Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills

Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills
Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills
Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters logo.jpg
Opening Title Card
Format Action-Adventure
Created by Jim Fisher
Jim Staahl
Starring Leslie Danon
Richard Nason
K. Jill Sorgen
Rugg Williams
Voices of Glenn Shadix
Ed Gilbert
David L. Lander
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 40
Running time 27 minutes
Production company(s) DIC Entertainment
Original channel USA Network
Original run October 3, 1994 – December 8, 1994

Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills is an original live-action series which was released by DIC Entertainment and aired on the USA Network during the 1994-1995 season. The show was a low budget attempt to emulate the success of Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.[1]



The show was set in Beverly Hills, California. The four central characters of the show were teens selected by a blob-like brain alien named Nimbar to fight off the monsters sent by evil Emperor Gorganus. Gorganus is intent on conquering Earth because it is the focal point for a network of "Power Portals" that would facilitate conquest of the galaxy. In the first episode Nimbar recruits the four high school students and with a touch by his "finger" gives them each a tattoo, based on a constellation in the celestial sphere. When their tattoos flash, this means Nimbar needs them and a power portal appears that they can pass through to enter his chamber. Nimbar is the Head Protector of the Power Portals. As such, he served as a Zordon-like ally.

The teens could then stand atop platforms called "Transo Discs" and transform into "Galactic Sentinels" with super powers. When they put their hands together in an interlocking square they form the ultimate sentinel called Knightron. However Knightron's power is "finite," and they are only to form him as a last resort (For example in the first episode of the series, when the monster Ninjabot made the teens's weapons disappear, they had no choice but to form Nightron).

In one episode, there was a replacement for Laurie when she was injured badly by Predaraptor. He is known as Orion in sentinel mode, his true form. His civilian name was unknown in his duration on Earth. But when Nimbar pronounced his name in an utteration of slurs and gurgles, he stated with a sneer "Just call me Rick." He was played by Kevin Castro, who also played Tanker in the related series Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad.

Another episode had Zsa Zsa Gabor as a guest star.

They frequently could be seen in a coffee shop owned by Drew's aunt. This was probably an attempt to emulate Ernie's Juice Bar/Youth Center from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.[original research?]

One interesting difference between the two shows is that in this show, people noted they were missing. When Drew's aunt confronted her about this and Drew revealed her secret, she brought her to a psychiatrist to help with her "delusions." It also differed from similar shows in that the heroes were not good friends and in that they sometimes had trouble getting along.

The show also featured at least one episode that made a jab at the "monster of the day" convention by showing how tactically unsound the practice is for conquering a planet. Gorganus went on vacation in that episode. His chief henchman Lechner tried to conquer Earth in his absence, and when the monster he sent was about to be destroyed, he recalled it and sent another moments later. The heroes were nearly defeated until the main villain returned and re-implemented the "monster of the day" formula.

It should be noted that the Galactic Sentinels must not reveal their true identity to anyone. In the event that someone happens to follow them through a power portal, they will end up be subjected to the Memory Fader once the monster that Emperor Gorganus sends is defeated.


Galactic Sentinels

The Galactic Sentinels are champions of Nimbar who can be summoned to him when the tattoos bestowed upon them flashes:

  • Laurie Foster (played by Leslie Danon) - Smart, sensible and very organized. She became the leader of the squad with the power of Scorpio. As Scorpio, she had light green armor. Her primary weapon was a slim bladed sword.
  • Gordon Henley (played by Richard Nason) - The typical blond prep brown-noser and social member of the group. He became Taurus, donning a black outfit. He held a staff as his weapon.
  • Drew Vincent (played by K. Jill Sorgen) - Drew was the smart tough girl who worked at the coffee shop the kids regularly hung out in. She becomes Centaur, wearing the purple outfit. She used a battle axe as her weapon.
  • Swinton Sawyer (played by Rugg Williams) - Swinton was the brains of the group, he wore glasses and was African-American unlike the other teens. He wore a yellow suit and held the power of Apollo. His weapon was a small double bladed unnamed weapon.
  • Rick (played by Kevin Castro) - In one episode, Rick is an alien in human form and former warrior for Nimbar. He was cold, distant, and after being the sole survivor of his destroyed planet, he was full of anger toward Nimbar and the other guardians. He held the power of Orion which he used on the fourth transo disc when Laurie was unable to fight. His name was too complicated for humans to speak so he insisted that Nimbar call him 'Rick.' His suit is silver and his fellow Sentinels were Leo, Draco and Ursa whom were badly defeated by Predaraptor.

