List of aerospace engineers

List of aerospace engineers

This is a list of aerospace engineers, people who were trained in or practised aerospace engineeringand who are notable enough for a Wikipedia article.

See also List of engineers - for lists of engineers from other disciplines.



* Michael P. Anderson - died in Columbia disaster
* Neil Armstrong, (born 1930)
* Ron Ayers - Designer of ThrustSSC, the first land based vehicle to break the sound barrier.


* V. P. Barmin, designer of the rocket launch complexes.
* Frank Barnwell, (1880-1938) chief engineer Bristol Aeroplane Company.
* Wernher von Braun, (1912-1977), famous German rocket pioneer.
* David M. Brown - died in Columbia disaster.
* Ludwig Bölkow Me 262
* Adolf Busemann Swept wing


* Sir Sydney Camm
* Sir George Cayley - inventor of the science of aerodynamics
* Roy Chadwick
* Roger Chaffee - Apollo 1 fire victim
* Vladimir Chelomei
* Henri Coandă
* Philip M. Condit Former CEO of Boeing
* Glenn Curtiss
* Kalpana Chawla (1961-2003)- died in Columbia disaster
* Laurel B. Clark - died in Columbia disaster


* Werner Dahm [] []
* Alberto Santos Dumont, (1873-1932)
* Marcel Dassault, (1892-1986)
* Leonardo da Vinci, (1452-1519)
* Jamie Dodds
* Claudius Dornier
* Iain Dowie
* Sir George Dowty
* , (1911-1960) first man faster than 1000 km/h.


* Joe Engle
* Richard Eppler computational aerodynamicist
* Walter Extra


* Charles Richard Fairey, founder of the Fairey Aviation company
* Roy Fedden, a British engine designer for Bristol Engine Company
* Anton Flettner
* Anthony Fokker, (1890-1939)
* Henry Folland
* Stelio Furner Italian aircraft designer responsible for the Falco and SIAI Marchetti
* Gerhard Fieseler German aircraft designer
* High speed wind tunnel, area rule


* Alfred Gessow, helicopter expert
* Valentin Glushko
* Robert Goddard
* Sir Arthur Gouge (1890-1962) President of the Royal Aeronautical Society
* Tadeusz Góra
* Jay Greene
* Giuseppe Gabrielli (1903-1987) - Italian aircraft designer
* Arthur Greensite - Covair Div. of General Dynamics


* B. J. Habibie
* Raoul Hafner
* Geoffrey de Havilland, (1882-1965)
* Harry Hawker
* Edward H. Heinemann
* Ernst Heinkel
* Homer Hickam
* Peter K. Homer
* Howard Hughes
* Rick D. Husband - died in Columbia disaster
* Wolfgang Haack
* Robert Radu Hervian


* Ilan Ramon - died in Columbia disaster


* Clarence "Kelly" Johnson (1910-1990)
* John J. Johnson (1905-1957)
* Robert T. Jones


* A.P.J Abdul Kalam
* Theodore von Kármán, (1881-1963)
* Sergey Korolev
* Chris Kraft
* Ave K. Kludze, Jr., Ph.D
* Eugene Kranz


* Samuel Pierpont Langley - aircraft
* Otto Lilienthal
* Alexander Lippisch
* Per Lindstrand - balloons (and other aircraft)
* Glynn Lunney (1936- )


* Paul MacCready
* Ernst Mach, (1838-1916)
* Elsie MacGill, (1905-1980)
* Frederick Marriott, (1805-1884)
* Mark D. Maughmer
* Wilhelm Messerschmitt (1898-1978)
* R.J. Mitchell
* Montgolfier Brothers
* William C. McCool - died in Columbia disaster
* Carlos García Mackan - Aeronautical Engineering IPN ESIME Ticomán


*Gerhard Neumann General Electric J79


* Hermann Oberth
* Hans von Ohain


* Richard Pearse - Early New Zealand aircraft builder who is reputed to have made the first powered aircraft flight on March 31, 1903
* W. E. W. (Teddy) Petter
* Percy Pilcher
* Herman Potonik, (1892-1929)
* Ludwig Prandtl



* Judith Resnik
* Osborne Reynolds, (1842-1912)
* Ben Rich - Lockheed Martin Skunk Works; contributor to SR-71 and President during F-117 development
* John M. Riebe, (1921-)
* Sir Alliott Verdon Roe
* Jan Roskam
* Ludwig Roth
* Edward J. Ruppelt (1923-1960) - director of Project Blue Book
* Burt Rutan


* Igor Sikorsky
* Mikhail Simonov - Major contributor to the design of the Su-27 and its derivatives, in addition to the Su-47.
* Herbert Smith (engineer) - Designer of the Sopwith Triplane
* Sir Tom Sopwith - Sopwith Aeroplane company
* Klaus von Storch
* Syam Nath - Founder of OKB Sukhoi.
* Victor Szebehely - Aerospace Engineering & Celestial Mechanics
* Raja Rajan - Aerodynamics
* Nevil Shute - Aeronautical Engineer & Author
* Joe Sutter - Chief engineer for the Boeing 747


* Richard Truly - former Astronaut and head of NASA
* Andrei Tupolev - Founder of OKB Tupolev
* Theodore Theodorsen - Aerodynamicist at NACA
* Kurt Tank - Design Engineer for Focke-Wulf



* Aurel Vlaicu
* Traian Vuia
* Woldemar Voigt Me 262, Me 163 C


* Sir Barnes Wallis (1887-1979)
* Ken Wallis MBE - autogyro
* Hellmuth Walter, (1900-1980) - rocket engines
* Richard Whitcomb
* Sir Frank Whittle, (1907-1996)
* Stanisław Wigura, (1901-1932)
* The Wright Brothers



* Alexander Sergeyevich Yakovlev - Founder of OKB Yakovlev


* Engelbert Zaschka, (1896-1955), one of the first German helicopter pioneers.
* Ferdinand von Zeppelin (1838-1917)
* Robert Zubrin


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