Doubting Thomas (band)

Doubting Thomas (band)
Doubting Thomas
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Industrial
Years active 1987–1994 ?
Labels Metropolis, Wax Trax!, Nettwerk, Subconscious Communications
Website Official Website
Past members
cEvin Key, Dwayne Goettel

Doubting Thomas is an industrial band formed by two members of Skinny Puppy: cEvin Key and the late Dwayne Goettel. It is considered a Skinny Puppy side project. The band shares its name with an American roots band, to whom they have no relation.

Doubting Thomas released one album, an EP, and several other songs on compilations. Nearly all their music is instrumental.



  1. 1991 album The Infidel: composed 1987 - 1990. Released on the WaxTrax! Record Label.[1]
  2. 1991 single/EP Father Don't Cry: recorded 1990. The song "Father Don't Cry" has also been released on The Infidel. Released on the WaxTrax! record label.

Releases after Dwayne Goettel's death in 1995

  1. 1997 - Compilation Paradigm Shift is released on the Nettwerk record label.
  2. 1997 - Re-release of Father Don't Cry: with additional material. Released on the Metropolis Records label.
  3. 2000 - Compilation Wild Planet: with several Nettwerk artists including Skinny Puppy and their side projects. Sees the release of the song "Steps" by Doubting Thomas. Released on two labels, the Nettwerk and Subconscious Communications record labels.
  4. 2007 - Re-release of The Infidel and Father Don't Cry in a 2-disc special edition on Subconscious Communications. Father Don't Cry is extended with additional material recorded between 1987 and 1994.


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