Actuarial topics

Actuarial topics

This page represents a collection of topics which relate to Actuarial Science.

General Actuarial Topics

* Actuarial science
* Actuary
* Actuarial notation
* Fictional actuaries

Mathematics of Finance

* Financial mathematics

* Interest
* Time value of money
* Discounting
* Present value
* Future value
* Net present value
* Internal rate of return

* Yield curve
* Yield to maturity
* Effective annual rate (EAR)
* Annual percentage rate (APR)


* Force of mortality
* Life table

Life Insurance

* Life insurance
* Life insurer
* Insurable interest
* Insurable risk
* Annuity
* Life annuity
* Perpetuity

* New Business Strain
* Zillmerisation
* Financial reinsurance

* Net premium valuation
* Gross premium valuation
* Embedded value
* European Embedded Value
* Stochastic modelling
* Asset liability modelling

Non-life Insurance

* Property insurance
* Casualty insurance
* Ruin theory
* Stochastic modelling
* Risk and capital management in non-life insurance

Health Insurance

* Health insurance


* Reinsurance
* Reinsurer
* Financial reinsurance


* Pensions
* Stochastic modelling

Investments & Asset Management

* Dividend yield
* PE ratio
* Bond valuation
* Yield to maturity
* Cost of capital
* Net asset value
* Derivatives

Lists of Lists

* List of finance topics
* List of accounting topics
* List of economics topics

External links

* [ Additional Actuarial Topics]

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