List of University of Toronto people

List of University of Toronto people

This is a list of people involved with the University of Toronto.



# Bishop John Strachan (1827 – 1848)
# John McCaul (1848 – 1853)
# Sir Daniel Wilson (1889 – 1892)
# James Loudon (1892 – 1906)
# Sir Robert Falconer (1907 – 1932)
# Henry John Cody (1932 – 1945)
# Sidney Smith (1945 – 1957)
# Claude Bissell (1958 – 1971)
# John Robert Evans (1972 – 1978)
# James Ham (1978 – 1983)
# David Strangway (1983 – 1984)
# George Connell (1984 – 1990)
# Robert Prichard (1990 – 2000)
# Robert Birgeneau (2000 – 2004)
# Frank Iacobucci (interim, 2004 – 2005)
# David Naylor (2005 – present)

Nobel Laureates

*Frederick Banting – Alumnus and Former Faculty Member, 1923 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
*Bertram Brockhouse – Alumnus, 1994 Nobel Prize in Physics
*Walter Kohn – Alumnus, 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
*John James Richard Macleod – Former Faculty Member, 1923 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
*James Orbinski – Alumnus and Former Faculty Member, 1999 Nobel Peace Prize
*Lester B. Pearson – Alumnus and Former Faculty Member, 1957 Nobel Peace Prize
*John Polanyi – Current Faculty Member, 1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
*Arthur Leonard Schawlow – Alumnus, 1981 Nobel Prize in Physics

Notable Alumni

Some alumni are listed below in the section on faculty and hence not duplicated here

Academics and scholars

*Frederick Banting, discoverer of insulin
*Robert Birgeneau [cite web |url= |title=University of California - UC Newsroom | ROBERT J. BIRGENEAU APPOINTED UC BERKELEY CHANCELLOR | |accessdate=2008-06-02 ] – Chancellor of University of California, Berkeley
*Davidson Black [ cite web |url= |title=Davidson Black |
] - Paleoanthropologist
*Elizabeth Bott [Linton Freeman, "The Development of Social Network Analysis." Vancouver: Empirical Press, 2002] pioneering social network analyst
*Bertram Brockhouse [cite web |url= |title=Brockhouse and the Nobel Prize - Canadian Neutron Beam Centre | |accessdate=2008-06-02 ] – Physicist
*Joseph CassidyFact|date=June 2008 - Principal of St Chad's College, Durham University
*Christopher Chetsangacite web |url= |title=exco5_sc_candidate_shortcv.pdf |publisher=Consultive Group on International Agricultural Research |accessdate=2008-06-02 |page=18|format=PDF] - Professor University of Zimbabwe, discovered two DNA repair enzymes
*William Christian [cite web |url= |title=Department of Political Science |accessdate=2008-06-03
] - Professor of Political Science, University of Guelph, author of biography on George Grant and "Political Parties and Ideologies in Canada"
*John Crispo - professor of political economics, media commentator on business and society
*Paul Davenportcite web |url= |title=President Paul Davenport |
] – President of University of Western Ontario
*Duncan R. Derry [cite web |url= |title=History Of Derry House | |accessdate=2008-06-20 ] (1906–1987) - Economic geologist
*John Charles Fields [cite web |url= |title=Fields biography | |accessdate=2008-06-20 ] – Mathematician, founder of the Fields Medal
*John Kenneth Galbraith [cite web |url=
title=John Kenneth Galbraith |publisher=Britannica Online Encyclopedia |accessdate=2008-06-20
] – Writer, former professor of economics at Harvard, former U.S Ambassador to India
*Erving Goffman [cite web
title=Erving Goffman
first=B. Diane
] - Sociologist/Writer
*Rachel Sarah Herz [cite web |url= |title=Rachel Sarah Herz |accessdate=2008-07-15 |publisher=Brown University|format=PDF] – Writer/pioneer in the psychology of olfaction
*James Hillier – Co-inventor of the electron microscope
*Dr. Arlette Lefebvre – Child psychiatrist at Sick Kids and founder of Ability Online
*Brian Kernighan – Computer scientist, Professor Princeton University
*Mark Kingwell – Philosopher
*Walter Kohn – Pioneer of quantum chemistry
*Victor Lange - author and academic
*Maris Martinsons - professor of management and international business consultant
*John Alexander Douglas McCurdy – First Canadian aviator and Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia
*Herbert Marshall McLuhan - professor of English literature and mass communications theorist
*Arthur Leonard Schawlow – Developer of laser spectroscopy
*James T. Shotwell, preeminent historian, Professor of the History of International Relations at Columbia University and president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, he helped create the United Nations Charter
*Martin Shubik – Mathematical economist at Yale University
*Andris Skuja - nuclear physicist
*Peter A. Singer - physician and bioethicist
*Albert W. Tucker – Renowned mathematician and co-discoverer of the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions
*Lewis Urry – Inventor of the alkaline battery
*Ravi Vakil – Four-time William Lowell Putnam Scholar, Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University
*Harold Williams – World-renowned geologist and leading authority on the tectonic evolution of mountain ranges
* Stanley E. Zin - Richard M. Cyert and Morris H. DeGroot Professor of Economics and Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University, and Frisch Medal winner.