NOTE: Drew's tattoo is not the symbol for Centaur, but Sagittarius. Similarly, Swinton's symbol is not for Apollo, but Aquarius. It is most likely a mistake made by the creators. As in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the teens were also bound to rules: 1) they could not reveal their identities as Galactic Sentinels to anyone, and 2) They could not escalate a battle unless Gorganus forced them to.


  • Emperor Gorganus (voiced by Ed Gilbert) - The primary antagonist of the series and ruler of the planet Moleculah. Gorganus is intent on conquering Earth because it is the focal point for a network of "Power Portals" that would facilitate conquest of the galaxy.. He views the battles between his monsters and the Galactic Sentinels through a microscope-like device.
    • Lechner (voiced by David Lander) - Emperor Gorganus' pet bird and henchman. He tends to irritate Emperor Gorganus with inquiries and questions yet grovels and reacts with statements when Emperor Gorganus threatens him. Emperor Gorganus tends to use Lechner as his scapegoat.


The following monsters are used by Emperor Gorganus. They are in toy-like form until Emperor Gorganus activates them for his different attacks on Earth and can recreate and reprogram them:

  • Ninjabot - Ninjabot is actually a samurai-like monster who appeared in the first episode. Armed with a katana that could shoot energy bolts. He was one of Emperor Gorganus' most dreadful creatures. He was able to cause the Galactic Sentinels' weapons to disappear with shots from his sword. The Galactic Sentinels managed to knock Ninjabot down causing Gorganus to fire a beam that revitalized Ninjabot. He was destroyed when they formed Knightron for the first time. In "The Spy," Ninjabot is seemingly revived and appears in the desert. Gordon is sent to the desert and ends up landing an attack on Ninjabot. Even though Gordon seemingly destroyed him, he learned from Nimbar that Ninjabot wasn't actually there. In "Winner Take All," Emperor Gorganus gives Ninjabot a disk and sends him to Earth. When the Galactic Sentinels arrive, Ninjabot reveals the disk to the Galactic Sentinels where they end up receiving it before Ninjabot retreats. The disk Ninjabot gives them has Emperor Gorganus offer a duel between a Galactic Sentinel and one of Emperor Gorganus' monsters for the fate of Earth using the rules of Gonar (which includes not using electical weapons). Emperor Gorganus chooses Ninjabot causing Nimbar to pit the Galactic Sentinels against each other in a tournament in three Earth days to determine who will fight Ninjabot. The tournament is a straw-drawing contest and Laurie wins enabling her to go up against Ninjabot. Laurie ends up fighting Ninjabot in combat and manages to knock down Ninjabot. Emperor Gorganus ends up going to Ninjabot's aide and gives Ninjabot his sword back upon stating that Laurie "broke the rules of Gonar." Gordon, Drew, and Swinton go to Laurie's side to help him fight Ninjabot. The Galactic Sentinels form Knightron who attacks Ninjabot enough to retreat.
  • Slaygar the Toxic Waste Monster - A toxic waste monster who appeared in "Perceptions." He was sent to wipe out the human race by poisoning the planet with the toxic fumes he breathed. His pollution damaged the power portals and only Apollo was able to transform and fight. Apollo learned from Nimbar that Slaygar's weak spot was behind his ear. Apollo eventually discovered Slaygar's ear was actually in his stomach and began to win, but Emperor Gorganus recalled Slaygar before he could be destroyed. In "The Opiate from the Future," Emperor Gorganus sends Slaygar to capture Pixel, an alien from Hunab Ku whose kind can predict the future. During the Galactic Sentinels' fight with Slaygar, Pixel hid in a nearby rock and told the Galactic Sentinels to form Knightron. The Galactic Sentinels do so and end up attacking Slaygar enough to cause Slaygar to retreat. Slaygar returns as Pixel warns them that if they form Knightron again, they would end up defeated. The Galactic Sentinels end up easily beating Slaygar enough for Slaygar to retreat again. Emperor Gorganus revealed that he had planned to let Pixel escape so that they can fall into her abilities so that they would be at the mercy at Slaygar. Slaygar is sent once again to attack Earth and the Galactic Sentinels end up bringing Pixel in a rock. Slaygar manages to swipe the rock that Pixel is in and ends up overwhelming the Galactic Sentinels enough for them to retreat. Upon knowing that Slaygar was right about them using Pixel's abilities, the Galactic Sentinels return and resolve to form Knightron in order to fight Slaygar. Knightron manages to defeat Slaygar and rescue Pixel.
