Rachel Wade

Rachel Wade
Rachel Wade

Born 27 February 1990 (1990-02-27) (age 21)
Pinellas Park, Florida
Conviction(s) Murder in the second degree
Penalty 27 years in state prison
Status Incarcerated at Lowell Correctional Institution Annex

Rachel Wade (born on February 27, 1990) was convicted of Murder in the Second Degree in the death of Sarah Ludemann.


Rivalry with Sarah Ludemann

Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann were romantic rivals. Their rivalry began when Rachel and her boyfriend, Joshua Camacho, broke up. Camacho began seeing Ludemann much to Wade's dislike. In the first six months Ludemann was with Josh, the police interviewed her six times, over public confrontations with Camacho. They screamed at each other at intersections. She got into a verbal argument with the mother of Josh's child. There was also an incident where Joshua punched Ludemann in the face, but Ludemann did not press charges much to her parent's dismay.[1]

Rachel ended up getting Sarah Ludemann's phone number and began to leave voicemails. In one, she stated:

You're f------ [sic] with me when you f--- [sic] with Josh. Seriously, . . . I'm letting you know now you're either going to get f----- up or something of yours is. Stop being a b----! [sic]

Wade left more insulting voicemails towards Ludemann. Their rivalry became more volatile. They began to harass one another and, according to Wade, Sarah would show up to an Applebees where Wade worked in order to taunt her. During one incident, Ludemann told police that Wade repeatedly called her cell phone and left threatening voicemails. Detectives admitted that Ludemann also made threats towards Wade. The rivalry would continue until the murder.[1][2]


According to authorities, on the evening of April 14, 2009, Rachel Wade was home alone in her apartment waiting for Joshua Camacho. Camacho was with Ludemann watching movies. While Wade was walking her dog, she heard a car honk. Rachel later told police she saw Sarah driving by in her mom's minivan. Wade stated that Sarah yelled, "Stay away from my man!" Rachel said she was scared so she decided to call an old boyfriend, Javier, and told him she didn't want to be alone. He told her to go over. She got her purse, opened a kitchen drawer and pulled out a steak knife.

At 11p.m., Rachel approached Camacho's house. He and Ludemann were inside playing video games. Rachel then text Camacho: "Now I know why you're not talking to me — because you got her." He then replied: "That's right. I don't like you no more, why don't you go home?" Wade responded with: "No. I'll wait for her to go home." Witnesses later testified that they overheard Wade on the speakerphone threaten Sarah: “I'm going to stab you and your Mexican boyfriend." Sarah then watched Rachel drive away. Just before midnight, Camacho's sister asked Ludemann for a ride to McDonald's. They loaded into the van. Ludemann saw a friend at a stop sign who told her Wade was at Javier's house. Ludemann decided to go confront her. As she was driving, Wade called her and yelled "I'm going to kill you! You and your Mexican boyfriend!" Ludemann arrived at Javier's house and saw Rachel speaking with him and their friend, Dustin Grimes on her car.

Wade testified that Ludemann slammed her brakes, nearly hitting her, and stormed out of the car with her fists flailing. A fearful Wade then stabbed Ludemann's shoulder and eventually her heart. However, authorities and all witnesses besides Javier, testified that Ludemann actually did not get a chance to leave the van and it was Wade who approached her and attacked her.

Ludemann, clutching her chest, called Josh and told him what happened. Camacho ran to Ludemann's home to tell her father. They both drove to the scene. Immediately after the stabbing, Wade threw the knife over a neighbor's house and according to witnesses, calmly said "I'm done."

Police arrived and began questioning Wade and the witnesses. She began to cry when they told her Ludemann died. Hours later, Wade was arrested and charged with Murder in the second degree. She was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on $500,000 bond. She stayed there while awaiting the trial and conclusion.[1][3][4]

Trial and Conviction

Trial began on July 21, 2010.[5] Prosecutors brought up the history between the two in order to show that Wade intended to kill her rival over Joshua Camacho. The defense argued self defense under the Stand Your Ground law in which Florida encompasses.[6] The witnesses who testified were Camacho's sister, Camacho, Dustin Grimes, and Javier(for the defense). Javier stated that the two fought, but admitted he did not see much of the incident. Camacho's sister and Mr. Grimes testified that Wade approached the vehicle and stabbed Ludemann. The jury heard the voicemails, which Ludemann saved some months prior, in which Wade stated that she was going to kill her. This ultimately sealed her fate as the jury took three hours to find her guilty of Murder in the second degree.[7][8]

On September 3, 2010, Rachel Wade was sentenced to 27 years in state prison. The judge stated that he believed Wade intended to kill Sarah Ludemann.[9] Wade maintains that she acted in self defense and is currently appealing her case.[10] She resides at Lowell Correctional Institution Annex. In a March 2011 interview with ABC News, she believes that social media played a major part in the rivalry and murder. She states that it gives people the ability to say whatever they want with very little consequence.[11] Dateline NBC featured the story in February 2011.[12][13]

Charlie Ludemann, Sarah's father, has filed a civil suit against Rachel.[14]


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