*Leonard Asper – President and CEO of CanWest Global Communications Corp
*David R. Beatty – International business expert and past Chairman of the Board of UCC
*W. Edmund Clark – CEO of Toronto Dominion Bank
*Tony Comper – Former CEO of Bank of Montreal
*Peter Godsoe – Chairman of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and Sobeys, former Chairman of Bank of Nova Scotia
*Peter Munk – Founder and Chairman of Barrick Gold Corporation
*Richard Nesbitt – CEO of Toronto Stock Exchange
*Jeffrey Skoll – Business tycoon, eBay co-founder
*Murray KofflerShoppers Drug Mart, founder

Politics and government

*Rosalie Abella – Supreme Court Justice
*James Albert Manning Aikins – Founder of Canadian Bar Association and Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba
*John Black Aird – 23rd Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
*John Douglas Armour – Supreme Court Justice
*William Ian Corneil Binnie – Supreme Court Justice
*William John Blair - former Member of Parliament
*Louis Orville Breithaupt – 18th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
*Ed Broadbent – Former Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada
*Herbert Alexander Bruce – 15th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
*Adrienne Clarkson – 26th Governor General of Canada
*Henry Hague Davis – Supreme Court Justice
*Bill Davis – 18th Premier of Ontario
*George Drew – 14th Premier of Ontario and High Commissioner to Britain
*Lyman Poore Duff – Supreme Court Justice
*Albert Clements Killam – Supreme Court Justice
*Maciej Giertych- politician, a current Polish member of the European Parliament (since 2004), professor of dendrology, in Toronto got a PhD, father of Roman Giertych, Polish Minister of Education
*Bill Graham – fmr. Defence Minister of Canada
*Gordon Graydon – Former Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada
*Frederick Haultain – 1st Premier of the Northwest Territories
*Sam Hughes – Former Canadian Minister of Militia and Defence during the First World War
*Frank Iacobucci – Supreme Court Justice
*John Idington – Supreme Court Justice
*Henry N. R. Jackman – Former Chairman National Trust Company and 25th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
*William Lyon Mackenzie King - 10th Prime Minister of Canada
*John Henderson Lamont – Supreme Court Justice
*Stephen Lewis – Former Canadian Ambassador to the UN Security Council and UN Representative to Africa
*Louis LeBel – Supreme Court Justice
*Bora Laskin – Supreme Court Justice and former Chief Justice
*Michael Leshner - lawyer and gay rights advocate
*Charles Herbert Little – Director of Naval Intelligence during the Second World War
*John Kenneth Macalister – Canadian SOE operative in the Second World War
*William Ross Macdonald – 21st Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
*Alexander Grant MacKay - Ontario Liberal Leader, Alberta Liberal Cabinet Minister.
*John C. Major – Supreme Court Justice
*Paul Joseph James Martin – Former Canadian politician who served as an MP for 33 years
*Paul Martin – 21st Prime Minister of Canada
*Vincent Massey – Philanthropist and 18th (first Canadian-born) Governor General of Canada
*Pauline Mills McGibbon – 22nd Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
*Arthur Meighen – 9th Prime Minister of Canada
*David Miller – Mayor of Toronto
*Lester B. Pearson – 14th Prime Minister of Canada
*David Peterson – 20th Premier of Ontario
*Frank Pickersgill – Canadian SOE operative in the Second World War
*Yves Pratte – Supreme Court Justice
*Bob Rae – 21st Premier of Ontario
*John Sopinka – Supreme Court Justice
*Wishart Flett Spence – Supreme Court Justice
*Vaira Vīķe-FreibergaPresident of Latvia
*Michael Wilson (politician)- Canadian ambassador to the United States and former finance minister
*James Shaver Woodsworth – Pioneer of the social democratic movement in Canada

