List of photographic processes

List of photographic processes

This page list various photographic processes.


*Chromogenic positive (Ektachrome)
**E-4 process
**E-6 process
*Chromogenic negative
**C-41 process
**RA-4 process
*Dye destruction
**K-12 process
**K-14 process
*Dye transfer print
*Carbon print, 1862
*Lippmann process, 1891
*Autochrome Lumière, 1903
*Autochrome Lumière


*Ink jet
**Iris print

Black and White (Monochrome)


*Abration tone
*Acetate film
*Albumen print, 1850
*Aristo paper


*Baryta coated paper
*Bayard process
*Bichromate process
*Bichromated gelatin
*Bichromated gum arabic
*Bichromatic albumen
*Bitumen of Judea
*Bromoil Process, 1907


*Calotype, 1841
*Carbon print, 1855
*Carbro Print
*Casein pigment
*Cellulose diacetate negative
*Cellulose nitrate negative
*Cellulose triacetate negative
*Charbon Velour
*Chrysotype, 1842
*Collodion paper
*Collodion process, 1851
*Collotype, 1870
*Color paper
*Contact print
*Contact sheet
*Copper Photogravure
*Crystal photo 1850
*Cyanotype, 1842


*Daguerreotype, 1839
*Dry collodion negative
*Dry collodion process
*Dry plate
*Dye coupler process
*Dye destruction process
*Dye diffusion transfer process
*Dye transfer print


*Enamel photograph


*Ferroprussiate paper


*Gaslight paper
*Gelatino-Bromide emulsions, 1875
*Gelatin-silver process
*Gem tintype
*Ghost photograph
*Gum Bichromate Print
*gum bichromate
*Gum Dichromate
*gum printing = *Photoglyphic
*Gum over platinum


*Hyalotype -1850


*Intermediate negative
*Iron salt process
*Ivorytype -1855


*Jews pith






*Meisenbach process




*Oil printing process
*Ozobrom process
*Ozotype process


*Palladiotype, 1914
*Palladium Print
*Palladium processing
*Paper Negatives
*Pinatype process
*Platinotype, 1873


*Salt print
*Salted paper
*Self-toning paper
*Sepia paper
*Silver bromide
*Silver chloride collodion
*Sun printing


*Tintype or Ferrotype


*uranium print


*Van Dyke
*Vescicular film


*Wash-off Relief
*Waxed paper
* Wet collodion process
* Wet collodion plate
* Wet plate process


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