  • Neuragula - A brain monster who first appeared in "The Note." It has two hemispheres: one controlling emotions the other controlling intelligence. Its most distinguishing ability would be its ear-piercing screech. It could shoot laser beams, shoot energy prisons, and could mind control its victims. Its main weakness was having to force himself to use another part of his brain. In "Deja Vu," Emperor Gorganus sends Neuragula to Earth. This time, Neuragala has developed the ability to trap the Galactic Sentinels in a time loop so that they'd be too exhausted to defend the Earth. During this, they end up having to fight Neuragala twice with each battle having them defeat Neuragula who is withdrawn by Gorganus. Inspired by Groundhog Day, the Galactic Sentinels do events that are different from what they had previously did in order to break out of the time loop. When Neuragula attacks again, the Galactic Sentinels plan to use the element of surprise in battle. The Galactic Sentinels then form Knightron and defeat Neuragula.
  • Voldek - An electrical knight monster that could produce static electricity to disrupt the power portals in the episode "Switch" which caused the Galactic Sentinels' minds to be in different bodies. In battle his sword could shoot lightning and proved a formidable foe until the Galactic Sentinels formed Knightron and destroyed Voldek by cutting one of his shoulder cords, thus short-circuiting him and putting the Galactic Sentinels' brains back into their respective bodies. In "Trust," Emperor Gorganus modified Voldek with a power reciptical pack and sent him to take out Earth's electrical grid. With Voldek's attacks on the same frequency as the Galactic Sentinel's weapons, they had to use a code that they remembered in order to take out the power receptical pack. After the Galactic Sentinels destroyed the power receptical pack, Emperor Gorganus recalled Voldek. In "The Glitch," Emperor Gorganus reprograms Voldek and sends him to overload Earth's atmosphere to cause dangerous thunderstorms. The Galactic Sentinels arrive and fight Voldek. The Galactic Sentinels attack Voldek enough to retreat. Nimbar reveals that he has detected some strange readings caused by Voldek which one of them causes a malfunction in the Power Portal that sends the Galactic Sentinels into an alternate dimension where Drew's aunt Nicole is the Mayor of Beverly Hills. While Nimbar tries to find the problem in the Power Portals, the Galactic Sentinels fight Voldek again and end up causing Voldek to retreat. While Nimbar tries to fix the Power Portals, the Galactic Sentinels end up in an alternate dimension where Swinton's father is the Mayor of Beverly Hills. Upon finding the problem being on the Beverly Hills side of the Power Portal, the Galactic Sentinels tell Nimbar about this and end up fighting Voldek again. The Galactic Sentinels form Knightron and defeating Voldek. In "The Imposter," the Galactic Sentinels find Voldek overloading the electrical conductors in Coast City and fight him. Gordon manages to attack Voldek enough for him to retreat. Emperor Gorganus later increases Voldek's power and sends him back to Earth. The Galactic Sentinels end up fighting Voldek. Due to Laurie trying to be Drew for Aunt Nicole's soap opera "Storm and Stress," things go awry and Voldek retreats after taking a hit from Gordon. Emperor Gorganus transfers some of Neuragula's power into Voldek before sending Voldek back to Earth. The Galactic Sentinels fight Voldek again as Nimbar tells them that something is not right with Voldek's signature readings. Voldek ends up using the mind-control ability borrowed from Neuragula on the Galactic Sentinels. Before Voldek can beam the Galactic Sentinels to Emperor Gorganus, it turns out that Drew wasn't hit by the mind-control ability and ends up fending off Voldek who retreats. In "The Last People on Earth," Emperor Gorganus gives Voldek a Lifeform Compressor in order to collect the people of Earth. Voldek begins his assignment by making the people of Earth and even Lechner disappear causing Nimbar to call in the Galactic