Film and television

*David Cronenberg – Filmmaker ("Videodrome", "The Fly", "A History of Violence")
*Mychael Danna – Composer ("Hearts in Atlantis", "Capote")
*Atom Egoyan – Filmmaker ("The Sweet Hereafter", "Where the Truth Lies")
*Graeme Ferguson – Filmmaker and co-inventor of IMAX*
*Aamer Haleem – on-air personality for VH1 channel.
*Robert Goulet – Actor and singer ("")
*Hart Hanson – Screenwriter and producer ("Bones", "Joan of Arcadia", "Judging Amy")
*Arthur Hiller – Film director ("The Man in the Glass Booth", "Silver Streak")
*Norman Jewison – Filmmaker ("In the Heat of the Night", "Fiddler on the Roof", "Moonstruck")
*Ted Kotcheff – Film and television director ("First Blood", "")
*Tim Long – Screenwriter ("The Simpsons", "The Late Show with David Letterman")
*Ron Mann – Documentary Filmmaker {"Imagine the Sound", "Grass")
*Don McKellar – Actor and film director ("Last Night")
*Joe Medjuck – Film producer ("Ghostbusters", "Kindergarten Cop")
*Lorne Michaels – Producer ("Saturday Night Live")
*Mark Rowswell – Media personality in China
*Paul Shaffer – Musician and actor ("The Late Show with David Letterman")
*David Shore – Screenwriter ("House", "Law & Order")
*Frank Shuster – Comedian ("Wayne & Shuster")
*Donald Sutherland – Actor ("JFK", "Fallen")
*Johnny Wayne – Comedian ("Wayne & Shuster")
*Graham Yost – Screenwriter ("Speed", "Mission to Mars")

Press and literature

*Barbara Amiel – Journalist
*Margaret Atwood – Author ("The Handmaid's Tale", "The Blind Assassin")
*Margaret Avison – Poet
*Dionne Brand – Poet
*Bryan Buchan – Author
*Morley Callaghan – Novelist and playwright
*Bill Cameron – News anchor and author
*Anne Carson – Poet, Critic and Classicist
*Matthew Fraser (journalist) – Editor-in-Chief, National Post
*Barbara Frum – One of Canada’s most respected and influential journalists
*Guy Gavriel Kay – Author ("The Fionavar Tapestry")
*Camilla Gibb – Author ("Sweetness in the Belly")
*Sky Gilbert – Playwright
*Malcolm Gladwell – Journalist and author ("The Tipping Point", "Blink")
*Greg Hollingshead – Author
*Michael Ignatieff – Novelist, scholar, and politician
*Naomi Klein – Journalist and activist ("No Logo")
*Archibald Lampman – One of Canada’s finest poets
*Dennis Lee – Author and poet
*Dorothy Livesay – Poet
*Heather Mallick – Journalist
*John McCrae – Poet ("In Flanders Fields")
*Anne Michaels – Poet and Novelist
*Farley Mowat – Author ("Lost in the Barrens")
*Rohinton Mistry – Author ("Such a Long Journey", "A Fine Balance")
*Peter C. Newman – Award-winning journalist, former editor of Maclean's and the Toronto Star
*Michael Ondaatje – Author ("The English Patient")
*John Roberts (television reporter) – Television journalist for CNN
*Paul Sheehan – Journalist and author
*Scott Symons – Novelist
*Craig Walker – Author, actor, and theatre director
*Sheila Watson – Author
*Ian Woods – Publisher and political activist

Art and music

*Isabel Bayrakdarian – World-renowned opera singer
*Liona Boyd – Guitarist
*Measha Brueggergosman – Critically acclaimed concert artist and opera singer
*Victor Feldbrill – Conductor and violinist
*Hagood Hardy – Composer, pianist, and vibraphonist
*Lois Marshall – Opera singer
*Owen Pallett – Aka. Final Fantasy - Canadian composer and musician
*Raine Maida – lead vocals of Our Lady Peace


