Graphic art software

Graphic art software

Graphic art software [Bob Gordon, Maggie Gordon "The Complete Guide to Digital Graphic Design ", 15 March 2002 pp:44] is a subclass of application software used for graphic design, multimedia development, specialized image development, general image editing, or simply to access graphic files. Art software uses either raster or vector graphic reading and editing methods to create, edit, and view art.

Many artists and other creative professionals today use computers rather than traditional media. Using graphic art software may be more efficient than rendering using traditional media by requiring less hand-eye coordination, requiring less visualization skills, and utilizing the computer's quicker (sometimes more accurate) automated rendering functions to create images. However, advanced level computer styles, effects and editing methods may require a steeper learning curve of computer technical skills than what was required to learn traditional hand rendering and visualization skills. The potential of the software to enhance or hinder creativity may depend on the intuitiveness of the interface.

pecialized software

Most art software includes common functions, creation tools, editing tools, filters, and automated rendering modes. Many, however, are designed to enhance a specialized skill or technique.

Graphic design software

Graphic design professionals favor general image editing software and page layout software commonly referred to as desktop publishing software.

Multimedia development software

Multimedia development professionals favor software with audio, motion and interactivity such as software for creating and editing hypermedia, electronic presentations (more specifically slide presentations), computer simulations and games.

Image development software

Image development professionals may use general graphic editors or may prefer more specialized software. Although images can be created from scratch with most art software, specialized software applications or advanced features of generalized applications are used for more accurate visual effects. These visual effects include:

Traditional medium effects

Vector editors are ideal for solid crisp lines seen in line art, poster, woodcut ink effects, and mosaic effects.

Specialized software may be used to combine traditional medium effects and photorealistic effects. 3-D modeling software may be exclusively for, include features for, or include the option of 3rd party plugins for rendering 3-D models with 2-D effects (e.g. cartoons, illustrations) for hyperrealistic effects. Other 2-D image editing software may be used to trace photographs or rotoscope animations from film. This allows artists to rapidly apply unique styles to what would be purely photorealistic images from computer generated imagery from 3-D models or photographs. Some styles of hyperealism may require motion visual effects (e.g. geometrically accurate rotation, accurate kinetics, simulated organic growth, life-like motion constraints) to notice the realism of the imagery. Software may be used to bridge the gap between the imagination and the law of physics.

pecialized graphic format handling

This may include software for handling specialized graphic file formats such as Fontographer software, which is dedicated to creating and editing computer fonts. Some general image editing software has unique image file handling features as well. Vector graphic editors handle vector graphic files and are able to load PostScript files natively. Some tools enable professional photographers to use nondestructive image processing for editing digital photography without permanently changing or duplicating the original, using the RAW image format. Other special handling software includes software for capturing images such as 2-D scanning software, 3-D scanning software and screen-capturing, or software for specialized graphic format processing such as raster image processing and file format conversion.


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