Attack of the Grey Lantern

Attack of the Grey Lantern

Infobox Album |
Name = Attack of the Grey Lantern
Type = Album
Artist = Mansun

Released = February 17, 1997
Recorded = 1996-1997
Genre = Indie rock
Length = 59:31
Label = Parlophone
Producer = Mark Stent, Paul Draper
Reviews =
*Allmusic Rating|4.5|5 [ link]
*Pitchfork Media (9.3/10) [ link]
*"LeMec Music Net (8/10) [ link]
Last album =
This album = "Attack of the Grey Lantern" (1997)
Next album = "Six" (1999)

"Attack of the Grey Lantern" is the debut album by English rock band Mansun. Based around a concept of a superhero, the titular "Grey Lantern" and his encounters with the bizarre inhabitants of a fictional English town.

Track listing

UK track listing

title1 = The Chad Who Loved Me
length1 = 5:02
title2 = Mansun's Only Love Song
length2 = 5:55
title3 = Taxloss
length3 = 7:02
title4 = You, Who Do You Hate?
length4 = 3:09
title5 = Wide Open Space
length5 = 4:31
title6 = Stripper Vicar
length6 = 4:05
title7 = Disgusting
length7 = 5:07
title8 = She Makes My Nose Bleed
length8 = 3:55
title9 = Naked Twister
length9 = 4:39
title10 = Egg Shaped Fred
length10 = 4:12
title11 = Dark Mavis
length11 = 8:36
title12 = An Open Letter to the Lyrical Trainspotter" (Hidden track at the end of track 11)
length12 = 4:02

US track listing

title1 = The Chad Who Loved Me
length1 = 5:02
title2 = Wide Open Space
length2 = 4:31
title3 = She Makes My Nose Bleed
length3 = 3:55
title4 = Naked Twister
length4 = 4:39
title5 = Take It Easy, Chicken
length5 = 4:26
title6 = You, Who Do You Hate?
length6 = 3:09
title7 = Mansun's Only Love Song
length7 = 5:55
title8 = Taxloss
length8 = 7:02
title9 = Disgusting
length9 = 4:21
title10 = Egg Shaped Fred
length10 = 4:12
title11 = Dark Mavis
length11 = 8:36


The album's track order was re-sequenced for its American release, a move which some felt compromised the intended concept of the album. The song "Stripper Vicar" has also been replaced with "Take It Easy, Chicken."

According to Mansun's "Kleptomania" liner notes, frontman Paul Draper states that "Take It Easy, Chicken" was their first song and the band really did not know how to play their instruments (let alone play as a band) when Steve Lamacq and John Peel started to play the song on BBC Radio 1.

A UK number one album.

Through '96 and '97 Mansun released 'Egg Shaped Fred' (which was re-recorded for the album to include new drummer Andie Rathbone), 'Stripper Vicar', 'She Makes My Nose Bleed' and 'Taxloss' (written Taxlo$$).

"Wide Open Space" became a dance anthem after being remixed by DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold (under the production alias Perfecto). This remix was included on Oakenfold's compilation "Resident: Two Years of Oakenfold at Cream", as an indicator of being one of the most played songs at major UK nightclub Cream, as well as in nightclubs around the world, over the 1997-1999 period. [cite web | author = Birchmeier, Jason | year = | url = | title = "Resident: Two Years of Oakenfold at Cream" review | format = | work = | publisher = Allmusic | accessdate = 2006-04-11 | accessyear = ]

'Taxloss' alludes to The Beatles' song Taxman, as well as Long Haired Lover from Liverpool by Little Jimmy Osmond. The video notoriously featured the band throwing £25,000 in five pound notes onto the main concourse of London's Liverpool Street station during rush hour and watching the ensuing chaos. []

ingles & Eps

Egg Shaped Fred (One Ep)

*Released 25th of March 1996.
*UK Singles Chart: #37

he Makes My Nose Bleed (Five Ep)

*Released 3rd of February 1997.
*UK Singles Chart: #9


*Released 28th of April 1997.
*UK Singles Chart: #15

pecial Mini-Album

Japan Only Ep
* Tracks 1 - 5 taken from "Three Ep". Tracks 6 - 8 taken from "Two Ep".
#"Stripper Vicar" – 4:05
#"An Open Letter To a Lyrical Trainspotter" – 4:01
#"No One Knows Us" – 3:41
#"The Edge" – 3:14
#"The Dutchess" – 4:28
#"Take It Easy Chicken" – 4:31
#"Drastic Sturgeon" – 3:24
#"Moronica" – 4:33


succession box
before = "Blur" by Blur
title = UK number one album
years = March 1 1997March 7 1997
after = "Spice" by Spice Girls

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