Tearce Municipality

Tearce Municipality
Municipality Tearce
(Macedonian: Општина Теарце)
(Albanian: Komuna e Tearcës)
Tearceanski grb.png Tearchansko zname.png
General information
Municipality center Tearce
Area 136,54 km²
elevation /
postal code 1224
area code 044
Status Rural municipality
licence TE
mayor Rami Qerimi
website [1]
164,45 people/km²

Tearce (Macedonian: Теарце, Albanian: Tearca) is a municipality in northwestern Republic of Macedonia. Tearce is also the name of the village where the municipal seat is found. Tearce Municipality is part of the Polog Statistical Region.



The municipality borders Kosovo to the north, Jegunovce Municipality to the east and south, and Tetovo Municipality to the west.


According to the 2002 Macedonian census, this municipality has 22,454 inhabitants.[1] Ethnic groups in the municipality:

  • Albanians = 18,950 (84.4%)
  • Macedonians = 2,739 (12.2%)
  • Turks = 516 (2.3%)
  • others.
Demographics of Brvenica Municipality
Census year Population

1994 20,797

2002 22,454

Inhabited places

Inhabited places in Tearce Municipality
Villages: Brezno (Брезно) | Varvara (Варвара) | Gloği (Глоѓи) | Neprošteno (Непроштено) | Nerašte (Нераште) | Dobrošte (Доброште) | Jelošnik (Јелошник) | Lešok (Лешок) | Odri (Одри) | Prvce (Првце) | Pršovce (Пршовце) | Slatino (Слатино) | Tearce (Теарце)


  1. ^ 2002 census results in English and Macedonian (PDF)

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Coordinates: 42°04′N 21°03′E / 42.07°N 21.05°E / 42.07; 21.05

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