Sentinels. The Galactic Sentinels end up fighting Voldek enough to retreat. When Voldek returns for Earth, Nimbar learns about the missing people and tells the Galactic Sentinels to engage Voldek again to save the missing people. Voldek places the Lifeform Compressor down as he fights the Galactic Sentinels. The Galactic Sentinels form Knightron who ends up causing Voldek to retreat. Voldek returns to Earth and the Galactic Sentinels fight him to get the Lifeform Compressor away from him. Emperor Gorganus speaks through Voldek stating that he will give the people of Earth back to them if the Galactic Sentinels surrender Nimbar. While Laurie, Drew, and Swinton go to confront Voldek, Drew uses a copy of the Lifeform Compressor and a digital copy of Nimbar to fool Emperor Gorganus and Voldek. Once the trade is made, the Galactic Sentinels form Knightron and fights Voldek. Knightron throws the Lifeform Compressor at Voldek and attacks him enough to retreat.
  • The Sorcerer - A masked wizard that first appeared in "How Time Flies." He can use magical attacks and can teleport. He is one of Emperor Gorganus' most cunning and nefarious monsters. He was sent by Emperor Gorganus to disrupt the 24 Hour Time Cycle. It even kept speeding that the Galactic Sentinels had a hard time getting through a portal leading to Nimbar. When they finally get through, they learn of the Sorcerer's attacks and are advised by Nimbar to confront the Sorcerer before the Galactic Sentinels continue to age. They end up battling the Sorcerer where they have a hard time fighting him. The Galactic Sentinels end up forming Knightron who defeats the Sorcerer as Emperor Gorganus withdraws the Sorcerer. Afterwards, time went back to normal. In "Mind Games," Emperor Gorganus sends the Sorcerer in a plot to mind-control Nimbar. When the Galactic Sentinels confront the Sorcerer, he suddenly retreats leaving his wand behind which ends up causing Nimbar to fall under the Sorcerer's mind-control when he tries to have the wand removed from his lair. Using this advantage, Emperor Gorganus has the Sorcerer use his mind-control to make Nimbar disband the Galactic Sentinels when Gorganus having "left the galaxy." The Galactic Sentinels then find out that the Sorcerer's wand is behind Nimbar's judgement. Using Swinton's science project, the Galactic Sentinels arrive at Nimbar's lair and throws the Sorcerer's wand into the Power Portal. The Sorcerer returns at full strength and the Galactic Sentienls fight the Sorcerer. Upon forming Knightron, the Galactic Sentinels defeat the Sorcerer who is withdrawn by Emperor Gorganus. In "A Nightmare on Rodeo Drive," the Sorcerer is sent to make the nightmares of the Galactic Sentinels come true. When alerted about the Sorcerer's attack by Nimbar, the Galactic Sentinels end up fighting the Sorcerer who ends up overwhelming them enough for the Galactic Sentinels to retreat. After a series of unlucky events after that, the Galactic Sentinels discover that they are in a dream spell caused by the Sorcerer. When the Galactic Sentinels wake up, they continued their fight against the Sorcerer. Before the Sorcerer can cast another spell, the Galactic Sentinels form Knightron and ends up in a sword fight with the Sorcerer. Knightron manages to defeat the Sorcerer. In "The Leech," the Sorcerer places a Mind Leech on Drew so that the Mind Leech can give Emperor Gorganus the true identity of the Galactic Sentinel. In "The Ghost Warrior," the Sorcerer is sent to Earth disguised as Taurus in a plot to make a public appearance to lure out the Galactic Sentinels. Nimbar figures out the Sorcerer's plot and the Galactic Sentinels engage the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer retreats after a hit from Taurus in order to further their plot. The Sorcerer attacks Earth again causing the Galactic Sentinels to fight the Sorcerer with Gordon's mother watching. The Galactic Sentinels defeat the Sorcerer who is then withdrawn by Emperor Gorganus. When the Imposter Taurus disappears, Emperor Gorganus sends the Sorcerer to the Toil Mines.
