Diocese of Bjørgvin

Diocese of Bjørgvin
Diocese of Bjørgvin (Bergen)
Bjorgvin bispedomme

Bishop Halvor Nordhaug
Country Norway
Ecclesiastical province Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane
Deaneries 13 prosti
Area 34,083 km2 (13,160 sq mi)
- Total
(as of 2010)
Parishes 189
Members 489,044
Denomination Church of Norway
Cathedral Bergen Domkirke
Current leadership
Bishop Halvor Nordhaug
Bergen Cathedral (Bergen domkirken)

Bjørgvin Diocese (Bjørgvin bispedømme) is a diocese in the Church of Norway. It covers churches located in the counties of Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. The cathedral city is Bergen. Bergen Cathedral, formerly the Church of Saint Olaf, serves as the seat of the presiding Bishop. The bishop since 2008 has been Halvor Nordhaug.[1]


History of the diocese since 1537

Bjorgvin diocese is one of the five original dioceses of Norway. The diocese was created on Selje in the traditional district of Nordfjord during the 1000's. The seat was moved to Bergen in 1170 during the reign of King Magnus V. In 1537 the diocese consisted of the (modern) counties Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane (with exception of Eidfjord and Røldal). The region Sunnmøre was transferred from the Diocese of Nidaros to Bjørgvin in 1622. The parish Eidfjord was transferred from the Diocese of Stavanger to Bjørgvin in 1630. The parish Røldal was transferred from the Diocese of Kristiansand (see Diocese of Agder og Telemark) to Bjørgvin in 1863. The region Sunnmøre was (together with Nordmøre and Romsdal) established as a diocese of its own (Diocese of Møre) in 1983. [2]

Origin of name

The Old Norse forms of the name for Bergen was Bjorgvin. The first element is berg or bjørg, which translates as mountain. The last element is vin, which translates as meadow. [3]


  • ?-1535 Olaf Torkelson Last Catholic bishop
  • 1536-1557 Gjeble Pedersssøn b. c. 1489 first Lutheran bishop
  • 1557-1582 Jens Pedersen Schjelderup b. 1499
  • 1583-1607 Anders Foss
  • 1607-1615 Anders Mikkelsen Kolding
  • 1616-1636 Nils Paaske b. 1568
  • 1636-1649 Ludvig Hansen Munthe b. 1593
  • 1649-1665 Jens Pedersen Schjelderup b. 1604
  • 1665-1711 Nils Envildsen Randulf b. 1630
  • 1711-1716 Nils Pedersen Smed b. 1655
  • 1716-1723 Clemens Schmidt b. 1671
  • 1723-1731 Marcus Müller b. 1684
  • 1731-1747 Oluf Cosmussen Bornemann b. 1683
  • 1747-1757 Erik Ludvigsen Pontoppidan b. 1698
  • 1757-1762 Ole Tiedemann b. 1710
  • 1762-1774 Frederik Arentz b. 1699
  • 1774-1778 Eiler Hagerup b. 1718
  • 1778-1779 Søren Frieldieb b. 1717
  • 1779-1803 Ole Irgens b. 1724
  • 1803-1816 Johan Nordahl Brun b. 1745
  • 1817-1822 Claus Pavels b. 1769
  • 1822-1848 Jacob Neumann b. 1772
  • 1848-1857 Peder Christin Hersleb Kjerschow b. 1786
  • 1858-1863 Jens Mahias Pram Kaurin b. 1804
  • 1864-1880 Peter Hersleb Graah Birkeland b. 1807
  • 1881-? Fredrik Waldemar Hvoslef b. 1825


Other sources

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