Electrified water cannon

Electrified water cannon

The electrified water cannon was a non-lethal weapon under early research by Jaycor Tactical Systems, as part of a program to produce non-lethal weapons for law enforcement officers. It is sometimes referred to as the electrocuting water cannon; however, the proposal was for low current, high voltage pulses like those produced by a stun gun, which do not cause electrocution. Further, the water jet was considerably smaller and less powerful than a water cannon. Jaycor officially referred to its experiment as a "wireless stun gun".

In a "proof of concept" test, the system was capable of delivering electric shocks to human-sized targets at a range of up to 6 m (20 feet), although ranges of up to 30 m (100 feet) were believed to be technologically feasible. (Range was limited by the tendency of the jet to break up into separate droplets, which would no longer conduct the current.) In operation, a nozzle ejected high-pressure saline solution through which low current, high-voltage pulses were delivered to the target. The voltage pulses were generated by a small self-contained electronics pack powered by a 9-volt battery. The system was capable of penetrating thick clothing. It was only ever tested on dummy targets fitted with electronic sensors.

Advantages of this weapon over prior generations such as the taser included increased range, the ability to engage multiple targets, and lack of reliance on barbed darts to attach the current source to the target. Also, because the water jet and electric pulse were controlled separately, the operator could check the aim before sending the shock, thus reducing the risk of hitting innocent bystanders.

As of February 2006, it appears the project has been abandoned. Jaycor's current publications on non-lethal shock weapons refer instead to the "Sticky Shocker™", a projectile similar to a taser dart but using glue to adhere to the target instead of barbs.

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* [http://web.archive.org/web/20040626083201/http://www.jaycor.com/eme/watcan.htm Archived copy of Jaycor's page on the electrified water cannon]

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