at numerous pest control conferences throughout the United States, and conducts his own training program for the Rhode Island Department of Health and Division of Agriculture. Every Saturday morning at 7am, DeJesus hosts The New England Pest Control Show on News/Talk 630 WPRO, during which he answers listener questions about pest control, although the show occasionally delves into other topics, such as baseball. (DeJesus is a renowned expert on the New York Yankees.)[1]

Clarence Cornell and Darryll – Clarence was the official handler of Darryll, a dog trained to detect termites and other insects. The pair were covered by a wide variety of media outlets, and were noted for their perfect record of pest detection.[9][10] Upon turning 8, Darryll retired to live as Clarence's pet.[9]


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