Richard Kostelanetz

Richard Kostelanetz

Richard (Cory) Kostelanetz (14 May, 1940, New York City) is a prolific American artist, author and critic.

He was born to Boris Kostelanetz and Ethel Cory and is the nephew of the composer Andre Kostelanetz. He has a B.A. from Brown University and an M.A. from Columbia University; he also studied at King's College London. He is a passionate defender of the avant-garde.

He came onto the literary scene with essays in quarterlies like "The Hudson Review", then profiles of older artists, musicians and writers for "The New York Times"; these profiles were collected in "Master Minds".

Not one to shy away from controversy, he turned on his literary elders with "The End of Intelligent Writing". "SoHo: The Rise and Fall of an Artists' Colony" (2003) evinces not the Latest but the Last.

Books of his radically alternative fiction include "In the Beginning" (1969), "Short Fictions' (1974), "More Short Fictions" (1980); of his mostly visual poetry, "Visual Language" (1970), "I articulations" (1974), "Wordworks" (1993), and "More Wordworks" (2006).

Among the anthologies he has edited are "On Contemporary Literature" (1964, 1969), "Beyond Left & Rght" (1968), "John Cage" (1970), "Moholy-Nagy" (1970), "Scenarios" (1980) and "The Literature of SoHo" (1981).

A political anarchist-libertarian, he authored "Political Essays" (1999) and "Toward Secession: More Political Essays" (2008) and has been a contributing editor for Liberty magazine.

Works and media

Richard Kostelanetz has also produced literature in audio, video, holography, prints, book-art, computer-based installations, among other new media. "Wordsand" (1978-81) was a traveling early retrospective of his work in several media.

Partial list of works/media

:Essays:Alternative Exposition:Book Autobiography:Memoir:Political Criticism:Profiles of Major Artists & Intellectuals:Arts History:Social History:Cultural History:Literary History:Book Reviewing:Music Criticism:Literary Criticism :Music Journalism:Extended interviews:Film & Video Criticism:Book Art:Iris prints:Radio Plays:Radio features:Silkscreen prints:Audio Documentary:Drawings with lines & numbers:Hörspiel (German ear plays):Electro-Acoustic Musical Composition:Texts for Composers:Video narration:Multiplex Holography:Transmission Holography:Documentary Photography:Creative Photography:Performance Texts:Verbal Poetry:Satire:Visual Poetry:Verbal Fiction:Visual Fiction:Acoustic Fiction:Travel Writing:“Creative Non-Fiction”:Editing of Taste-Making Anthologies:Literary Journal Editing:Autobiographical video:Organizing Assemblings:Cameraless video:Audiovideotapes:Public art proposals:Documentary film:Narrative film:Abstract film:Experimental Prose:Text objects:Kinetic installations:Live media presentations:Thematic collecting of certain books, verbal art, and Rockaway postcards:Overseeing seminars in experimental writing


*"The Theatre of Mixed Means" (1968)
*"Master Minds" (1969)
*"Visual Language" (1970)
*I"n the Beginning" (1971, novel)
*"Recyclings, Volume One" (1974)
*"The End of Intelligent Writing: Literary Politics in America" (1974, criticism)
*"I Articulations/Short Fictions" (1974)
*"Openings & Closings" (1975)
*"Portraits from Memory" (1975)
*"Constructs" (1975)
*"Illuminations" (1977)
*"One Night Stood" (1977)
*"Wordsand" (1978)
*"Constructs Two" (1978)
*"And So Forth" (1979)
*"Exhaustive Parallel Intervals" (1979)
*"The End" Appendix/"The End" Essentials" (1979)
*"Twenties in the Sixties" (1979)
*"Metamorphosis in the Arts" (1980)
*"More Short Fictions" (1980)
*"Reincarnations" (1981)
*"The Old Poetries and the New" (1981)
*"Autobiographies" (1981)
*"American Imaginations" (1983)
*"Epiphanies" (1983)
*"Recyclings: A Literary Autobiography" (1984)
*"Autobiographien New York Berlin" (1986)
*"Prose Pieces/Aftertexts" (1987)
*"The Old Fictions and the New" (1987)
*"Conversing with Cage" (1988) (second ed., 2003), a collage of interviews with John Cage.
*"On Innovative Music(ian)s" (1989)
*"Unfinished Business: An Intellectual Nonhistory, 1963-89" (1990)
*"The New Poetries and Some Olds" (1991)
*"Politics in the African-American Novel" (1991, criticism)
*"Solos, Duets, Trios & Choruses" (1991)
*"Published Encomia 1967-91" (1991)
*"On Innovative Art(ist)s" (1992)
*"Wordworks: Poems New & Selected" (1993)
*"A Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes" (1993)
*"On Innovative Performance(s)" (1994)
*"Minimal Fictions" (1994)
*"An ABC of Contemporary Reading" (1995)
*"Fillmore East: Recollections of Rock Theater" (1995)
*"One Million Words of Booknotes, 1959-93" (1995)
*"Radio Writing" (1995)
*"Crimes of Culture" (1995)
*"John Cage Ex(plain)ed" (1996)
*"Thirty-Five Years of Critical Engagements with John Cage" (1996)
*"Ecce Kosti" (1996)
*"Vocal Shorts: Collected Performance Texts" (1998)
*"3-Element Stories" (1998)
*"Political Essays" (1999)
*"SoHo: The Rise and Fall of an Artists' Colony" (2003)
*"Autobiographies at 60" (2004)
*"Thirty-Five Years of Visible Writing" (2004)
*"Film & Video: Alternative Views" (2005)
*"Ghosts" (2005)
*"More Wordworks" (2006)
*"Autobiographies at 50" (2006)
*"Home & Away: Travel Essays" (2006)
*"Book-Art, Anthologies, & Alternative Publishing" (2006)
*"On Sports & Sportsmen" (2006)
*"The Maturity of American Thought" (2006)


* [ NNDB - Richard Kostelanetz]

His work has been acknowledged at some length(s) in Ronald S. Berman’s "America in the Sixties" (1967), Ihab Hassan’s "Contemporary American Literature" (1973), Robert Spiller’s "Literary History of the United States" (fourth ed., 1974), "The Reader’s Adviser" (1969 & 1974), Daniel Hoffman’s "Harvard Guide to Contemporary American Writing" (1979), Irving and Anne D. Weiss’s "Thesaurus of Book Digests" 1950-1980 (1981), George Myers’ "Introduction to Modern Times" (1982), David Cope’s "New Directions in Music" (1984), Joan Lyons’ "Artists’ Books" (1985), Tom Holmes’ "Electronic and Experimental Music" (1985), Jamake Highwater’s "Shadow Show" (1986), "Columbia Literary History of the United States" (1988), Eric Salzman’s "Twentieth-Century Music: An Introduction" (third edition, 1988), Tom Johnson’s "The Voice of the New Music" (1989), Robert Siegle’s "Suburban Ambush" (1989), John Rodden’s "The Politics of Literary Reputation" (1989), "The Reader’s Catalog" (1989), Lydia Goehr’s "The Imaginary Museum of Musical Works" (1992), Bob Grumman’s "Of Manywhere-at-Once" (1998), Samuel R. Delany’s "About Writing" (2005), Kyle Gann’s "Music Downtown" (2006), Sally Banes’s "Before, Between, and Beyond: Three Decades of Dance Writing" (2007), C. T. Funkhouser’s "Prehistoric Digital Poetry" (2007), and Geza Perneczky’s "Assembling Magazines 1969-2000" (2007), among other critical histories of contemporary culture.

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