  • Octodroid - Octodroid is an octopus-themed monster. He has the ability to turn freshwater into saltwater, drain the moisture from others, and attack with his tentacles. In "Three Cheats to the Wind," Emperor Gorganus sends Octodroid to turn the freshwater into saltwater. During the fight between the Octodroid, Drew's essay on Les Misérables was eaten by Octodroid. When the Galactic Sentinels turn the tides against Octodroid, Emperor Gorganus withdraws Octodroid. Octodroid returned and attacked the Nuclear Power Plant in order to drain it of its cooling water. During the second fight, Octodroid starts to drain the moisture from the Galactic Sentinels. The Galactic Sentinels had to form Nitron who ends up caught in his tentacles. Nitron breaks free and Octodroid is withdrawn by Emperor Gorganus. In "The Cover-Up," Octodroid captured what he thought was a Galactic Sentinel and is instructed by Emperor Gorganus to bring him an actual Galactic Sentinels. Octodroid attacks Earth stronger than ever causing the Galactic Sentinels to fight Octodroid. The Galactic Sentinels get Octodroid caught in his own tentacles. Before being withdrawn by Emperor Gorganus, Octodroid manages to grab Swinton at the last minute. Nimbar manages to located Swinton on Moleculah showing the other Galactic Sentinels that Octodroid had captured Apollo. Octodroid returns and attacks the Galactic Sentinels and pretend to surrender so that Octodroid can tale them to Emperor Gorganus. Once on Moleculah, the other Galactic Sentinels get Swinton into their ruse so that Swinton can activate Emperor Gorganus' teleporter causing Octodroid to go after them. Once back on Earth, the Galactic Sentinels form Knightron and fight Octodroid. Knightron manages to defeat Octodroid who is withdrawn by Emperor Gorganus. In "The Monster Among Us," Emperor Gorganus gives Octodroid a DNA Reconstructor and sends him to Earth where he spreads salt amongst the forest. The Galactic Sentinels managed to fend of Octodroid and collected the salt samples for Nimbar. Octodroid gives Emperor Gorganus a skin sample of Gordon which Emperor Gorganus uses the DNA Reconstructor to create an android clone of Gordon that he controls. Emperor Gorganus then sends Octodroid to prepare a plan to capture the real Gordon and replace him with the clone of Gordon. Octodroid attacks the forest again and the Galactic Sentinels fight Octodroid again. Upon knocking down Laurie, Drew, and Swinton, Octodroid freezes Drew and the clone takes his place in battle. Octodroid retreats again upon taking a hit from the Galactic Sentinels' attacks. Whenever the clone Gordon was near Swinton, his technology crashed. The others soon find out that their Gordon was replaced by a clone which escapes to meet up with Octodroid. Upon taking down the clone Gordon, the Galactic Sentinels free Gordon and they form Knightron to defeat Octodroid.
  • Isolus (voiced by Lisa Lang) - A female ice-elemental monster. Besides her usual ice attacks, she wields a sword and shield with her sword also able to shoot ice beams. In "The Spy," Isolus is sent to Earth and disguised herself as a foreign exchange student named Ilse in order to learn the true identity of the Galactic Sentinels. Nimbar later revealed that Ilse is actually Isolus. Reprogramming the power portal, Ilse ends up in the desert and transforms into Isolus. The Galactic Sentinels head to the desert and battle Isolus. She manages to freeze Drew who is thawed by Swinton. The Galactic Sentinels form Nitron who deflects Isolus' ice attack back at her. Emperor Gorganus plans to reconstruct her while using her residue for his drink. In "The Y Files," Emperor Gorganus sends Isolus to Earth's desert in order to start a new Ice Age. When Nimbar detects this, he tells the Galactic Sentinels that Emperor Gorganus plans to use Isolus to tamper with Earth's weather. Isolus returns to Earth and fights the Galactic Sentinels where Isolus ends up freezing Apollo enough for the Galactic Sentinels to retreat back to Nimbar. The Galactic Sentinels then return and continue their fight with Isolus. When Isolus makes their weapons disappear, the Galactic Sentinels form Nitron and fight Nitron. After disarming Isolus, Nitron ends up deflecting Isolus's ice attack back at her. Emperor Gorganus plans to reconstruct her again while using her residue for his drink. In "Gordon Cries Wolf," Emperor Gorganus upgrades Isolus and sends her to destroy the Galactic Sentinels. Due to a white lie that caused Laurie to not be involved with them, the Galactic Sentinels had to carry on without Laurie. Since Laurie wasn't there to help defeat Isolus upon not responding to Nimbar's call, Nimbar had to recall Gordon while Drew and Swinton were frozen before they can be teleported back. Gordon had to forcefully drag Laurie through the portal in order to make her believe that Isolus is attacking. Laurie is shown Isolus having froze Drew and Swinton and ends up helping Gordon to thaw them out. Upon thawing out Drew and Swinton, the Galactic Sentinels form Nitron to fight Isolus. Upon breaking free from Isolus' attack, Knightron manages to defeat Isolus who is withdrawn by Emperor Gorganus.
