Šuto Orizari municipality

Šuto Orizari municipality

Infobox Macedonian municipality (Greater Skopje)
municipality_name=Šuto Orizari
municipality_name_cyr=Шуто Оризари
municipality_name_sec=Shuto Orizari
population=20 800
status=Urban municipality
municipality_location=MKD_muni_nonn(Skopje-SO).pngmunicipality_location_skopje=Skopje_administrative_division_numbered1(Orizari).png coa_pic=MMCA(Shuto Orizari).png coa_px=110
secondary_language=Romani language
flag_pic=MKD_muni_flag(Shuto_Orizari).png flag_px=70
mayor=Erduan Iseini

Šuto Orizari ( _mk. Шуто Оризари, Macedonian Latinic: "Šuto Orizari", Romani: "Shuto Orizari") otherwise known as "Šutka" (Шутка) or "Shutka" is one of the ten municipalities that makes up the City of Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia.


The municipality borders Butel municipality in the south and Staro Nagoričane in the north.


Šuto Orizari is the only municipality in the country where Roma make up a majority of the population. Out of a total population of 17,357 in the 2002 census, 13,311 people (76.7%) were of Roma ethnicity. [ [http://msed.stat.gov.mk/msed.nsf/cd549cc3f96284dbc1256f2b0026e546/5db5887c1be3440ac1256f3900547f34/$FILE/I1%20Population%2015%20C2002%20123.pdf Demographics of Macedonian Municipalities by ethnic group] (2002 census data)] Other significant ethnic groups include Albanians (15.0%) and Macedonians (5.5%). During the recent conflict in Kosovo many Romani refugees found shelter here. The people of Shuto Orizari are roughly divided between the religions of Orthodox Christianity and Islam, there is a significant muslim Tarika of Sufi Islam (Dervish).


Due to the demographics, both Romani and Macedonian are official languages in Shuto Orizari. Albanian and Serbian are also spoken, but are not official languages. The mayor of the municipality, Erduan Iseini, is an ethnic Rom.


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* [http://msed.stat.gov.mk/msed.nsf/cd549cc3f96284dbc1256f2b0026e546/5db5887c1be3440ac1256f3900547f34/$FILE/I1%20Population%2015%20C2002%20123.pdf Demographics of Macedonian Municipalities by ethnic group] (2002 census data)
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