Altitude (disambiguation)

Altitude (disambiguation)

Altitude is the height of an object over a datum.

It may also refer to:
*Altitude (astronomy), one of the coordinates of the horizontal coordinate system
*Altitude (triangle), in geometry, a triangle with a line passing through one vertex and being perpendicular to the opposite side
*Altitude (music), the height or depth of a note
*Altitude (group), 1990s female trio, best known for two Top 40 hits "Silly" and "Work It (Like a 9 to 5)". They were produced by Klymaxx founding member Bernadette Cooper.
*Altitude Sports and Entertainment, a regional sports network in Colorado

*Altitude (album), the collaborative album released by Tim Finn, Andy White & Liam O'Moanlai under the name ALT
*Altitude (Yellow Second), the album by pop punk band Yellow Second.

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