  • Culebra - A cobra-like monster who can breathe heat. In "The Rat," Culebra gains the ability to raise Earth's heat. When the Galactic Sentinels attack Culebra when the sun sets, Emperor Gorganus recalls Culebra. Emperor Gorganus modifies Culebra with a power retainer and sends him back to Earth. Due to Gordon ending up in the body of Swinton's rat Darwin, the others had to fight Culebra without him while Nimbar found a way to undo what happened to Gordon. Once Nimbar found a way to get Gordon back to normal, Gordon joined up with the other Galactic Sentinels to help fight Culebra. The Galactic Sentinels weren't able to form Nitron until Gordon teleported by to Knightron and got Darwin off the teleporter pad. Once this was done and Nitron was formed, Culebra was defeated and withdrawn by Emperor Gorganus. In "Bully for You" Gordon transformed into Culebra to regain Swinton's confidence but when the Culebra returned Swinton regained his confidence, defeated Culebra and withdrawn by Emperor Gorganus. In "The Chocolate War," Emperor Gorganus sends Culebra to Earth to let the Galactic Sentinels find him so that he can use Emperor Gorganus' Disruptor Ray to prevent the Galactic Sentinels from forming Knightron. Laurie and Drew are sent in where they find Culebra who ends up attacking them. After an attack on Laurie and Drew, Culebra retreated back to Emperor Gorganus with Laurie and Drew having been hit by the Disruptor Ray. Culebra attacks again yet Laurie and Drew are competing to take down Culebra with no success as Culebra retreats upon Drew and Swinton being hit by the Disruptor Ray. Nimbar finds out about the Disruptor Ray and it took the Galactic Sentinels to learn that truth. Upon breaking from the Disruptor Ray's effects, the Galactic Sentinels form Knightron and defeat Culebra.
  • Predaraptor - A dinosaur-like monster that is nearly indestructible. He creates a light above the ridge of his head before he emits a deadly beam. He destroyed previous Galactic Sentinels Ursa, Leo and Draco leaving Rick/Orion alone. He first appeared in "The Universal Hitchhiker" to fight the Galactic Sentinels. When Predaraptor injured Laurie enough to make her ears hurt, Orion joined the others in battle in place of Scorpio. Orion suggested to hit Predaraptor in the back and was able to defeat him. In "Mr. Popularity," Emperor Gorganus gives Predaraptor the Wish Dust from the Asteroid Utin in a plot to expose it to one of the Galactic Sentinels so that they would have a problem forming Knightron. When fighting the Galactic Sentinels, Predaraptor uses his Wish Dust-coated tail to hit Swinton before retreating. While Swinton was exposed to the Wish Dust, the others had to fight Predaraptor when he returns to attack Earth. When Swinton arrived, Predaraptor retreated. Upon viewing footage from the last battle, Nimbar revealed to Laurie, Gordon, and Drew that Swinton was exposed to Wish Dust. When Predaraptor attacks again, Swinton fights him solo. When Swinton makes a wish for help, Drew, Gordon, and Laurie joined the battle and they were able to form Knightron who defeats Predaraptor. In "Beverly Hills 902-Oblivion," Emperor Gorganus sends Predaraptor to plant a Bal Darian Portal Torpedo that would keep the Power Portals opened. This time, Emperor Gorganus has given Predaraptor the ability to become invisible. When the Galactic Sentinels fight Predaraptor, Predaraptor ends up secretly planting the homing device for the Bal Darian Portal Torpedo on Drew before retreating. The Bal Darian Portal Torpedo ends up materializing at the Coffee Shop causing the Galactic Sentinels to try to find a way to disarm the Bal Darian Portal Torpedo. Emperor Gorganus finds out that the Galactic Sentinels are trying to disarm the Bal Darian Portal Torpedo and sends Predaraptor back to Earth. While Drew and Swinton work on disarming the Bal Darian Portal Torpedo, Laurie and Gordon end up fighting Predatraptor enough to cause Predaraptor to retreat.

