List of mountains on Mars by height

List of mountains on Mars by height

This is a list of mountains on Mars by elevation. The listed elevations are relative to the Martian datum (the elevation defined as zero by average martian atmospheric pressure and planet radius). Elevation is NOT the height above the surrounding terrain.

*A Mons is a mountain and may or may not be of volcanic origin.
*A Patera refers to a volcano that is not very high compared to its diameter.
*Listed Mons elevation is the highest point (at 16 pixels/degree) within the feature.
*Listed Patera elevation is the average elevation of the shallow dish-shaped depression (the actual 'patera') at the summit.

Notable extreme elevations on Earth are included (in bold and "Italics") for comparison, where the given elevations are relative to mean sea level.


* United States Geological Survey data files megt90n000eb.img and megt90n000eb.lbl

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*Olympus Mons, Arsia Mons, Alba Patera: [ Viking Orbiter Views of Mars] by the Viking Orbiter Imaging Team.
*Ascraeus Mons: [ Malin Space Science Systems Release No. MOC2-950] via the Mars Global Surveyor.
*Pavonis Mons: [ Malin Space Science Systems Release No. MOC2-481] via the Mars Global Surveyor.
*Elysium Mons: [ Malin Space Science Systems] via the Mars Global Surveyor.

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