Topic outline of political science

Topic outline of political science

Political science is the field concerning the theory and practice of politics and the description and analysis of political systems and political behavior.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to political science:

Essence of political science

* Government
* Politician
* Political power

Fields of study of political science

* Area studies
* Comparative politics
* Development studies
* Foreign policy analysis
* Game theory
* Geopolitics and political geography
* Globalization studies
* Ideology studies
* International relations
* Nationalism studies
* Policy analysis / Policy studies
* Political behavior
* Political economy
* Political psychology
* Political theory and philosophy
* Political systems
* Psephology (statistical analysis of voting systems and electoral behavior)
* Public administration and local government studies
* Public policy
* Public administration
* Public law
* Religious studies
* Research methodology
* Security studies
* Strategic studies

History of political science

Politics by region

Governments of the world

Political parties by region

Foreign relations by region

Political issues

* Abortion
* Affirmative action
* Agricultural policy and land reform
* Animal rights and animal testing
* Capital punishment
* Internet censorship
* Internet taxation
* Climate change policy
* Direct democracy
* Disarmament and nonproliferation
* Drug policy and reform
* Education policy and reform
* Electoral reform
* Gay rights and gay marriage
* Gun rights and gun control
* Health care policy and reform
* Immigration policy and reform
* Israeli-Palestinian conflict
* Language policy
* Medical marijuana
* NATO expansion
* Nuclear testing
* Political corruption
* Race relations
* Science and technology policy
* Separation of church and state
* Space policy
* Stem cells and the stem cell controversy
* Tax reform
* Terrorism, counter-terrorism, and the War on Terrorism
* Trade
* Welfare reform

Basic political science concepts

**Voting systems
**Game theory
**Political Campaigning
**Political communications
**Political qualifications
*International relations theory
**Power in international relations
**Realism in international relations
**Idealism in international relations
**Neoliberalism in international relations
**Marxist international relations theory
**Functionalism in international relations
**Critical international relations theory
**Legal research
**International law
*Political science (General)
**Political history
**Political scientist
*Political theory
**Theories of state
***Islamic state
***Peace and conflict studies
**** Democratic peace theory
**** Power transition theory
**** Hegemonic stability theory
***Political geography
***Consent of the governed
***Political violence
***Forms of state
**Political institutions
**Public administration
**Comparative government
**Three powers of the State
**** Executive branch
**** Executive power
**** Heads of state
**** Legislative branch
**** Legislative process
**** Legislative power
**** Law making
**** Judicial branch
**** Judicial power
**Political rights
**Political participation
**Public administration
***Civil service
***Political parties
*Theories of Political Behavior

Political science lists

See also

External links

* [ American Political Science Association]
* [ European Consortium for Political Research]
* [ International Political Science Association]
* [ Political Studies Association of the UK]
* [ PROL: Political Science Research Online (prepublished research)]
* [ Truman State University Political Science Research Design Handbook]
* [ A New Nation Votes: American Elections Returns 1787-1825]

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