Other characters

  • Nimbar (voiced by Glenn Shadix) - Nimbar is a gelatinous blob with high intelligence that calls the teens together, controls and retains their powers and opens portals to and from Earth at will. Nimbar is the Head Protector of the Power Portals and he grants his soldiers tattoos with which to communicate and open portals near simply by swiping an arm-like extension over their wrist. He has failed in the past to protect a world from Gorganus and will stop at nothing to insure Earth does not meet the same fate.
  • Diane Henley (Dani Douthette) - Gordon's mother and the Mayor of Beverly Hills. In "The Ghost Warrior," she temporarily learns that Gordon is Taurus until the Memory Fader is used on her after the Sorcerer's defeat.
  • Nicole Nash (Janna Lowell) - Drew's aunt who is a movie star. She also owns the Coffee House where the Galactic Sentinels hang out.
  • Roland Sawyer (Charles Walker) - Swinton's father. In "Mind Games," he planned to transfer Swinton to Billwood Academy.
  • Pixel (voiced by Debi Derryberry) - An alien from Hunab Ku that appeared in "The Opiate from the Future." Her kind has the ability to predict the future and must be in a light source in order to communicate with anyone. Emperor Gorganus had captured her in order to predict his future until Pixel tricked Lechner into letting her out. The Galactic Sentinels rescue her from Slaygar as she tells them to form Knightron. When asked by the Galactic Sentinels if they will be able to defeat Emperor Gorganus, her predictions come up as yes and no. After Slaygar is defeated, Nimbar uses his technology to warp the rock that Pixel is in back to Hunab Ku.