*Stan Brown – NHL defenceman
*Jeffrey Buttle – Figure skater, 2008 World Champion and 2006 Olympic Bronze Medalist
*Conn Smythe – Architect of the NHL


*Norman Bethune – Physician, humanitarian, and doctor to Mao Zedong's army
*Roberta Bondar – First neurologist in space and Canada’s first female astronaut
*Elsie MacGill – Aeronautical engineer
*Ryan North – Webcomic author
*James Orbinski – President of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
*Julie Payette – Astronaut
*Simon Pulsifer – Largest contributor to wikipedia

Notable Faculty, past and present

University Professors

(Note: "University Professor" is the name for U of T's highest academic honour. One can be a full professor at the university without being a "University Professor." The authoritative list is [ here] )
*James Arthur – Mathematics
*Claude Bissell – English
*Michael Bliss – History
*Maurice Careless – History
*Julia Ching – Study of Religion
*Michael P. Collins – Civil Engineering
*Stephen Cook – Computer Science
*Donald Creighton – History
*Tirone David – Surgery
*Bernard Etkin – Aerospace Studies
*Emil Fackenheim – Philosophy
*Gyorgy Faludy - Poet, Writer, Translator
*Ursula Franklin – Materials Science and Engineering
*Martin Friedland – Law
*John Friedlander – Mathematics
*Northrop Frye – English
*Jack Greenblatt – Banting and Best Department of Medical Research
*Ian Hacking – Philosophy
*John Hagan – Law and Sociology
*Kenneth Hare – Geography
*Geoffrey Hinton - Computer Science
*Samuel Hollander – Economics
*Andrew Hughes – Music and Centre for Medieval Studies
*Linda Hutcheon – English
*James Jackson – English
*Harold E. Johns – Medical Biophysics
*Sajeev John – Physics
*Mark Kingwell - Philosophy
*Douglas LePan – English
*Richard Borshay Lee – Anthropology
*Brough Macpherson – Political Science
*Tak K. Mak – Medical Biophysics and Immunology
*James Mavor - Political Economy
*Ernest McCulloch – Medical Biophysics
*Anthony J. Naldrett – Geology
*Thomas Pangle - Political Theory/Philosophy
*Anthony Pawson – Medical Genetics and Microbiology
*William Richard Peltier – Physics
*John Polanyi – Chemistry
*John Robson – English
*Peter Russell – Political Science
*Robert B. Salter – Surgery
*Louis Siminovitch – Medical Genetics and Microbiology
*Janice Stein – Political Science
*Wayne Sumner – Philosophy
*James Till – Medical Biophysics
*Michael Trebilcock – Law
*Lap-Chee Tsui – Medical Genetics and Microbiology
*Endel Tulving – Psychology
*George Michael Wickens – Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
*Peter Yates – Chemistry
*James Allen Graff - Philosophy

Other faculty

*Parham Aarabi – World-renowned innovator and award-winning lecturer
*Frederick Banting – Medical scientist who isolated insulin
*Charles Best – Medical scientist who isolated insulin
*Wilfred Bigelow – Heart surgeon who developed the artificial pacemaker
*Allan Bloom – Political philosopher
*Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter-influential geometer
*Robertson Davies – Famous novelist and playwright
*Florestan Fernandes – Notable Brazilian sociologist
*David Foot – Economist and demographer
*Wilbur R. Franks – Scientist who developed the first G-suit
*Helen Sawyer Hogg – Astronomer
*John Hull – Well-respected finance professor
*Leopold Infeld – Physicist and peace activist
*Harold Innis – Influential political economist and former president of the American Economic Association
*Christina Kramer – Specialist on Balkan languages
*John James Richard Macleod – Physician and physiologist who isolated insulin
*Steve Mann – Computer engineer and “the world’s first cyborg”
*Robin Marjoribanks – Quantum optics physicists [ [ Marjoribanks Research Group ] ]
*Roger Martin – Management professor and businessman
*Marshall McLuhan – Philosopher and renowned communications theorist
*Anatol Rapoport – mathematician, conflict theory, peace activist
*Abraham Robinson – Mathematician who developed non-standard analysis
*Jean Edward Smith – Political Economist
*Daniel Trefler – Economist
*Barry Wellman – Sociologist and founder of International Network for Social Network Analysis [;;]


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