Episode list

  1. In the Beginning.... - Emperor Gorganus makes his plans to conquer Earth and sends Ninjabot to attack Earth. Nimbar selects four teens to be his champions and become Galactic Sentinels.
  2. The Note - Drew writes a note to make Gordon think Laurie likes him to prove he just follows rules.
  3. How Time Flies - Emperor Gorganus sends the Sorcerer to speed up time on Earth which causes some problems for the Galactic Sentinels.
  4. Switch - The Sentinels accidentally switch genders, changing bodies and lives.
  5. Perceptions - Swinton gets advice from everyone on how to talk to a pretty girl.
  6. Three Cheats to the Wind - Drew works on her essay of Les Misérables. Meanwhile, Emperor Gorganus sends Octodroid to change the Earth's freshwater into saltwater.
  7. The Quitter - Neuragala uses his powers to turn Laurie into a selfish brat causing her to quit the Galactic Sentinels leaving the others powerless to stop Neuragala.
  8. Commitments - Drew and Gordon pose as a couple when they use the bracelet belonging to Gordon's mom to save the world.
  9. Mind Games - The Galactic Sentinels bring the Sorcerer's wand which causes Nimbar to act strangely and causes him to disband the Galactic Sentinels. Meanwhile, Swinton tells the others that his parents plan on transferring him to the Billwood Academy.
  10. The Spy - Emperor Gorganus sends Isolus to Earth disguised as a foreign exchange student named Ilse.
  11. The Brain Drain - Gorganus Sends Neurecula to drain the minds of the people on Earth.
  12. A Nightmare on Rodeo Drive - Emperor Gorganus sends the Sorcerer to bring the nightmares of the Galactic Sentinels to life.
  13. The Rat - Gordon ends up having his mind transmogrified into Swinton's mouse Darwin upon going through the Power Portal with it at the same time. Meanwhile, Emperor Gorganus sends Culebra to raise Earth's temperature.
  14. The Cover-Up - Emperor Gorganus sends Octodroid to capture a Galactic Sentinel. He manages to successfully capture Swinton and now the others have to find a way to rescue him while trying to cover-up where Swinton is to his father.
  15. Bully For You - An attempt to restore Swinton's confidence by disguising Gordon as Culebra backfires when the real Culebrea appears and almost destroys the Galactic Sentinels.
  16. Trust - Laurie, Gordon, and Swinton read from Drew's diary when it comes to her family life. Meanwhile, Emperor Gorganus sends Voldek to knock out Earth's electrical grid.
  17. The Y Files - Two government agents arrive in Beverly Hills and consider it as Ground Zero for all extraterrestrial sightings. Meanwhile, Emperor Gorganus sends Isolus to Earth's desert in order to plunge the Earth into the next Ice Age.
  18. The Chocolate War - Thanks to Emperor Gorganus and Culebra, a friendly competition gets out of hand and threatens the ability of the Galactic Sentinels to form Knightron.
  19. The Monster Among Us - Gordon misses out on the date of a lifetime as Emperor Gorganus and Octodroid replaces Taurus with a look-alike android.
  20. The Universal Hitchhiker - Drew learns a lesson in believing in others when she redeems a fallen Sentinel call Orion that ends up saving the Galactic Sentinels from Predaraptor.
  21. Deja Vu - The Galactic Sentinels have to live a party life over and over until they get it right and destroy Neuragula who has trapped them in a time loop.
  22. The Ghost Warrior - Emperor Gorganus sends the Sorcerer to Earth disguised as Taurus in order to make a public appearance in a plot to lure out the Galactic Sentinels.
  23. The Opiate from the Future - Emperor Gorganus sends Slaygar to capture Pixel, an alien from Hunab Ku whose kind can predict the future. When the Galactic Sentinels rescue Pixel, the Galactic Sentinels hope to use Pixel in their advantage during their fight against Emperor Gorganus.
  24. The Leech -
  25. Gordon Cries Wolf - Gordon's white lie gets him in trouble when he ends up involving Laurie when he overhears that a student named Brad is going to ask her out and then diss her. Meanwhile, Emperor Gorganus sends an upgraded Isolus to destroy the Galactic Sentinels.
  26. Penny for Your Thoughts - Laurie believes she has the ability to read minds as a Residual Effect from portalling. But what she hears isn't nice and is on the verge of tearing the team apart when they discover the false thoughts were planted by Neuragula.
  27. Turncoat - Given an opportunity to save Earth forever from Gorganus, the Galactic Sentinels learn they cannot pass along their problems to somebody else.
  28. Mr. Popularity - After being hit by Wish Dust emitted from Predaraptor's tail, Swinton discovers he should be careful what he wishes might come true...especially if Emperor Gorganus can use it to destroy the Galactic Sentinels.
  29. Winner Takes All - The teens decide to be friends, only to learn friendship has its pitfalls, when Earth is at stake when Emperor Gorganus sends Ninjabot to challenge the Galactic Sentinels.
  30. Beverly Hills 902-Oblivion - The teen quartet must defend the homefront when it is discovered a cataclysmic bomb, threatening the world, has been portaled back to the Coffeehouse with them.
  31. Ozone O-Mio - Emperor Gorganus sends Slaygar to suck up the Earth's Ozone Layer while Gordon is busy sucking up to Swinton's father.
  32. The Glitch - While fighting Voldek, the Power Portal develops a malfunction which sends the Beverly Hills teenagers to some very strange parallel universes.
  33. Emperor for a Day - Lechner becomes "the Sorcerer's Apprentice" when Gorganus takes a leave of absence, and almost succeeds in driving Nimbar to the breaking point.
  34. The Impostor - Aunt Nicole's soap opera "Storm and Stress" bases a new character on Drew, and Laurie lands the role. Laurie begins to emulate Drew in an attempt to "get in character." Drew's resentment at this threatens to destroy the Sentinels' team unity when Emperor Gorganus sends Voldek to Earth.
  35. Take Two Galactic Sentinels & Call Nimbar in the Morning - The common cold almost causes the destruction of the Earth when it sweeps through the ranks of the Galactic Sentinels, ultimately afflicting even Nimbar.
  36. The Last People on Earth - Gordon tries to find the guy who ripped him off with the fake CD Player. Emperor Gorganus gives Voldek a Lifeform Compressor in order to collect the people of Earth.
  37. The Primal Scream - Gorganus attempts to activate a Portal Jammer which will defeat Nimbar, while Drew, Swinton and Gordon race the clock to reverse a galactic virus which is de-evolving Laurie into a deranged monster.
  38. The Psychiatrist Pt. 1 - The Galactic Sentinels face discovery, when Drew has to meet with a psychiatrist—who wants to institutionalize her!
  39. The Psychiatrist Pt. 2 -
  40. It's a Gorganus Life - Emperor Gorganus takes on the Sentinels himself.

Online Episodes

As of March 2008, DIC Entertainment has added the series to their online programming for US users. Fans were able to watch episodes straight from DIC's KEWL Cartoons website, until the site began redirecting to Jaroo (where the show is unavailable).


The series originally aired on USA Network.

Starting September 26, 2011, the program became a part of Cookie Jar's weekday morning "This is for Kids" programming block on the digital subchannel This TV.


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